Poignant Quotes

“'What a shame, to neglect anything of such beauty,' Felix murmured, eyes on Anatole. He blinked, flushing slightly. Damnable brandy! “I’m speaking, of course, of the Bechstein"
Felix Dietrich
Dear Ophilia

"The Captain was handsome, but his way was to ebb and flow with the tide. This too would end again, and soon, it would wound Jericho too deeply to risk running into the rolling entity of his wave headfirst and be left soaking wet and stranded on the shore as he returned to his home of the ocean."
Jericho Levert

"He was an ignorant son of the soil, the kind of laborer upon whose back the might of the Empire and wealth of a few chosen families had been built."
Robert Allan
Have a Cuppa?

"Time spent in the darkest corners looking for the possibly dead and restless was a bit spooky, having another living soul with him was welcome."
Sean Callahan
...and nothing more.

"He would escape the tiger, even if he must leap over the cliff into the unknown. "
I Won't Leave You Falling

"Julienne crossed her arms and renewed her gorgon-glare. 'If you had taken me to the manor, as I had asked, I am sure I would seen fit to reward you with something for your trouble,' she said, every inch of her as haughty as the elder members of her family. 'But if you are going to behave so childishly, I am sure you can expect nothing. Good day, Edward.'
Julienne Chastain

Juvenile Determinations


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