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Race Info
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Each era is mostly comprised of humans, but there are sometimes a few more unusual types that appear every now and then. They all originate from the same humanoid ancestor, with the same age span, but some have become otherworldly, sometimes by their own choice, some as a result of a foul curse that befell them, or some are simply the descendents along a line of deferring evolution.

The following is a list of Inherited (race that one is born as) and Acquired (subrace that is either earned by study or inflicted by curse) races. Acquired races are optional.


They have no otherworldly abilities or appearances. Despite this, they are the most powerful type of biped in Reconditia, both in number and in rank.

Smaller than the average human, these folk are a varied and proud lot. They may be dwarves, halflings, gnomes, elves, or any sort of smallish person who resembles a human, with the addition of pointed ears.

It's difficult to determine if these elusive creatures are even real. Some say that mermaids and selkies are spotted on lonely rocks or hidden bays in the Violet Sea, others say that strange gill'd folk beneath the water rock the bellies of boats and sick their pet krakens on hapless sailors. They have only ever been seen during the Lavender Era.


The only way someone can perform magic is if they study the art of witchcraft. They are feared and reviled by the majority of the country, said to be devil-worshippers bent on performing evil deeds unto innocents. However, most are nothing more than benign medicine workers, alchemists, inventors, or even simple country hermits who give out their own home recipes. If a witch does indeed seek to gain power through negotiations with the devil, they will most likely be frowned upon by those within the witch community as well as without.

These mysterious, aloof creatures are seen as dignified and respected by their peers, though are, in secret, dark seducers and wild shape-changers that stalk twilit corners. Their missions are to slay the innocent and drain them of their blood, or to simply run wild on the outskirts of the city in a transmogrified state until the moon wanes.