Plot With Dree!
Sorry, I totally didn't see this until now! But I've posted in your plotter XD Excited to see her in action!
Ooh so many personalities!
Inevitably I have missed something here that might work well, but here are a few things I thought of, let me know if you have something in mind too!

Kelvin & Catherine - Kelvin would likely both fascinate and deeply worry Catherine, somewhere between the ghosts and eccentricities. Depending on how he presents himself, perhaps she might try to convince him of some more religious origin, perhaps she might listen to his theories, or perhaps she might just pity him as a poor man over-stressed by the burdens of being the family head and heir. It also seems like, due to his position in town the two of them would very likely meet. Depending on his involvement (or lack thereof) in building or maintaining the hospital their relationship may vary as well.

Corbenic & Catherine - Being an apothecary would likely interest Catherine to meet him. Depending on what else he is up to, things could get interesting.

Harriet & Catherine - Harriet sounds sounds so delightfully punky. It might be something that Catherine takes a matronly interest in out of some level of concern and understanding. At the very least she would listen, and if she was up to anything legal, probably secretly help, or illegal, probably be just as disapproving as anyone else :P
Hi Briar :) I'd be most interested in Corbenic interacting with Catherine to start off with, since it's pretty inevitable that they'd do so anyway considering their jobs. The most likely scenario that comes to mind would be his coming over to deliver some medicine for her or something like that, but if you have anything more interesting then please do go ahead XD
Okay, I have ideas! 
  • Emil Salazar and Nellie Pierce: Okay so they both work at the estate and on the rare occasion, she has a second to herself I can see her going to the stables as she is a country girl at heart and kind of misses the animals. I can see that with the age difference they may end up developing a brother/sister relationship as she tries to find her way around this new world she's come to work in.
  • Jericho Levert and Nellie Pierce: Nellie will talk Jericho's ear off if he's ever in the kitchen or a place where she is at work and I think that will be super cute. 
  • Kellan Fetherston and Nellie Pierce: These two would either be close friends or hate each other. She's musical like him but she's also sweet to his sarcastic, talkative to his distant. It would be cool to see.
I'm open to other idea's this is just what I thought of right now!
I had an interesting premise. Though I don't know how it would go. What if Kitty went hunting on the manor's property and ran into Jericho. As game keeper he certainly has to do something about it. Her history in america with native americans can prove interesting or horrible. I don't have anything tooo particular but again I think it could be an interesting interaction and I want to give you a chance to use him more (and a chance to use Kitty a bit XD).
I'd love that! Jericho definitely needs more threads :D
Sounds fantastic! Any time you want. =D
lol and here I am after getting distracted researching Salazar.

Anatole sounds like someone Geronimo has probably played pranks on.

Ellis might be acquainted with Zech on the peripheral, especially if fellow circus compatriots are prone to breaking the law trouble.

If Ezra is Jewish, he and Zech may run in similar British circles.

Violetta might be known to Geronimo and Zech both on the peripheral, because lmao those sound like the kind of stories that get around.

Depending on the time frame of his duration in London, Mazarin might be acquainted with/aware of Zech – a past thread of them meeting while Zech was in college could be interesting.

If Sibyl’s influence extends to the upper-middle class, I think some failed matchmaking could be wonderfully awkward.

I could see Zech hitting Dembe up for some furniture.

Geronimo is probably a fan of Thomasina.

Corbenic is probably one of the many people Zech side-eyes and keeps a running journal on just in case he ends up prosecuting him one day.
Honestly all of these sound interesting to me. Gero would be most likely meet all of my performer/circus people, possibly even in the shows. The idea of Zech keeping tabs on Corbenic sounds absolutely hilarious and he'll be sure to witness some weird shit.
Hi Dree! Not sure if you're looking for a specific type of plot, but I can see Rose try her charm on Kellan. Also, Rose's mother probably doesn't want her to go near the circle, because she thinks its all magic and impropriety, but I can imagine Rose would go and have a peek anyway, so there's an opening for rp with any of your circus characters if you are interested. Open to any other ideas as well!
Hmm well she and Kel are likely neighbours! So no doubt they’d run into each other, or possibly even have known each other for a while if you’d like. Perhaps he heard about her move to Sheffield and might not have seen her since then or something?
Florian: I imagine over time here she might hear rumors about him. I imagine he may be one of the first people she notices repeatedly, like someone about him stands out to her, but she isn't sure what or why. She probably won't approach him, but maybe after a few notices across a course of days he might tell her something about where her eyes should be.

Jericho: Reminds her of someone she met on her recent travels to this land. She had gotten stuck in the winter storm, because she decided to take a detour, and a family let her stay with them.

Dembe: Maybe she wants something made, but with lack of funds can come to some sort of bartering arrangement?

Violetta: Would definitely have a problem with G dressing above her status and if she ever caught G speaking in a manner a maid/seamstress shouldn't speak well I don't think things would go well.

Mazarain : I noticed the thread between Maz and Zech. Since Zech is her new boss, I figure if Maz was ever curious about anything Zech related maybe Maz would seek her out.
Thanks for the ideas! The one that jumps out is with Dembe, since I haven't gotten to play him much lately! I don't think he has a shop or anything but he could probably be seen on construction sites of new houses being built, if she wants to catch him there!
Bumped for new single dad who is a canon rip-off of a character from the Wicked novels.
Hello I would love to roleplay with one of your characters. We can form some sort of plot if you would like? I am up for most things.

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