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Annabeth was currently out and about in the village market, she was in much need of getting some material for a dress that she was going to make. It was a small hobby that she has taken up.  It was a useful skill to have when you want a new dress but can't find one you like is to just buy the material and make it yourself. She was currently at the fabric stand looking at the fabrics that the stand had. They have a good variety of colours, but she was drawn to this stunning blue colour, but also this purple colour but she can't choice.
He was unloading a large wagon full of books, his last load thankfully. He had the rather cumbersome, though not too heavy, box in his arms of paper bound manuscripts, and wove precariously through the marketgoers to take the box inside. He nearly fell over a man in the process... By the time he had the manuscripts settled down on the counter, he gave a sigh and began to unpack his inventory. He glanced up and out the window, watching a young lady outside at the fabric stand. He watched her for a moment.
Annabeth stood there for a moment but Annabeth could feel a pair of eyes on her. She looked around to see where the source could be coming from. After like 30 seconds looking through the crowds she lay her eyes on this guy in a shop. She smiled softly knowing that he was looking at her. She quickly paid for her fabric and went to the shop that he was in. "You know it rude to stare." She joked softly as she placed a hair behind her ear.

She looked at the boxes that surround the shop. She noticed a couple of books lying around, She went over to one and picked one up. She read the title, "Pride and Prejudice." She smiled. "Is this any good?" She asked the guy.
He was caught! He gave a weird sound and then made as if he was still just unpacking. When the woman came in he cleared his throat and couldn't seem to quite look at her now. "I don't know what you mean," he said, jesting back but shyly. The bashful man listened then as she spoke of the book, Pride and Prejudice... "I haven't had a chance to read it, but it is very popular."
Annabeth smiled softly when he asked what she meant. She thought it was cute the way he was teasing with her. He was shy, which made her want to know him more. "Well, I most of missed him then." She joked.

When he explained that he hasn't read it but it was popular. "I am always looking for a good book to read. I love a good adventure book though. I always wanted to go on my own adventure, but I guess books will have to do for now." She smiled.

"Anyway my name is Annabeth Kane. Are you new in town? I never have seen you around here before?" Annabeth asked really interested in him.
"Wrigley T. Jones, at your service," he replied... "And yes, I do suppose you could have missed him." And then he was pulling out a book, then handed it to her... Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea... "This one is and always will be a favorite of mine. If you haven't read it, I do believe you should." He came out of his shell over a book.

"This outrageous animal had to shoulder responsibility for all derelict vessels, whose numbers are unfortunately considerable, since out of those 3,000 ships whose losses are recorded annually at the marine insurance bureau, the figure for steam or sailing ships supposedly lost with all hands, in the absence of any news, amounts to at least 200!" he quoted.
Annabeth smiled. "Nice to meet you, Wrigley." She smiled. "Well, I am glad I have missed him if it meant talking to you." She smiled. When he passed her the book of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and hold it. but when Wrigley was speaking her heart was growing to see the passion of a book while he was quoting the book. Which made her breathless.

"Well, from the sheer passion for this book I take it. How much is it?" Annabeth asked as she started to take her money out of her purse, ready to pay him however much the book is worth.
He would normally never give a book away, but she was adorable and he liked her so far. Perhaps he should go out of his comfort to flirt with the lass. "If you come back to see me, I will let you have the book," he said very shyly. "I wouldn't mind your pretty face around. Oh, and to your earlier question, I just moved from Lancaster to be here, yes." He moved to unpack and shelve more books artfully, highlighting some of the books by putting them onto a table. tucking others away in alphabetical order as well as genre. It would take him days.
When Wrigley asked her to come back and he will give her the book. "I wouldn't need this book to give me a reason to come back and see you." Annabeth slightly flirted, even though she never flirted before. It one of the things she is shy about. But Wrigley is easy on the eyes and not just that he also loves books. the way he talked about them, made her slightly week in the knees.

She blushed slightly when he said she was pretty, not many men would call her pretty especially one who looks like Wrigley. "What made you come to Lancaster? well apart from opening a book store?" Annabeth asked him as she watched him skillfully move the books and put them on the correct shelves. "Do you need any hand putting the books away?" She asked.
"I left Lancaster because I am a third son and needed to find my fortune." He smiled, and seemed to relax because she was flirting back. "I am glad you would come back." He handed her the book either way. "Normally, I would tell a lovely lady like yourself not to bother... but I have a feeling that would be the wrong thing to say and so I won't. It's going to be a long day and spending it beside a pretty lass makes it not seem so dreary."
Annabeth smiled softly as Wrigley explained that he is the third son. "So a big family. I know that feeling, I am the oldest of three, love both my sister but I am thankful that I'm not always around them." Annabeth explained. "Well, I will find any excuse to come out and meet you." She flirted shyly when he said that he was glad that she would come and see him.

When he explained that he would say no but had a feeling it would be the wrong thing to say Annabeth laughed softly. "Well you are correct about that, I would have told you that I will not leave until you let me help you and I won't make it easy for you, I would have made putting the books away into some sort of adventure." She smiled jokingly.
"Nothing adventurous about putting them away... it is in finding them therein lies said adventure. Putting the books away is tedium, though I like it well enough. I put them in alphabetical order as well as genre... like libraries do. The books are easier to find that way, but it still leaves room for the scope of the imagination." He sighed a little in a satisfied way.
"Well, I believe that everything you do can be an adventure if we let it be as life is one huge adventure. Our life is one massive book that we get to write ourself. We get to be apart of other people stories, it is up to us if we want to live a fun one or a boring one." Annabeth smiled as she picked up and a box of books. She placed it on the floor near a shelf and started helping out.
It took a good bit of time before the books were mostly shelved. When his stomach growled, he realized what time it was and said, "Oh, it's passed lunch time. I fear I got lost in the work. Would you like me to retrieve some food for us? That is... ah... perhaps we can share a picnic?"
When Annabeth noticed the time she smiled when Wrigley offered food. She blushed slightly when he mentioned having a picnic. "Yeah, I would love to have a picnic with you." She smiled softly as she gazed into his eyes. Getting lost in them again, they were eyes that she can easily get lost into the day she dies. She quickly snapped out of it. "I can carry on here or do you want me to come with you?" She asked.

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