Subplot: The Cult of Hecate
Warning: racism, misogyny

The Cult of Hecate is an optional subplot with mini-canons that are not integral to the main plot, so you do not have to read any of the following in order to join or take a main canon. But if you're taking one of these, please feel free to copy the images already provided for your avatars if you like.

Table of Contents

  • Strange New Arrivals
  • Sisters of Hecate
  • On Becoming A Sister
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    Strange New Arrivals

    The sound of wheels rolling over the uneven cobble up to the town square interrupted the sleepy morning. A caravan had arrived, with two yellow horses and a shrouded driver. It barged its way through from the road, trailing muck and mire in its wake. From the sheen, it looked to have been caught in a large puddle, or stranger still, submerged in water not long ago.

    The driver removed her hood; a young, fair face. She abandoned the reins to hop down from the high seat and platform, pat one of the horses on the flank and disappear inside the caravan's side door.

    Rumour began to spread; they are gypsies, a gaggle of womenfolk come to pilfer and swindle. Their true purpose is, as yet, undiscovered. They were chased away from the town and have now settled somewhere near in the moors, though nobody knows exactly. 

    Now and then, one will come into town to buy food and supplies, or sell her wares in the market. They take little time dallying around the streets, and have yet to be seen stealing anything. But that has not stopped fear and suspicion abounding. Overriding any trace of common sense or reasonable deduction. Soon, a few pejorative titles bestowed themselves upon them. Mildly; the Moorland Hags, worse; the Bog Gypsies, or worse still; Gypsy Bitches.

    Are they as bad as all that? Certainly, they are strange to behold together. Often clad in unkempt rags, strange costumes, or, more rarely, nothing at all. Not truly Romani people, as the caravan might suggest, but likely not all homegrown from English soil either.

    The latest gossip tells remarks on one of their rank communicating with someone in the manor.

    On the inside, they call themselves the Cult of Hecate. Worshipping the Greek goddess, but only in concept. Adopting the monikers of famous witches, if only to hide their identities. Their purpose is nothing so sinister or concrete as Madsmoor has imagined; they seek only to live in peace among each other after fleeing their former lives. Perhaps some seek redemption after a criminal charge, or freedom and safety from an impoverished or dangerous locale. Others merely could not resist the call of the open road.

    Only a very select few are allowed within their sacred trust. While they are mostly distrustful of the common English man, they have been known to accept those of any sex to walk among them, or even those who skirt the poles of man and woman altogether. All one must do to visit their 'coven' is follow their creed:

    No blade or pistol shall be drawn,
    No fist or palm aloft in rage,
    All gods and demons loved in turn,
    All hearts and spirits we engage.

    All praise Hecate, grand enchantress!
    All will dance in gleeful madness!

    Moon and Eye, ye sign our treaty,
    Strike the earth and burn the crown,
    Swear to us thine faithful fealty,
    All our friendly winds be blown.

    All praise Hecate, grand enchantress!
    All will dance in gleeful madness!
    Sisters of Hecate

    The canon Initiated Sisters include:

    Oksana "Baba Yaga" Ivanov
    The eldest sister, some say it was she who began the cult, and that she is indeed the real Baba Yaga of legend, who fled from Russia to Europe after the townspeople were to burn her house on hen's legs to the ground. She has never talked in detail about her past, but dutifully acts as mother and grandmother to all, despite the menace of her nickname's sake.
    Angela Lansbury

    Prudence "Morgana" Timms
    Once the wife of a wealthy white merchant, until his death nearly two decades ago. Some say she was displaced and shunned from her home after he died, which was why she sought a better life for herself among the sisters, along with her son Dembe, who is an honorary male member. They only recently reunited after he passed through Madsmoor on business as a carpenter and house builder. He decided to stay with her and help the Sisters with their business and construction of their new home in Menka's Bog.
    Eartha Kitt

    Jingfei "Queen Mab" Qui
    The former owner of a London opium den, she unwillingly left the city life behind her to join the sisters nearly a decade ago. After being unable to pay her rent, she and her family (her husband and five children) were evicted from the building that housed their establishment. Several were arrested for various charges, both proven and suspected. While in a jailhouse, she met a Sister of Hecate, and they both escaped together. Unfortunately, she has yet to see her family again, and suspects that most of them are dead or in the London Gaol for life.
    Lucille Soong

    eleanor "circe" emery
    Stevie Nicks

    isadora "sycorax" molenaar
    Natalie Maines

    Marina "Oizys" Johnson
    Her mother made a modest life for herself as a tradeswoman in Scotland for some years, and marina was set to take her place and inherit the business. It is unclear why she decided to join the Sisters instead, but some say that she became estranged from her family in her late teens when she was sent to the Bedlam asylum.
    Naomie Harris
    On Becoming A Sister

    Currently, there are twelve Initiated Sisters living in and among the caravan and the hut that is under construction in Menka's Bog. They do not have to be cis female, but for IC reasons, they are generally wary of those they perceive to be binary/cis male. On some rare occasions, they allow male people to be their allies, depending on the circumstances.

    Some suggestions for names: Befana, Black Annis/Agnes, Cassandra, Cat Sìth, Cerridwen, Freyja, Grimhild, Gullveig, Heior, Jezebel, Kikimora, Lilith, Medea, Nyx, as well as any other appropriate goddess names.

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