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The following is a work in progress.

Name: Raseeixth

Age: 30's

Quick notes for now. I will fill this out more thoroughly once I have the time.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225lbs
Scales: Predominantly greens and browns.
Horns: A pair of long, thick, slightly curved ivory horns protrude from the back of the upper skull. Two smaller, thinner ivory horns jut out from the crest of the skull between the eyes. Smaller horns line his lower jaw.
Feathers: None
Eyes: Orange
Attire: Wears little more than a pair of worn light grey pants with a belt. Sometimes wears a simple brown robe with a hood to protect from the cold or severe weather . Attached to said belt are a series of small netch leather pouches that hold his herbs and other alchemical ingredients.
Other: Carries a simple imperial steel staff. No enchantments.
He also has a small netch leather pack that he slings over his shoulder that contains travel supplies.

Reserved in the presence of strangers. He speaks in a clam, deep voice that might sound somewhat feral and menacing to non-beast folk. He does not trust others, especially mer, easily but he tolerates them and won't become aggressive and hostile unless provoked. Raseeixth usually knows a great deal more than he's letting on and his lack of expressions and the racism of non-beast races towards his kind prevent most from realizing this. He reveals only what he has to and nothing more than that.

He feels comfortable in the solitude of the wild outdoors. Very nomadic, he doesn't stay in one place very long though he visits Ebonhart every couple months to meet with the monks that mentored him in the Argonian Assemblage.

Feels no guilt whatsoever stealing from dunmer or imperials since they had no problems stealing from his people.

Occasionally reflects upon how he misses lost friends and family and succumbs to substance abuse to drown out his sorrow.


Several years training with kahjiit monks have honed the argonian's body into a lethal weapon. Raseeixth is a very dangerous opponent at close range with quick kicks, punches and tail whips that could stagger some of the toughest nord warriors. He's not as swift on land as the average fleet-footed bosmer , but he's not as slow as his large size suggests. His endurance is quite high given that he's lived a hard life not only in the Blackmarsh but also working in the mines and fields of House Dres's holdings in Morrowind.

In an armed fight, he favors blunt weapons- namely a staves that he yields with a force almost as deadly as his natural arsenal. Although he generally doesn't wear armor, he may favor leather if its an option and he knows that he's heading into territory that's more aggressive than usual.

His ranged combat isn't nearly as good, but it's fair. He can hit moving targets with throwing stars or a long bow if the pressure's on. Most of the time. He despises ranged combat , believing it to be a cowardly way of confronting an opponent but he's not such a proud fool that he'll shun this method . Particularly if the other party is taking pot shots at him from behind a rock or from a point of higher altitude.

Healing & Support
The argonian has learned some minor-intermediate level resoration magic abilities. Most of these spells entail healing non-lethal injuries/wounds and curing poisons and diseases. This is not a skill he wastes on dunmer. Because they deserve to suffer. :) But seriously, Ras uses his restoration magics frugally, typically reserving it for personal use unless he gives enough of a damn about another individual to bother.

Alternatively, his ability to create healing potions is better than his resoration magic.

Good at tracking people and creatures. Well, most creatures. Some of Morrowind's wildlife still eludes his understanding.

Pathfinding. Initially, he wouldn't know his way through territory in which he's never been, but once he's been there he has a very sharp memory and impeccable sense of direction. The ash and sand storms can certainly throw one off a bit though.

Ras can sneak when he needs to, but he's no master thief and only uses the ability to evade detection from foes .

This argonian has a very disturbingly extensive knowledge about poisons- how to make them and cure them.

A practical understanding of dunmer nobility. House Dres in particular. Because he's had to serve the bastards for a good portion of his life.

Fluent in the tongues of the Saxheel (Jel) , semi-fluent in the Imperial trade tongue and dunmeri languages.


Cannot read or write.

Ignorant of history that doesn't involve his people or the dunmer which is, well, a hell of a lot.

Being an argoian in Morrowind is bad enough. Being a FREE argonian in Morrowind could seriously get yo scaly ass killed.

Always assumes the worst in mer. Especially dunmer.

Short fuse when it comes to certain sensitive topics. Namely slavery and the abuse of other living beings.

Thinks cliffracers are adorable. Yikes.

Mild skooma and alcohol addiction.

No strong ranged abilities.

No knowledge of destruction, alteration or illusion magics.


Born and raised partially in Argonia (Black Marsh) to a small clan of hunters and gatherers.

Abducted from his clan's seasonal territory when he was several years old and taken to Tear and sold off to a minor noble family of Lord Dethrius Carendis.Most of the Carendis family were cruel and knew how to inflict pain efficiently and ruthlessly enough to get the young argonian to bow his head and work the saltrice plantations from the crack of dawn til dusk with little resistance.

It wasn't enough that Ras was well-behaved and a hard worker. Carendis's lawmen and work overseers would look for every opportunity to make his life a living hell. If he so much took a moment to breathe or look the wrong way ,he felt the bite of many whips.

As he grew older, Raseeixth gradually grew tired of being treated like he was worth less than guar shit and so he started retaliating in the only way he knew how: practical jokes. Most of these jokes were done covertly. If he and the other slaves were going to be abused no matter what, may as well make their masters suffer a little for his amusement. Aggravated that he could never discover who the instigator of the pranks was, Lord Carendis chose to sell Ras's group off to another minor noble family in Vvardenfell.

Ras's ownership shifted quite frequently because of his pranks. Some time in his early twenties, he was sold to a large plantation of House Dren in the Ascadian Isles. Under the cruel and watchful eye of Ovas Dren's men, Ras had little opportunity for pranks. He was worked hard and fed/sheltered poorly. Though there were not many opportunities to socialize with other slaves, Ras became close friends with a female kahjiit, Droisi, and an older male argonian, Chiwzara. Eventually, the trio started laying out plans to escape. However , when the night of escape came, Raseeixth and Droisi were shocked to find that the Dren guard were ready for them with the traitorous Chiwzara standing behind them, unable to look Raseeixth in the eyes.. After a swift but very violent skirmish, the guards were dead and Droisi was gravely wounded. Raseeixth tackled Chiwazara who tried to flee and demanded to know why a 'brother' would betray his own kind. Chiwazara's defense was selfish and cowardly. Raseeixth wanted to kill the other , but Droisi needed medical attention and he needed to be away before more Dren guards showed up. Ras let the traitor go, picked Droisi up and fled from the plantation into the wilds towards Ebonheart.

Though he ran tirelessly, Droisi passed away in his arms before he could reach his destination...

Unfortunately, during a time where an opportunity seemed to present itself , he was betrayed by a fellow argonian slave whom he thought to be a close friend. Ras was dragged away by Dren guards and beaten though
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