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Within this thread are several guidelines and rules for our board. These are all required reading.
Ban-Worthy Offences
  • Discrimination, bullying, abuse, harassment, and/or otherwise prejudiced behaviour.
  • Violation of OOC consent between members regarding IC situations.
  • Intentional omission/abuse of Content Warnings.*
  • Violation of our 18+ age restriction (includes lying about your age).
  • Plagiarism of other works, including other RPers' writing. (Art theft as well)

3 Strike Policy:
  • 1st Time Offence: 1 PM warning and 1 week to amend before staff deletes the offending content (if applicable).
  • 2nd Time Offence: 1 PM warning and 2 days to amend before staff deletes the offending content (if applicable).
  • 3rd Time Offence: 0 PM warnings and your account will be banned.

We reserve the right to ban users under whatever other circumstances we see fit should the occasion arise. You must earn the right to be a part of our community by behaving with maturity and treating our staff and your fellow members with respect.

*Occasionally forgetting or misunderstanding of CWs are fine, feel free to ask if you're unsure.
Content Warnings

Any thread that contains material on the following list must be tagged to give readers fair warning of that content. This will ensure that anyone who is uncomfortable with or triggered by the content can be given the choice to avoid it.

To do so, add the 'Content Warning' prefix (see RP Etiquette) from the drop-down menu next to the thread title, then add something like this to the beginning of the initial post that contains the relevant material:

[warning: appropriate tag(s)]

Be sure to add new warnings as they come up during the thread's progress, and if one is added after the original post is made, please edit that post's title prefix to reflect this change.. We assume that as things are tagged, they will likely happen again within the posts following that, so you do not need to tag each post you make after the initial warning has been made for that particular content.
  • ableism
  • abuse*
  • death
  • homophobia
  • incest
  • misogyny
  • murder
  • racism
  • rape
  • sexual content
  • suicide
  • transphobia
  • violence
To request a new tag to be added, send a staff member a PM titled 'CW Request'.

*Please specify the type of abuse (can be multiple), including but not limited to: Sexual, physical, verbal, child, and animal abuse.
RP Etiquette

word count: We have no minimum, just be sure to give your fellow writers something to work with. A single succinct line of dialogue or description of an action may be enough, for example.

metagaming: We define metagaming as an umbrella term for few things:
  • Taking control of someone else's character.
  • Using knowledge about something that your character could not conceivably know themselves.
  • Winning every fight, dodging every hit.
  • Having unlimited power that breaks the plot/setting.
All examples except the last one can be excused with permission from the member(s) you are interacting with.

text format: Modifying font type, size, and color should be avoided to ensure that all members will be able to read IC posts clearly. Only basic bbcode formatting such as bold, italics, etc. are allowed for IC posts.

Sometimes, when you paste from another source, the format from that source will also be pasted and may look like this:
[Image: posting1.png]
This can include some formatting that makes it hard to read. To prevent this, you have two options:
1. Select/highlight all your text, then click on the Remove Formatting button, circled here:
[Image: posting2.png]
2. Click on the View Source button, circled here:
[Image: posting3.png]
Now you can see all the bbcode. The example here would be a pain to edit manually, but you can do that if you want.
[Image: posting4.png]
To prevent this entirely, make sure to turn View Source on before pasting. Then it should look like this:
[Image: posting5.png]
Exempt forums: Dramatis Personae, Memoranda.

absences: If you are going to be absent for more than a week or two, you can post in the Extended Absences or contact staff via discord or PM directly.

thread tagging: We offer a number of ways to tag threads for content alongside our general Content Warnings:
  • Title Prefixes: Use the drop-down list next to the Thread Title textbox to indicate whether the thread is Open [O], Open with a Content Warning [O CW], Closed [C], or Closed with a Content Warning [C CW].
  • Tagging: To tag people for replies, use the #tagging channel in our Discord.

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