Extended Absences
Thanks for letting us know, Action! We'll see you both when you return :)
Just letting everyone know that my mom is done with chemo and so I will likely be more active now! Thank you for all your support and understanding, love you!
Hi everyone. This post is a long time coming, but I've just been hoping I wouldn't have to make it. Right now I'm just not focused or able to actively participate in RP, so this is just to let everyone know that, while I may stick around or at least pop in out-of-character some just to visit with all of you great people, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back into the actual in-character RP aspects of things and I don't want to leave anyone hanging there.
Heya! Since activity is getting stirred up, I figure I should probably take the opportunity to bow out formally. I've had a handful of big life overhauls in the past few months, and I've found it hard to get settled back in. It has been an absolute pleasure aboard this site, and I wish you all the best! You can still reach me on discord, 'cause I love all you fine folks and would be happy to stay in touch! <3

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