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He nodded, though a tad confused. Such a specimen seemed ideal to him, or at least what he perceived was of the ideal to one so interested in organs. The uterus was a fascinating thing.

"Yes, it is an old place, the family who owned it prior to me sought better fortune in York, so I was sent to fill in. It's terribly unorganized, I jumped at the job and still have boxes left unpacked yet." But he looked eager and proud to say it. Taking on a whole shop of his own was a great responsibility, the sort of which he was thoroughly new at. And the rumours that he'd doom it all to failure didn't go unnoticed by him either. But perhaps this Dr. Dietrich here didn't hear about them yet? He hoped.

"You must come round sometime. Tell me what your research has found you. Or you could tell me now, if you feel like chatting. I'm afraid my investigations are halted for the night." Insomuch as he couldn't open the family Madswitte's crypt yet. But that would come in time.
“Of course, of course.” Oliver nodded along as Corbenic explain his shop. “It is really only a matter of time before a physician will be in need of an apothecary.” And there was something to be said to know that someone in town was interested to hear what he was working on. That didn’t get shivers at the sight of his rows of specimens to study. As much as he was remiss to admit it, Dr. Dietrich heaved a sigh.

“It was good to meet you, Mr. Knott.”

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