Plot: Madswitte History
Warning: ableism, death, murder, violence

You don't have to read all of our plot info, this is just a general summary of the Madswittes' history, and what the family has been up to up until our current IC time. The main family members are:
  • Kelvin Madswitte
  • Colette Chastain Madswitte
  • Julienne Chastain
  • René Chastain
  • Nedeljko Muzuran
  • Violetta Muzuran
  • Philomena Muzuran
  • Yakova Muzuran
If you'd like to play one of them, check our Want Ad Submissions thread to see if any are available. We are no longer considering them canon characters, as we would rather focus on member-driven plots and development. They are simply here to uphold the structure of a manor house with a large downstairs staff.

Table of Contents
  • Castle Madswitte's History
  • The Current Household
  • Family Trees
  • Map & Layout
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    Castle Madswitte's History

    Expanded and restored over many centuries, Castle Madswitte has held fast to its heritage, no matter the infamy. The original manor house was built in 1640 in the North York Moors by the earliest known holder of the title, The Marquess Thomas Madswitte I. With his wife, Lady Maude Madswitte, they commissioned an extravagant abode at the edge of a heath and the top of a high hill overlooking what has now come to be known as Madsmoor.
    Intent on beginning a family, the Madswittes bore their first child in 1642, Thomas Madswitte II. But misfortune struck when the young boy fell to his death after evading his nursemaid to explore the highest tower of the castle in 1645. A portrait of the child was commissioned posthumously. Eventually, Maude birthed two more, but this was only the first of many tragic deaths to befall the house, the family, and the township it came to own.

    Today, the house retains only parts of its original structure; many sections have been torn down, including the tower from which Thomas Madswitte II fell. Its latest restoration occurred in 1875, at the request of its current owner, the Marquess Kelvin Madswitte. Kelvin is the last surviving blood relative of the Madswitte family.

    Three years ago, Kelvin's first wife, Senka Muzuran, died very suddenly of consumption. Kelvin took a trip to France to clear his mind and run from his grief, whereupon he met his future wife, Colette Chastain, and her two children. The four of them returned to Madswitte, where Kelvin and Colette married immediately. However, the return did not bode well for Kelvin, and he began to sequester himself in his study for days on end. Eventually, he would no longer be seen by anyone but his new family and his valet.

    Having no blood relatives left on Kelvin's side, and with desperation to lure him out, the newest Lady Madswitte decided to invite the estranged family of the late and former Marchioness, Senka Muzuran, to live in Castle Madswitte.

    Though a seemingly kind and unifying gesture, the true motives of Colette were scrutinized by the locals; many claimed she was nothing but an opportunist, bent on usurping the family wealth and driving Kelvin to an early grave. Her children are from a former marriage which ended in divorce, much to the scandal of many. Her children, Julienne and René, are seen as spoiled and untrustworthy; unfit to carry on the family legacy.

    However, Senka Muzuran's remaining family are said to be far stranger: Her uncle, Nedeljko Muzuran, is said to be completely mad. His younger daughters, Philomena and Yakova, unmarriageable, while his eldest, Violetta, is rumoured to have murdered her late husband, Nikola Van Kampen.
    The Current Household

    In this past summer of 1899, Kelvin has ventured out of hiding, with the aid of his family, friends, and staff. His demeanour is lighter, though his mind might still be in need of repair. He has discovered that he can communicate with the dead, and sees this as an opportunity to find answers to the long obscured family history he has been burdened with for all of his life.

    Colette has invested in new building projects for a rapid expansion of Madsmoor Village. A theatre, hospital, and several new cottages and other small buildings have risen up in what seemed to be no time at all. She is confident that new occupants will soon arrive, not to mention tourists.

    Violetta was revealed to have never been married, and that her so-called husband was still alive, and in fact, tracked her down to Madsmoor and nearly killed her himself.
    Here are some very simplified trees for all three of our canon families.
    x - marriage
    ~ - siblings




    Here are some simplified maps of the castle layout. Rooms like parlours and sitting rooms have been omitted and can be located anywhere that has space.



    Main Floor

    First Floor

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