Extended Absences
Just posting this to let everyone know that I will be really slow about posting for a while. I've got some health issues (nothing serious, just annoying) and it's making my posting brain basically mush. I will still be able to check in daily and upkeep admin stuff though, so I'm not on hiatus or anything. Just if anyone was wondering why I was being pokey. :)
Hope you feel better, bud! ^__^
Yeah, definitely take care of yourself :)
Hey, this is a week early but otherwise I might forget. I'm going to be in London on an Applied Research Trip from May 15-28 and so won't be posting 'til sometime early June. Will try to have everything replied to before then, though! Everyone take care!
Sounds exciting, have a lovely time (when that time comes)!
Heya, there was a death in the family, so I am going to be out of town for about a week. I may not be able to post much, but I may lurk around the cbox.
I'm so sorry for your loss, Ghost. Take all the time you need. <3
Yes, absolutely~ Take care.
Just letting everyone know that I'm feeling pretty crummy and I may need to take a bit of a posting break. I shouldn't be too long, and if anyone needs me, just PM me or ask TF <3

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