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Instead of traditional applications, MM implements both IC and OOC fields into our registration system. We also use the MyBB plugin 'Enhanced Account Switcher', which enables all your Character accounts to be attached to your OOC one for easy switching. Your very first account here should be OOC.

Be sure to check out our Positions Claims and Want Ad Submissions before registering to see if there's a role you'd like to fill. If nothing in either thread interests you, you may create a Villager of any affiliation or job as long as it makes sense in the context of our setting.
Roleplaying Preferences

The intent of this optional field is for laying out exactly what you want from your writing experience here, and to make sure that your preferences are known and respected. What plots do you like? Dislike? Are there certain subjects you don't want to be involved in IC? Are genres like romance something you are interested in? Would you rather fade-to-black during sexual situations? These are just some examples that go along with our policy about respecting OOC and IC consent and boundaries.
Character Types

We currently offer several character 'types' You can modify this field on your profile in the Edit Profile section of your User CP. Here are the types currently available:
  • OOC: (Out-of-Character) Your writer/player account representing you, not your characters. You can only have one of these.

  • Primary: A main character, one that you post with frequently and will write in most any situation.

  • Supporting: A less prominent character who appears conditionally in some threads for a specific purpose, such as a catalyst for plots or action scenes.

  • NPC: Optional. This type is specifically for characters that serve some minor purpose in a scene, but are rarely the main focus and may not even have any dialogue.

  • Ghost (S) or (NPC): May be Supporting or NPC. For deceased characters. See this post for more info.

  • Medium (P), (S), or (NPC): May be Primary, Supporting, or NPC. For characters who can see and communicate with the dead.See this post for more info.

  • Retired: For characters that are no longer used, for whatever reason.
On Playing Ghosts

Ghosts may start threads, but must get OOC permission to join existing ones.

Ghost abilities:
  • manipulation of objects*
  • changing of air temperatures*
  • projection of images and words into the minds of mediums
  • conversing with and seeing fellow ghosts
*may be used to kill living characters (with OOC permission)
On Playing Mediums

Mediums may start or join threads, but must get OOC permission to read the presence of ghosts being played by another member.

Medium abilities:
  • observing images, feelings, and words sent to them from ghosts
Attaching Accounts

after registering:
  • Log out of your OOC account.
  • Register as you did before, this time for that specific character.
  • You can use the same email for all accounts.
  • Log in to your new character account
  • Go to User CP.
  • Under Menu, Miscellaneous, click 'Account Switcher'.
  • Under Options, choose 'Attach Current Account to User'.
  • Put your OOC account name and password in.
  • Click Attach.
Alternate Method:
  • Log in to your OOC account
  • Go to User CP.
  • Under Menu, Miscellaneous, click 'Account Switcher'.
  • Input the name of your character account under 'Search for User'
  • Input your password for that account.
  • Click Attach.
Repeat as necessary for however many accounts you have. You can detach an account at any time. Now your IC and OOC accounts will be linked. When you go to post, you can use the drop-down menu (called 'Attached Accounts', located next to the Post Reply button) to choose which account you want to use.

If you post with the wrong account by mistake, simply click on the Switcher button underneath your online status and choose the correct account from the drop-down list.

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