Author Topic: [C] Can't We All Get Along?  (Read 30719 times)

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[C] Can't We All Get Along?
« Reply #15 on: January 11, 2014, 10:50:07 AM »
"Heh, most johns have wives. Sad, ain't it?" Harriet squinted as the hookers took their sights off him. "I wouldn't recommend taking your wife down here though, if you were searching for cute Italian bistros or something. We got a pub that has really bad beat poetry sometimes, though."

[C] Can't We All Get Along?
« Reply #16 on: January 12, 2014, 03:04:00 AM »
Hans frowned some. "Most people named john have wives?" He asked, before he figured out what she was attempting to refer to. He sighed and nodded some. "Sad yes. I suppose it is." He glanced over, appreciating not being watched anymore. "Mein wife did not join me for this trip. She would not leave the Fatherland unless I required it. And this was not a family trip." He crossed his arms, watching carefully. "Why would I come looking for Italian? I could go to Italy for that." He commented, very informatively. He didn't joke much.

"Beat poetry? Different from other poetry?" Hans asked and shrugged. "It was an accident I assure you. It does not seem you are appreciating my presence."

[C] Can't We All Get Along?
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She snorted at his confusion, "Appreciate? Come on man, you're hilarious." Curling her lip and puffing like a pint sized dragon. "I could talk to you all night. Got nothing else to do."

[C] Can't We All Get Along?
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"I suppose its good that you find me funny." Hans commented, looking away as she puffed a bit of smoke. "If you have nothing else to do, you can show me the way out of this place."

[C] Can't We All Get Along?
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"Just head uptown, north west there." She pointed and jagged her finger a bit. "Head til you can't head no more then turn left. You'll recognize it, I mean that's the way I saw you comin'. Then again, stuff don't look right at night, does it?" Ponderous, lowering her cigarette and frowning a bit in what must have been a moment of teenage epiphany. That, or just the drugs.

[C] Can't We All Get Along?
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Hans watched her. "Things definitely look different in the dark." He agreed. Normally he could figure it out.. but this place threw him off a bit. And being stuck here in the dark would not be a good idea for him. "I'll make sure not to get lost..."

[C] Can't We All Get Along?
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"You make sure of that, boy-o!" She shook her head, laughing, and disappeared into the night.