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And then I drew Gordon's sister Mildred aka Millie.

[Image: 1pXmFgS.jpg?1]
Oh sweet, TryFate! 8D Presh siblings ~~~<3

In the family theme... flashback Dietrich family in holiday sweaters:
[Image: tumblr_olawhsoEuo1un1b7mo2_540.png]

Originally posted here.
[Image: tumblr_oligruAQy81un1b7mo1_540.png]
Too much fluff! *makes is sadder*
OH HEY I didn't see this last one!!! Love, such angst!

I keep forgetting to add my latest shiz.

[Image: tumblr_oll4rdz8hj1vez5iko1_540.png]


[Image: tumblr_oloufvYXFj1vez5iko1_540.jpg]


[Image: tumblr_olrtx5ba5x1vez5iko1_540.jpg]


Also a q: what program(s) do you all use? I draw on Procreate (ipad app) and fix up in Photoshop. I also just found Inkscape which apparently is good for vectors which I am excited about.[/img]
Most of my sketches I do with Mischief. It is pretty stripped down in terms of features, but it is all vector-based so you can scroll in/out/over as much as you like. I also use a wacom tablet.

Basically, I like not needing to keep adjusting my canvas size/resolution in photoshop, while still being able to fade layers. (ex, draw in a gesture sketch, fade it. draw structure over it, fade it. draw in details, ect...)
Never heard of that one nor did I consider sketching with a vector based program! The idea of not adjusting canvas size is endlessly appealing to me. It's the opposite of Procreate - great for the apple pencil but you cannot change the canvas size after the fact.
[Image: tumblr_om2r6xHHOH1un1b7mo1_500.gif]

(I did that one in photoshop, because it's got some rudimentary animation stuff)
:D I love all the art, even though those Dietrich family images give me the emotional whiplash :[. All of my art is just pencil and paper and then scanned and resized in paint :/ 
here I finally drew a Felix (a month ago)

[Image: hlVwkiW.jpg?1]
omg a gif!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD

Aw Felix looks kinda Byron-y!!!
I never posted this!! More Dietrich family adorableness. 
[Image: 67q6gvL.jpg?2]
Aww lil boat trip!
Hsvjshsbdkbsjsjdhsid. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!

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