Your Fandoms/Hobbies/Etc
Since we've been having some fandoms in common during cbox discussion, I thought we could make a thread for it! Come on over to discuss the ones you like!

I will probably edit this to include more, but for now:
  • Dragon Age
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Elder Scrolls
  • The Wicked Years (series the musical is based on)
  • Neverwinter Nights (for the mods/custom content more than the story itself, it got me into DnD)
  • Star Wars/KotOR
As for general hobbies:
  • drawing
  • singing
  • sewing
  • beads/crafty jewellery upcycling stuff XD
  • gardening
  • Ogling historical stuff in general on pinterest
Hmm, this feels like more of a list of hobbies/interests than fandoms. XD It is awesome that you're into D&D and Star Wars, Dree! I've played a couple of SW tabletop games before, and they were super fun, with really memorable characters!
  • Tabletop RPGs, but mostly 5e
  • Star Wars- particularly the Clone Wars/Jedi stuff
  • Skyrim, DA:I & currently looking for a new video game to love so... hit me? it will probably be the Last Gaurdian
  • Mad Max... kind've? I'm into post-apoc costuming & prop making
  • Currently on a HUGE 60s british horror kick (Hammer & Amicus)
  • Nick Cave
  • House of Cards
I should add hobbies to the title of this!!

When you posted that Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee gif you got my interest hella piqued tbh.

I've got an embarrassing amount of hours logged in skyrim. What mods do you like, if any? I'm addicted to the survival/immersion stuff, like hunting and food/water needs. I also use Mod Organizer so it's super easy to make a ton of different characters with their own mod lists, great for RP possibilities actually!

Does 5e mean fifth edition? I get so confused about that haha!
Hmmmm I kind of tend to watch shows in a scattered sort of way where I'll binge watch half of it then just stop? But sometimes I manage to stick with things. XD

- Gran Hotel
- Penny Dreadful (until the S2 finale infuriated me and I haven't been back and apparently S3 gave people mixed feelings so eh.)
- UnReal (currently verrrry dubious on S2 as they ignored the stuff fans seemed to like and shoehorned in about 4x more love triangles which no one asked for??? Lifetime Network's production meddling just feels very apparent this season.)
- All Things Austen (Anne Elliot is my babe.)
- All Things Shakespeare
- Some Things Bronte (basically just Anne--Charlotte & Emily have Issues and don't even get me started on Branwell.)
- The Vicar of Dibley
- Slings and Arrows
- Bollywood
- M*A*S*H
- And I go on Sims binges but I've been clean for a while now which means I'm probably due to fall off that wagon sometime soon.

I'm also into writing, cookery, swimming (not competitively I just like being in water doing my own thing,) puns, documentaries, and cheese.
I don't really have specific fandoms I'm into. Like, I like shows but I don't go into the fanfic stuff or anything. Idk.

I like spooky shit. /r/FearMe is where it's at, bb. And freakshow/sideshow stuff. I like googling random things to see what comes up.

Also, plz join me in playing Blade&Soul because I need more people to play with. *sob* We could make a clan! PLEASE GOD.
Fandomwise... well
-All things Joss Whedon
-Hunger Games
-Downton Abbey

I have a bachelor's in History, but my fav shows and eras -
-Boardwalk Empire
-The White Queen
-Downton Abbey
-Pacific/Band of Brothers

-Sewing, includes quilting and clothing
-Video Games (favorites include Uncharted, Assassin's Creed (1,2,4), Neverwinter, Sims, some Minecraft depending on my mood)
@Alandree I'm always down to pull more people into the Hammer trash bin.

I think we have pretty similar taste in mods. XD I try to keep my mods non world-breaking, like the extra weapons. I love love love the survival mods and cloaks and stuff. Some utility stuff to, like being able to pack stuff on the horse and things like that. I played a crack for a long time, so my hours don't read accurately- so I don't even want to know how much time I've sunk into that game <__>

And yeah, that is 5th edition!

And Emily... I recently fell off the Sims wagon, so I feel ya. XD
Oh hell yeah sims! I have overloaded with CC on sims 3 and now just make houses and nothing else XD Oh and I love Minecraft too, Issy! I tried and failed to get into a server properly but ya.
Haha, Sims 4 has been a lot of fun. I go through times when I play it a lot and then not at all. I build lots of houses, or try to get all the achievements on one Sim.

Minecraft is something that I fell into by a friend who I played a lot of Borderlands with. It is fun and time goes by way tooooo fast!
I held off on Sims 4 for ages because I'm not done with Sims 3...
They put the work/retail stuff in the Sims 4, and I'm total trash for that. So here I am with the Sims 4.
-sobbing 'cause I haven't got the time nor money- :'(
FRICK I got disappointed with Sims4. I bought one expansion but the appeal is just gone for me, though I will probably look back into it once more stuff is released for build mode. I was momentarily excited for the gender expansion options, but after that I just went back to S3 to make more houses XD S3 runs like garbage but it's so much nicer to look at for me. I can't with the cartoony 'upgrade'.
Speaking of cartoony, I unearthed my old install discs for Monkey Island 3: The Curse of Monkey Island while I was moving some boxes into storage so I'm probably gonna fall back into a pit of ridiculous pirate funtimes at some point in the near future.

(MI3 was like...peak Monkey Island perfection. The prior games were graphically sad and stilted and the ones that came after just tried too hard with the 3D business. The smooth 2D elements just worked best, I think.)
I never played that one! But that does conjure great, tedious memories of install discs. Dreamfall has like, six. Which is another series I like. Longest Journey. Dreamfall Chapters is nearly done now, I'm sad it'll be over, but still pissed for plot reasons >>

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