Plot With Dree!


Anatole Ellis

  • opera singer
  • ingénue
  • easily manipulated
  • entertains at the manor
  • directs/oversees the theatre

  • circus pianist
  • tall, imposing figure
  • striking red hair
  • smile either alluring or unsettling
  • Morin Tachibana

    Ezra Jericho

  • russian
  • professor/historian
  • jumpy, bookish, awkward
  • sews his own odd clothes

  • gamekeeper
  • residential school runaway
  • fled canada with meril
  • shy, gentle, secretive
  • Maksimov LeVert

    Kellan Llŷr Trewent
  • Irish-Yorkshire farmboy
  • groundskeeper
  • distant, sarcastic
  • uneducated, yet acerbic wit
  • mysterious hermit type
  • squatting on an abandoned farm
  • single dad
  • 1 yr old daughter
  • Featherston Trewent

    Émil Mazarin
  • stable groom
  • unmannered, dirty, alcoholic
  • well meaning but rough
  • mexican/spanish stowaway
  • fled life of crime in france
  • circus performer
  • former london prostitute
  • of few words, distrusting, cynical
  • Salazar Arvidson


    Sibyl Dembe
  • sister of colette madswitte
  • frenchwoman, quebecois husband
  • self-proclaimed matchmaker
  • proud, proper, laughs at peasants
  • perpetual smile, seldom sincere
  • carpenter
  • son of hecate member
  • kenyan, raised in London workhouse
  • friendly, curious
  • helps keep hecate secret
  • Tedcastle Nanjala

    Meril Thomasina
  • housekeeper
  • canadian, fled her family
  • tough but fair, weary
  • family is now in town, drama
  • circus comedienne
  • american, moved with circus
  • vaudeville comedienne
  • Benbow Glass

    Florian Corbenic
  • footman
  • beau of deceased governess
  • nephew of murdered lady's maid
  • secretly here to inevtigate the deaths
  • quiet and socially awkward
  • apothecary
  • strange yet jovial
  • thinks he's a necromancer
  • Bankman Corvid Knott

  • eldest muzuran daughter
  • hateful, prideful, sickly
  • lied about being married
  • lied about husband's death
  • fake husband shot her arm
  • Muzuran


    Kelvin Eleanor
  • Marquess, Lord of Castle Madswitte
  • medium, obsessed with dead wife
  • once flamboyant, now muted by grief
  • recluse for years until remarried
  • Hecate matron Circe
  • phony medium
  • protective of sisters
  • loves to spin a yarn
  • Madswitte Emery

    Delia René
  • deceased governess
  • murdered by ???
  • scottish
  • stubborn, naive
  • vengeful, confused ghost
  • heir apparent to Marquisdom
  • colette's son, kelvin's stepson
  • entitled, bossy, rude
  • Harris Chastain

    Harriet Isadora
  • canadian, daughter of meril
  • idealistic, rebellious, fanciful
  • soon to be schoolteacher

  • hecate maiden sycorax
  • ornery, child-like, tempermental
  • tends hecate's horses
  • Kempa Molenaar

  • kelvin's dog
  • medium
  • Madswitte
    Heya! I am going to throw a few ideas at you!

    Meril - I feel like she and the doctor might get along? I am sure he comes off as a bit pompous, but he is ultimately very practical. They probably share some frustrations with thier employers.

    Rene - speaking of frustrations, I feel like this kid would be a primary one.

    Ezra - Dr. Dietrich is well composed, but also a total nerd. He is not superstitious, but he is inquisitive. I can see them getting along most of the time until they hit something they vehemently disagree on. Such as whether Oxford or Cambridge is better.
    I like all of these ideas very much! Of the three, Meril has an open thread right now which he is free to join! Otherwise any others are welcome, I can make something later this evening if you'd like. :)

    So I figure if Agnes is a parlour maid she's likely to know the crew at the Castle, in particular Meril. Agnes misses her own mother terribly, but isn't so far gone that she'd cling to Meril as a substitute, but it'd probably be evident sometimes that Agnes is looking for a womanly mentor. Kind and helpful to the lads who are servants; probably not a lot of patience for Rene or Violetta and focuses on biting her tongue a lot when serving the fancy folk. Maybe gawps a bit at the grand and odd visitors.
    Hey Emily :) How long has Agnes been working there? That would definitely affect her relationship with Meril in particular, she's pretty tough/neutral about new folks but can quickly warm up to them if they've been there a while and she happens to like them xD
    Perhaps a year or so, if that works? Enough to be pretty settled and comfortable with her work, but still curious about a lot of things and still needing the occasional reminder.
    Sounds good to me :) That probably means she's been around while a lot of the other staff quit, so if you like they could commiserate about that fact, for a start!
    Sure! I'll pop an Agnes thread in their servant hall/kitchen.
    Oh great!
    Renee and Roseline

    Both have previously led pretty sheltered and easy lives and idk if he's the same rank as rose or lower than her, but she's not snobbish and so throwing them in a thread might be fun?

    Roseline and Violetta

    Both are widows at least, granted violetta doesn't seem to be longing for her husband as much as rose is, but I still think it might be cool to throw them together in a thread and see what happens?

    If you can think of ways to throw your other characters into threads with rose i'm more than open to it, these were just some initial ideas that hit me ^.^
    mind if i drop pip and/or hester into the thread with meril and agnes? and if you want a thread filled with poorly concealed hatred and mutual disdain, a hester and rené thread could be a laugh!
    Hey guys, finally pared down some of my threads! I'd love to do a René thread, with both of you in it, potentially. Perhaps Rosaline comes upon Hester scolding him about his studies or something? He's probably ready to go to college and is dragging his heels on it so that would probably be something she could find annoying!
    I'm game ^.^
    Rene - Of course! She has been in his life since birth. Rosalie started in the Chastain's house since she was 13. He can like her or not, that is up to you. But, she is pretty happy and friendly. And likely a friend who would speak french with him.

    Meril - Probably maybe doesn't like her? She came with the Chastains and she didn't have a chance to say yes or no to her hiring. So, yeah. Maybe they butt heads a bit?

    Ezra - Rosalie is pretty bookish herself and likes to know more. She might have fun teasing the poor guy about superstitions that she thinks are silly.
    HAH that's definitely an interesting vantage point if she's been with them since he was born! Likely she would have been more of a mother figure to him than Colette, but he's such a little shit that that still might not make him treat her any nicer >>

    I'd love if she and Meril butt heads, she's raring to have a go at someone right now what with all the tension in the house.

    And sounds all good with Ezra as well. Poor thing. xD

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