Plot: Death & Haunting
Rumours spread far and wide of supernatural activity inside Castle Madswitte and its surrounding moor, plaguing the family through the centuries. Many have come and gone from Madsmoor village, rarely taking up permanent residence. Some scattered farmers and tradesmen have remained, finding good profit in the location's convenience as a travel stop between more major towns and cities.
The deaths throughout the centuries have been indiscriminate; ranging from Madswittes, to servants, to villagers. Each case was officially ruled an accident by local law, but many have come under scrutiny as highly suspect, if not downright murderous in circumstance and evidence. Some say that the Madswittes have taken care to cover up some accounts, with rumours of missing persons who were never found or accounted for officially.

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  • Reported Deaths
  • Named Spirits
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    Reported Deaths

    The following are the current documented, investigated, and reported deaths on and around Castle Madswitte property over the years. Rumours persist that there are many more, though any worthwhile details have been all but lost in the sands of time. Research has begun in an attempt to uncover the truth behind the deaths, the ghostly activity, and the lost or neglected reports of other missing or deceased individuals.

    thomas madswitte iierin madswitte
    Son of Thomas Madswitte IWife of Edward Madswitte
    Fell from the highest tower.Crushed by a falling tree.

    menka kitanovephrem madswitte
    Daughter of Madswitte guest.Son of Julius Madswitte
    Drowned in a bog.Stranged in his chamber.

    walter johannsonmyrtle crane
    Village ResidentNursemaid
    Ingested poison.Fell over a stairwell railing.

    alberta bankman
    Lady's Maid
    Buried alive.

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    Named Spirits
    Several entities have been given names over the years. The most famous are called the Tower Biter, the Bogwitch, and the most ancient and infamous, the Madsprite. Many other tales of strange goings-on have included incidents of animals behaving strangely and against their nature, said to be possessed by the devil, or working for a witch. Some recount instances of objects going missing in the castle, being rearranged, thrown against the wall, or broken by an unseen force.

    The Bogwitch
    It is said that an old crone lives deep in the heart of Menka's Bog. She often bubbles up from the muck and snatches children by the ankles if they stray too far through the marsh. Some believe she kills children and pickles their remains in jars. It is unclear whether the stories of the bogwitch began before or after the death of young Menka Kitanov in 1785. Some say she was killed by the bogwitch, others insist that she is the bogwitch, and never really died.

    The Tower Biter
    In each of Madswitte's four stairwell towers, some have reported getting a cold, sharp, and biting pain on the ankles when mounting the steps. Many say that the towers are simply chilly and poorly heated, others theorize that it is the ghost of young Myrtle Crane.

    The Madsprite
    From the devil's eye take cover
    Of the barmy moon beware ye
    Ere the mad sprite spring from the heathland ling
    And a feast of souls shall make he!

    From atop the castle fastness
    When the mad mists kiss the spire
    Neither cradling bed nor a shrouded head
    Will escape his ghostly ire!

    The most well-known and oft told myth in and about Madsmoor is that of the madsprite. It is said to be the family ghost; their eternal poltergeist and bane. The townsfolk daren't leave their homes alone on particularly misty nights, lest they are found by the Madsprite, and meet their demise at its hand. It is common to believe that the madsprite also pushed Thomas Madswitte II off the now-destroyed high tower in 1645.

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