Main Event: The Séance
The Séance began about how Gordon expected, with melodramatic declarations from the Medium and complete attention of the Marquess.’ And to be fair, Gordon’s attention was primarily on the Marquess, worried over what this was doing to his state of mind. Then it all went . . . well, Gordon couldn’t quite say what to call it. He suppressed a chill when his Lordship said what he did about workhouses.

The trick of the objects moving about the air might have been more entertaining if Gordon wasn’t still trying to figure out what the Marquess had meant or why he was speaking to the air when the Medium wasn’t doing a damned thing. Gordon glanced around for the Doctor as Lord Madswitte seemed to go further into his madness with each passing moment.

Looking for Dr. Dietrich, Gordon would have missed the final moments if the Marquess hadn’t said his name. He turned to look at his master, but by that time the Marquess’ attention was turned onto another. What was it supposed to mean, one of them was his? One of the ghosts? A girl, in the workhouse . . . He couldn’t think about that. And as the noblewoman ran out, Gordon slowly stood, torn between his duty to attend to the Marquess and to find the Doctor. But that could be done later, when the party had dispersed. It was not as though any of them were going anywhere.

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