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Quote:To all those present at the Garden Party this past June, it became evident that the Lady Violetta Muzuran was the victim of a mysterious injury, one which was repaired by the resident Doctor, Oliver Dietrich. The villagers who attended the affair are still fuzzy on the details, but this strange happening has only fueled their assertion that the Lady is both queer and frightening to behold. Some say she was rent of her limb entirely, others think she was faking the entire thing.

There were no witnesses to the perpetrator, and thus the shooting itself. The servants know that it was indeed a bullet wound, but they only heard this from down the string of command, specifically the one going from the Doctor himself to the housekeeper and her more trusted fellows.
warning: racism

Quote:The strange coven of presumed gypsy witches known as the Cult of Hecate is said to be located in the deep swamps of Menka's Bog. They are illegally setting up a house, so some have said. Felling old swamp trees to fashion their own wood planks. There has yet to be any formal reporting of the indiscretion however, and most seem more interested in watching what they will do, and indeed, if they even are witches bent on cursing the town, or simply foreigners and outcasts who want nothing from the town and are content to live on their own.

The only contact they have made so far is their little shop next to the bakery in the market area. They sell odd things such as taxidermy and strange skeletons, all of odd, deformed natures. They also sell some homespun patent medicines, said to cure a variety of ailments.


The insatiable appetites of the village gossips have of late been feasting upon the rumors swirling around one of the gardeners at the castle. Those who know, or claim to, say he is the cause of all of Hazel Gedge's misfortunes.

You may recall that Hazel was an orphaned lass who was placed in service with a respectable family (as a scullery maid). Apparently - oh it's too delicious wicked and tragic - Rob Allan, one of the lads that works for those queer folk up t'castle - went and got Hazel (whispers) in the family way! There's some claiming he even did this by force, though most won't go so far as to claim he's that much of a bad 'un. After all, he did represent the village quite respectably in the recent darts tournaments.

Anyway, sources that know others that heard from those that had the right to be at the hospital swear that girl was pregnant (just ask that nurse woman - that Frenchie)  and that she'd been up at the castle taking Robbie Allan to task for putting her in that way! And did you hear the rest? Some say 'tweren't no miscarrying of the babe. Some say the girl was seen transacting with those witch women, those gypsies! (whispers) For tansy, or some other unnatural herb, and magic too probably, given the likes of that lot! She near bled to death, the little slattern poor mite, and her with that twisted foot. She was probably a simpleton. Tsk! The almighty does visit us with burdens, but we must simply accept what he gives us and give thanks. 'Tis no wonder they sent her away. Can't reckon to see her back in t'village again, not after all that!

Someone ought to do something about that Rob Allen! They're even whispering now that he's chasing after some other girl! Men! They're all alike. take what they want then not so much as a fare thee well to the lass fool enough to fall for their tricks! Tsk!
Quote:Both patrons and performers alike cannot ignore the rather peculiar and affectionate approach that the Marchioness has taken with the young baritone, Anatole Morin, the supposed coordinator (some say unwilling) of the newly erected Colette Madswitte Theatre. The generous Marchioness, whose patronage afforded Madsmoor's fledgling theatre group a proper place to perform, is a lover of the arts. This act of goodwill has endeared her to the village, which for so long had cast doubt and distrust upon the Madswittes. Still, the most avid gossipers insist that Lady Colette knows this baritone in the biblical way.

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