Morrowind Fun Group Intros!


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Morrowind Fun Group Intros!

I thought I'd finally make a thing so we can keep track of who all is here and who plays who! You don't have to make a profile/app/bio unless you want to, so feel free to tell us here in the meantime about you and who you are playing!

I'm Alandree/Dree/Kokoro (the latter being my given name but any and all are fine), I'm 25, use he/him pronouns and play Elethis! He is pretty much the Depraved Bisexual trope in the most affectionate of ways on my part. He got disowned by his Stuffy Altmer Parents because he didn't care about reproducing for the Perfect Eugenics Family or whatever. He'd much rather run around naked and set things on fire (he's really into fire magic, it's basically his sole discipline, in DnD settings he's half Fire Genasi so that explains that).

Elethis will flirt with everyone, but if you feel uncomfortable with that please let me know and he won't bother your character anymore! He's harmless, not predatory. He won't say no to casual hook-ups tho, is his thing.
11-12-2016 08:07 PM
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RE: Morrowind Fun Group Intros!

Uh I guess I have to post here, hi I normally don't do intros because I suck?

I'm some person who often goes unnamed and I guess the details aren't super important. Call me whatever and I'll reply! I have no life aside from roleplaying, so I stalk around and get ecstatic when there's roleplay stuff going on. I got a cat? I like cats. And other animals. You can tell me all about your pets. I'll probably do the same. You have been warned.

If something ain't cool, just tell me. I don't get my panties in a bunch or anything, I prefer blunt honesty over someone not having fun because something they don't like happened but they think they can't mention it. I never mean anything badly but I say lots of stupid things so I might accidentally insult someone? Just tell me, totally wasn't my intention but still, just say it so I can avoid it in the future!

Love bouncing ideas around in case you feel like you're stuck or something! You can always approach me. I also like character actions to have consequences, and as my character Varis in the Morrowind thread is a huge butt, feel free to show him that he's not at the top of the world or something. The more miserable or peeved my characters are, the more I laugh at their expense and it's great. I might have a problem there too. help
11-13-2016 03:26 AM
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RE: Morrowind Fun Group Intros!

Greetings, I’m Keallach (real name) . I’m a long time gamer, enjoy writing fictional stories and I occasionally draw (badly). Morrowind is my favorite TES game and I’m still playing it now. I also play a ton of Guild Wars 2. Other fandoms of interest include but aren’t limited to: Lord of the Rings, Forgotten Realms, Dragon Age, Mass Effect.

I am reserved ,socially, but consider myself approachable. Just be honest and respectful and then we’ll probably get along fine.

I haven’t finished Morrowind’s main quest lines. I spend FAR too much time mod shopping (to anyone that still plays the game and might have trouble finding mods, I recommend going to DarkElfGuy’s channel. If you're already aware, good for you. ) and exploring as well as hoarding in-game to ever get anything done.

In roleplay , I shall be writing for an argonian ex-slave named Raseeixth. I’m not going to say much about him; you’ll get to know him better in RP. But you may also feel free to read a little about him once I’ve posted the profile. I’m a little behind with that though. Apologies. The holiday season is usually the busiest for me.

Anywho, pleasure to be introduced to you lot and I look forward to whatever (mis)adventures we end up writing in the future.
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