Plot: Canons & History
Warning: ableism, death, murder, violence

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Table of Contents
  • Castle Madswitte's History
  • The Current Household
  • The Domestic Staff
  • The Muzurans
  • The Chastains
  • Van Kampen
  • Family Trees
  • Map & Layout
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    Castle Madswitte's History

    Expanded and restored over many centuries, Castle Madswitte has held fast to its heritage, no matter the infamy. The original manor house was built in 1640 in the North York Moors by the earliest known holder of the title, The Marquess Thomas Madswitte I. With his wife, Lady Maude Madswitte, they commissioned an extravagant abode at the edge of a heath that has now come to be known as Madsmoor.
    Intent on beginning a family, the Madswittes bore their first child in 1642, Thomas Madswitte II. But misfortune struck when the young boy fell to his death after evading his nursemaid to explore the highest tower of the castle in 1645. A portrait of the child was gruesomely commissioned posthumously. Eventually, Maude birthed two more, but this was only the first of many tragic deaths to befall the house, the family, and the township it came to own.

    Today, the house retains only parts of its original structure; many sections have been torn down, including the tower from which Thomas Madswitte II fell. Its latest restoration occurred in 1875, at the request of its current owner, the Marquess Kelvin Madswitte. Kelvin is the last surviving blood relative of the Madswitte family.
    The Current Household

    The patriarch of Castle Madswitte has holed himself up in his study. No wait staff are to see him, save his valet. He had become increasingly reclusive after the death of his first wife, Senka Muzuran, two years ago, but had yet to sequester himself to this degree. The last time he had appeared in public was last summer, during the wedding ceremony to his new wife, Colette Chastain.

    Having no blood relatives left on Kelvin's side, and with desperation to lure him out, the newest Lady Madswitte has decided to invite the estranged family of the late and former Marchioness to live in Castle Madswitte.

    Though a seemingly kind and unifying gesture, the true motives of Colette are scrutinized by the locals; many claim she is nothing but an opportunist, bent on usurping the family wealth and driving Kelvin to an early grave. Her children were borne of a former marriage, ending in divorce, much to the scandal of many. Her children, Julienne and René, are seen as spoiled and untrustworthy; unfit to carry on the family legacy.

    However, Senka Muzuran's remaining family are said to be far stranger: Her uncle, Nedeljko Muzuran, is said to be completely mad. His younger daughters, Philomena and Yakova, unmarriageable, while his eldest, Violetta, is rumoured to have murdered her late husband, Nikola Van Kampen. 

    Marquess, Lord Kelvin Madswitte
    The Most Honourable Marquess, heir to a name spanning several centuries. A heavy burden to carry, in addition to the recent loss of one wife and the hastened marriage to another. And from that, the scrutiny from his peers and the locals. He has become reclusive, depressed, paranoid even. He barely knows his new family, let alone the Muzurans. He was once a jovial, flamboyant man. Charming at public gatherings, a real crowd-pleaser. Perhaps there is yet still some of that left in him. This summer, he has begun to emerge more and more, and strangely enough, cheered by the recent confirmation that he has the ability to see spirits.
    Kenneth Branagh
    The Domestic Staff

    Upon the arrival of the Chastains, and with the recent addition of the Muzurans, the housekeeper, Meril Benbow, is scrambling to find and employ more staff. She has been posting advertisements all over, most recently as far as London. Many staff have recently resigned over the course of three years; some due to the increasing amount of accidents attributed to ghost activity, some dissatisfied with the paltry wages reduced by Kelvin after Senka's death, while others simply disapproved of the new arrangement of the family entirely.

    The Muzurans

    A Croatian native, Nedeljko Muzuran has had a complicated and mysterious upbringing. He, along with his sister Zorica, fled to Bosnia to live with distant cousins after some family tragedy that left them orphaned. It is rumoured that their name is derived from mažuran, the Bosnian word for marjoram, and was therefore an alias they both adopted to avoid recognition, or perhaps persecution.

    During his early middle age, Nedeljko met and married an Italian duchess, Elena Flava, who he travelled to Italy with, along with Zorica. The family continued to mingle among the elite, seemingly having left their checkered past behind permanently. He and Elena had three daughters. Violetta, the eldest, married a Dutch Baron, Nikola Van Kampen, and lived in Holland with him until the Duchess died, upon which she moved back to Italy.

    Zorica also married into nobility; to the English Baron Colin Cragg. Their daughter, Senka, was not close with her mother's side, but they visited her when she married into the Madswitte family. Upon the day of their wedding, Van Kampen went missing on the grounds, but his body was never found. Today, they have moved in with the Madswittes indefinitely.

    Lord Nedeljko Muzuran
    The origins of Lord Muzuran are mysterious and half-forgotten. He is unkempt, unfiltered, and unhinged by many accounts. Some say he is naught but a harmless old man, but his off-putting demeanour does not garner him many friends. What has caused this drastic change? After all, he did rise from a forgettable working class Croatian to the husband of an Italian Duchess. He truly loves his daughters, though struggles to relate to them as their single remaining parent.
    Rade Serbedzija
    Lady Violetta Muzuran
    The eldest daughter of the Muzurans, and the widow of a Dutch Baron, although she changed back to her maiden name after his death. The rumour that she murdered him is rampant around Madsmoor, but the family insists that he disappeared all on his own. Her demeanour is cold, unfriendly and critical. If this is simply the result of grief and anger at the allegations, she certainly would never tell. It has recently come to light that she was never married properly to Van Kampen, which might clarify her name, but leaves the rest of the story as strange as ever.
    Idina Menzel

    Lady Philomena Muzuran
    The middle child, Philomena 'Philly' Muzuran. She focuses on her studies, wishing desperately to attend an English College despite her father forbidding it. She considers herself the sole voice of reason in the household. She is suspicious of the Chastains, having remembered Kelvin to be lovable but gullible. She is the only one of the Muzurans who has made a conscious effort to speak to him daily.
    Helena Bonham-Carter

    Lady Yakova Muzuran
    The baby of the Muzurans, and the most quiet. Yakova found their invitation here thoughtful, and looks favourably on Kelvin's new family. She is enchanted by the English moorland, and often takes rides on her horse to explore, even though she abhors the mud. She is intent on making friends with Julienne, but might feel something a bit more for her brother René.
    Schuyler Grant
    The Chastains

    The Chastains lead an upper class life, but neither Philippe nor Colette were noble. They had a modestly sized orchard in Le Havre, France. The business was a success for many years, but began to go under after they had their second child, Julienne. About a decade later, they were essentially broke, and Philippe travelled to Orléans to find work. During that time, Colette met Kelvin Madswitte, who was vacationing on the coast after his wife died. Within the year, Colette made quick work of a divorce, and sailed away to England. Philippe has still not returned to Le Havre.

    Marchioness, Colette Madswitte
    The newest Marchioness, a French divorcée mother of two. She is a resilient woman who has held her head high about leaving her first husband. Yet her reputation is controversial, and there are abounding rumours that she is ruining the Madswitte family name and pilfering their riches. Is her outwardly caring nature sincere? Or is she putting on a front to mask her true motives?
    Isadora Duncan

    Lord René Chastain

    Eldest son of Colette and Philippe Chastain, René is the last hope for an heir presumptive to the Madswitte estate. Confused and overwhelmed with his new family, he is struggling to define himself amidst them and his newfound adulthood. He is wary of the Muzurans, but not nearly observant enough to be cautious.
    Chris Colfer

    Lady Julienne Chastain
    The youngest Chastain, Julienne is excited about her new life, but disdainful of her new family. Especially Kelvin, an unworthy replacement for her father Philippe. She much prefers seeing what the young servants are up to and searching the manor for hidden passages than going to formal affairs and attending to her studies.
    Kate Maberly
    Van Kampen

    After the events of a recent garden fair and party, a mysterious figure apparently shot Violetta Muzuran and left her to suffer in the woods. The culprit has yet to be found, and only his victim got to see his face. All that has yet come to light is that Lady Muzuran was lying about her marriage to her late 'husband', and possibly about much more.

    Baron (?) Nikola van Kampen
    Thought to have been dead for about seven years, the former Baron of Koenraad, Nikola Van Kampen, has seemingly arisen from the dead. He recently disguised himself as a roundabout engineer known as Mack Heath, and came to shoot his ex-'wife' in the arm, only to disappear again. He may be hiding in the moors, awaiting her next move. His intent was not to kill, it seems, and now he is sending Violetta cryptic messages by unknown means. Is his intent merely vengeance? Did Violetta attempt to murder him? How did he survive? And where has he been all these years, if not dead in the ground?
    Portrait by Ilya Repin
    Here are some very simplified trees for all three of our canon families.
    x - marriage
    ~ - siblings




    Here is are some simplified maps of the castle layout. Rooms like parlours and sitting rooms are omitted and can be located anywhere that has space.



    Main Floor

    First Floor

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