Hidden in the Hedges [open]
Nell brushed herself off as the doctor explained what he thought had happened. Her eyes flickered from him to her dress as she banished the dirt from her figure. Nell found herself nodding at his explanation. “I can’t say I have much experience in the matter so I will take your word for it.” Nell replied. She clasped her hands in front of her when she was done brushing off so that he would not see them shaking.

Nell nodded in agreement at his next comment about wandering the gardens. “That’s quite an understatement.” She put a hand to her pinned up hair, making sure it was still in place, and took a final deep breath to settle herself. “I’m even a bit afraid to walk home alone in case another rogue bolt appears.” It was only half a joke.
The doctor himself did not particularly have much experience in the matter either, but that did not stop him from throwing his opinions out there. It was easier to try his best to take a stab at it and revise his hypothesis later than it was to hold a mystery in his head for long.

"I mean, it seems... unlikely." Oliver suggested. Impossible? A moment ago he would have claimed such an occurrence was impossible. "Well, the fair still has some time before it is over yet, perhaps we'll forget all about it." It was going to be something hard to forget, though, he could already tell. "I, uh... let me know if there is anything I can do." He offered. This was an unusual moment they had shared, he would understand if she did not wish to have to explain it to another coachman or escort into the village.
“Oh I was just...” She began, about tell him that she had been partially jesting about the rogue lightening bolt but she trailed off unable to see the point of clarifying her statement. It had been a terrible half-joke anyway. Nell had quite forgotten how to joke in the last year. “Perhaps.” Nell replied when he mentioned the fair - though what had just happened had soured her even more to the idea of going around all those people. “I’ll probably just go home myself.” She added.

“Oh..” Nell started when he mentioned letting her know if there was anything he could do. She was unprepared for the offer. “Thank you sir - I appreciate it. It was pure luck that I didn’t need your services just now. “ Nell finished, gesturing to the black streak above.
“And let's hope it stays that way.” Dr. Dietrich added. A surgeon made for an odd profession, considering that wishing someone well often meant hoping that there would be no excuse to meet them unexpectedly. It made for a number of apparently awkward instances at parties where Oliver would tell people 'he hoped to see them again soon’.

“However, here’s to crossing paths again.” Oliver extended his hand to shake. It seemed appropriate considering their shared moment of fear.
“Yes “ Nell agreed, the ghost of a smile playing at her lips. She certainly did not want to have to call on him. She took his outstretched hand after a brief pause and shook it, her head nodding at his comment about crossing paths. “Keep a look out.” She commented, gesturing up once more.

Patting her hair once more and running a hand over her dress, Nell turned and started towards home.
Oliver eyes followed her gesture, to the sky that was looking just as harmless as ever. The stillness now almost seemed eerier than the strike itself, like a thin coat of unpredictability glossed over the world. “I will.” He assured her.

As she took a path towards the village, the doctor headed back towards the fair. He no longer craved a bit of solitude. Quite the opposite, the thought of it gave him chills.

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