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[O] A Broken Meeting
« on: October 21, 2013, 05:15:31 PM »
She began weaving her beads around her fingers several times over. The amusement park was just as she had left it last week; overgrown, bedecked with a steadily thickening layer of grunge and detritus, quiet as the happy dead.

It wasn't much more than a rumour; that someone had died here. Some said that was the reason the entire establishment had been closed in the first place. Others say the graffiti and gang take-over bogged down sales. She could sense this much; it wasn't a good place to stay for more than an hour or so.

But it usually didn't take that long. She'd wait by the rusting roller coaster. Today she went to sit in the first car, shaped like a pink character of some sort. A rabbit maybe. There was no foul wind or ominous clap of lighting to signal some approaching devil. No, usually he showed up with a familiar kick and gait, pushing the fence gate open loudly on its hinges, and there he'd be.

The devil was little more than an errand boy. An envoy at best, if you wanted to get fancy. And his name was Carl or something.

Demeter waited at least forty-five minutes before she began to worry properly. She was alone, and presumably forgotten about, and she knew she'd miss the train if she waited too long after nine o'clock in the evening struck on the remains of a gaudy yellow clock tower to the east.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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Joe sighed as she slammed the door shut behind her. She could hear Lillian screaming for their mother. Joe hadn't meant to yell at her. The frustrations were just mounting on her and when Lily threw her cat, Missy, on Joe, resulting in a scratch on her wrist, Joe just lost it. She saw red, and she ripped into Lily until her older brother Marcus walked in and placed a hand on her shoulder. It was like he'd snapped her out of a trance. Lily had this deer in the headlights look, and tears were welling up in her eyes. Joe ran out of the house with a terrible feeling in her gut.

She truly was some kind of monster.  This happened every now and then. Unfortunately, her boisterous younger sister had received most of these rampages. Just thee right place at the wrong time. Her parents were shocked by the one time that she unleashed on them, and her brother received his fair share as well. Of course her cheer leading squad took on the brunt of it. When you were the head of the squad, it was acceptable to shout at others during practice and push people hard. People just thought you were being overly competitive. She always felt terrible though after unleashing on her younger sister.

The only thing that Joe was grateful for lately, was that her mood swings were finally accepted by her parents. After the event, her parents got worried that the mood swings were due to drug abuse. After some discreet counseling, her therapist told her parents it was simply hormonal and nothing to worry about.

Joe looked up from her thoughts, and she sighed again as she realized she was at the amusement park. The place where it all happened. Whenever she let her thoughts take control she often wound up here. She hopped the turnstile, and slowly walked through the deserted park, observing the rides, and remembering what it was like two years ago. She was so happy and carefree. Sure, she still had a good life, but she often got nervous now and worried about what could happen. She didn't have a boyfriend because she was too afraid that it was possible to infect someone even when not in werewolf form. Her temper often got the best of her these days, and she just felt so burdened with this secret she had to keep.

Tension filled Joe when her eyes landed on a woman. She wasn't used to being so unaware of other people, but the air was still, and to top it off, Joe was upwind from the woman. She glanced at the pink character that she was in, and she flinched at the memory it triggered. Kenny, her boyfriend at the time had held her hand as the coaster whipped about, and then at the end of the ride, he'd kissed her for the first time.

Back in the present, her foot connected with a bottle and it skittered across the ground, making loud tinking noises as it rolled away from her. She hadn't even realized that she'd still been walking.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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Despite anticipating it, she jumped near out of her skin, ducking inside the car and peeked out slowly in the direction of the glass rolling across the ground.

"Oh..." A girl. A student maybe? Perhaps they'd even crossed paths in the halls. What a calamity that might be if she recognized her. "Hello, dear."

[O] A Broken Meeting
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Well, there was definitely no turning back now. She continued towards the woman as the woman called to her. She looked vaguely familiar and as Joe got closer she caught the distinct smell of the school on the woman. That's just what she needed. A teacher finding out that she was out late, hanging out in a creepy deserted amusement park. No doubt the teacher would either inform the school, who would then contact her parents, or take it upon herself to talk to Joe's parents. That would start their fear of drugs again. On the other hand, if she ran, it would be like admitting she was here to do something bad.
Joe brushed the hair out of her face before slipping her hands into her jacket pockets. "Hi," she replied, trying to hide the apprehension in her voice and sound as friendly as possible. There was no doubt in Joe's mind that she'd be recognized. You couldn't walk five feet in those halls without seeing her face somewhere: a campaign post, a squad picture, student of the month picture. The list went on. It'd be a miracle if this woman didn't recognize her, she just wished she knew the woman. She was sure she'd seen her before, or it was possibly just the scent of the school that linked her face to the familiar place.
"I'm Georgette," she added. Everyone knew her as Joe, and unless you were one of her teachers, Georgette wasn't commonly heard. The only reason her teachers would recognize it was because the roster had her full name and not her nickname, but after being corrected a couple times, they quickly came to call her Joe. So perhaps, if she didn't immediately recognize her face, the strange name would throw her off.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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It was a strange place for it, sure, but she had the instinct of maternity. Never would she bear her own child, never, ever. But it felt like a duty. More attention on the child, the more it can grow from careful weeding and watering.

She stood from the little car, stragithening her hair and hoping not to appear tired and pale.

"Hi Georgette. I'm Demeter..." There was no decent Recondite teenager who didn't hop the fence and explore it once in a while. But for an older woman to be found here...alone, and at night, waiting for a man of ill repute, it didn't bode well for her reputation.

But she found that at the moment she valued the girl's well-being more. "Are you ok? It's a bit late, are you alone?" She looked in her purse for her phone, in case she needed to call her mother. But at the same time she didn't want to alienate her by imposing parental authority. Such a dilemma...

[O] A Broken Meeting
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Georgette relaxed when the woman, Demeter, didn't immediately call her out, or scold her for being out here at all. She glanced around and then up at the sky. While she could see the moon tonight, and it looked full, it wasn't. Tomorrow would start the three days in which the moon had enough power over her to force the change. She relaxed more and looked back to Demeter.
Yes, I'm OK, and yes, I'm alone. I'm not worried though. I can handle myself," she replied as she watched her rifling in her purse. The one thing that the moon was doing to her though, was strengthening her senses. Her senses do this with the waxing and waning of the moon. As it became blocked from the sun, her senses would dull, almost back to normal, and as it came back to full light, her senses slowly got stronger.

As she analyzed the woman, she could sense a general weariness to her and her damned curiosity kicked in. "What about you? Are you OK? Are you waiting for someone? Seems a strange place to be out so late, alone," she replied in a nonthreatening, curious tone.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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She blushed, pressing her lips together, giving up on finding her phone, slinging the purse over her shoulder. "You're sweet. I'm fine, don't worry." Waving a hand to appear careless. "I was going to meet someone here, but I think it's a bit late to stay now."

[O] A Broken Meeting
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Georgette nodded. As she watched her, she wondered if she'd scared the woman at all. Was there a vibe she was giving out that made her suddenly want to leave. Sure this wasn't an ideal place to just hang out, she hesitated in her thoughts. Maybe she was just lonely.

While she had plenty of friends, this curse made her feel cut-off. Having this secret that she couldn't tell anyone about. After doing a lot of research on wolves, she was pretty that she was also yearning for a pack, but she didn't know of any and there was no way she was going back to that creep that turned her.

Joe brought her attention back to Demeter. She let her curiosity get the better of her.

"Who could you have possibly been waiting for here," she asked as she thought back again to when this place was running. That night. Kissing Kenny. When she remembered the attack, one of the events leading to the shut down of the park, she winced.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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Demeter wrinkled her nose, and shook her head, smiling. "Someone...really not worth waiting this long for." Taking a sidelong glance a the garish tower clock, then at the sky; not so clouded as the inner city. The purple from the sun slowly ebbing.

"Why are you here? If you want to say, that is." She knew how much secrets mattered to a girl that age. And sometimes solitude just as much. She'd kept it and held it close; alone under the moon; reaching to touch it, to glean the warmth from the sun as it shone its light on the face of it.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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Joe nodded and then shrugged lightly.

"I got into a fight with my sister and I needed to think, so I was following my feet. They like to bring me here when I leave them to their own device," she explained. It was the truth. She didn't necessarily need to elaborate on why her feet brought her here. She didn't need to let her know that Joe often thought of this place as the place where she died. Not literally, but metaphorically.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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She smiled a little, wryly, "That's the way with sisters, isn't it?" She fought with Bomb, but never for long. Not these days. Jemima was too young to ever fight with like a proper sister. She was more like her own daughter. Maybe just a bit younger than this girl here. It made her ponderous over whether or not they knew each other. But it did stand to reason that the grades tended to stick together. 10s reviled the 9s, and idolized the 11s, etc.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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Joe offered a half smile. "I guess so. I feel like I've been especially hard on her lately," she replied. None-the-less, her little sister still vied for Joe's attention, as if she hadn't even yelled at her. She felt a pang of guilt, wishing she was able to control her temper better than she currently was. She slipped her hands into her pockets as she looked down at the ground.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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"Is she older or younger? It can be such a difference, really. I know it..." She peered about, a bit distracted. Not sure if she did or did not want the envoy to come. Perhaps she should go home, after all. Leave the poor thing here alone. Adults could be especially good at ruining things.

[O] A Broken Meeting
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"Younger," she replied. She felt the beast inside stirring slightly and she glanced at the ever climbing moon. It was anxious. As the moon was waxing, the and came closer and closer to becoming full, the wolf always became increasingly agitated. She tried to not let it affect her but every now and then the anxiety bled through. She wondered if maybe she should say her goodbyes soon, make up the excuse of needing to go home so that the beast didn't find some reason to lash out at the woman.