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Ki's Oddities
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Hans Richter

Hans, a very tough looking German military officer of the 1940's. He's not all as mean and stiff as he can look. Stop and talk to him, and he can be a very nice young man. If you can understand a word he says through his accent and can get past the meaning of the uniform. He is visiting for political reasons, but also exploring this country as fully as he can. He wants to talk to people and see things, so here he is. A curious and confused man, he's ready for something to happen!

  • [NPC] - General Wilhelm Eisenberg | His superior, who he very much looks up to. Would do anything for him.
  • [NPC] - Linus Faust | An administrative assistant for Eisenberg. This is a good friend for Hans, although he is a bit childish. The two get along well enough.
  • Someone else goes here.

Plots Desired:
  • Anything at this point, it is fairly open. Hans is a German and a Nazi, but as far as I can tell its open as to how your character feels about them and Hans in particular. Friendly interaction is nice, and conflict works as well.
  • Open for friendships.
  • Open for anything else.