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"In any case, it offended Oliver’s practical sensibilities of preventive medicine- the first rule of which was don't get shot."
Dr. Oliver Dietrich

"Logic was what kept people safe and elevated humanity above animals. Without logic there was only the unknown, where fear and mistrust seeped into people’s hearts like plague."
Dr. Oliver Dietrich
Free Pickings

"The world, at least to Hamish, was a dreary place which tended to violently remind one of not only mortality but struggle and pain. Nevertheless, René’s character was much like a radiant fire, in the coldness of the world, he warmed his heart, as soppy as it was to think."
Hamish Cotterill
A Long Time

"He attempted to hide his nosiness by casually munching on his miniature pastries."
Dr. Oliver Dietrich
Main Event: The Madsmoor Fair

"Nedeljko Muzuran is melting, as most of the inhabitants of the manor are. But the old lord seems to me to be closer to the world of the dead than the others. Maybe only because, due to his age, he is a likely candidate for a journey to the shadows of death."
Theodor Adams
a secretive valet's purely practical journal

"Terribly out of date? Excuse me for sounding something like a lewd poet or sexologist but the ability to woo another doesn’t just disappear, it’s in human nature."
Amwolf Bauer
Not Alone

"It turned out that the man was going through some difficulties of a moral nature, so much that he often, he confided to me, found himself unable to find any rest at night. You see, he told me that, despite all his efforts to reason himself, he couldn't help but feel for the beasts he slaughtered. One could say that his problem lied in his inability to consider the animals he was given as lumps of flesh."
Theodore Adams
Bloody Bait

"At the doorway, she paused, taking in the sight of the bustling servants, keen and stupid, the nobler dressed folk, bored and stupid all except for Kelvin, and the few that she couldn't name. But they were all surely stupid too."
Violetta Muzuran
main event: the séance

"A séance was rather irksome, how the marques hadn’t yet been carted off to the madhouse was very beyond her but still, it was a curious affair."
Ophelia Bysshe Oddley
Main Event: The Séance

More to come for everyone else's posts :P

“Well, y’know, the Marquess is a bit . . .,” Gordon cut himself off before calling the Lord of the Manor barmy and shrugged, unconsciously slipping into the Cantabridgian accent of his youth.
Gordon Brandt
Beneath the Sun

" 'I wonder what she will do and what wretched spirit will arise from the grave. I don’t know who would look more miserable… the dead or the people in this room.' Of course, all but Violetta, she was like a daisy in a field of snakes."
Amwolf bauer
Main Event: The Séance
"Himal went looking for Professor Maksimov. He had thought to find him in his room, or perhaps wandering the castle. Instead, he found the Professor of History, a man over thirty, crouched outside a bedroom door, eavesdropping."
Himal Chandan
The Odd Assessment
"Though perhaps now it would mar her reputation to be married to a Canadian. But he was a Quebecois! It was as close to the real thing as one could hope, except perhaps a Belgian."
Sibyl Tedcastle
Picnic at the Hanging Willow
"Frankly, the happenstance of who the corpse belonged to or why it was in the bog interested him less than the nature of the preservation. All of his research concerning organs had made him somewhat a connoisseur of methods of preserving flesh, and the bog waters might provide a natural solution. After all, the chemicals he’d been using were known to be highly toxic."
Dr. Oliver Dietrich
A Fen Fit for Nobody

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