A Dog in the Bailey
The white dog dashed across the yard, pausing briefly to sniff at strange scents and whirl around, confused by her surroundings, leather lead trailing behind.

A moment later, Gordon followed after, somewhat out of breath. He couldn't remember Hero causing this much trouble back in Cambridge. Then again, she had only been allowed out on a lead. It had been a mistake to allow her one moment to slip away from him.

"Hero!" he called, whistling. "C'mon girl, we need to go back."

The dog glanced back at him, then took off in a completely different direction. Gordon sighed, and followed after.
Annabeth went outside to get some fresh air she wasn't needed for a while. When she noticed a dog come running up to her and started to sniff her leg. Which made her smile a little bit as she kneeled down. "Hello there what's your name?" She said to the dog as she started to stroke the dog behind the ear.
The dog snuffles happily as the young woman begins stroking her.

Gordon arrives a moment later, slowing down and straightening his waistcoat. Recognizing the woman as Lady Violetta's new Lady's Maid, poor woman.

"Her name's Hero," he replied, on behalf of the dog. "Her former owner was a Classicist, and my former employer."

She probably didn't need to know all of that. "And I'm Brandt. Gordon. The Valet." And she probably already knew that.
Annabeth looked up as she heard a voice coming towards her. She looked back down to the dog and smiled. "Nice to meet you Hero." She smiled softly. "Well I am glad you hear now." She said.

Annabeth looked up as the man introduced himself. Like she knew who he was but never really had the chance to talk before. "Nice to meet you Gorden. My name is Annabeth, Violetta's Lady maid." She said, like she thought that he might know that already but she didn't want to guess that he already knows.
Hero sat down, expectantly waiting for something. Gordon wandered if the dog thought she'd receive a treat now: the Professor had spoiled her a bit.

"It's nice to meet you, Miss," Gordon said. Just stopping himself from apologizing for her having to deal so personally with Lady Violetta. That would certainly not be appropriate to say.
She laughed when Hero sat down "Sorry Hero maybe next time I can give you a treat. All I can give you at the moment is a massive hug." She smiled softly. Annabeth loves dogs. She thinks that they are so loyal towards people and they can help each other out a lot. She wishes one day she has a dog of her own. However, for now, she will have to sneak a cuddle with Hero wherever she can.

She smiled at Gorden when he stopped himself for saying sorry, it not like Annabeth haven't had an apology from other people for working for Lady Violetta. She was happy for once that somebody didn't apologise to her, for working for her. Like all jobs come with pros and cons. "So how long have you been working here?" Annabeth asked Gorden.
Hero panted, unconcerned with the lack of treats, forever hopeful that there could be treats.

"A little over a year now," Gordon replied. "Hero is a recent addition." He took a moment to secure the lead back in his hand, not certain how long the dog would wait patiently before taking off again. Especially if she sighted a rabbit or squirrel. "Yourself?"
Annabeth looked up from Hero. "Well I only here for a couple of months now, so not that long but I am satterling into the place batter than I first thought to be honest." She explained as she rubbed Hero. "Well, it amazing hero here now. he will get his fair share of cuddles even if a lot of them would be from me." She laughed slightly.
"It does take time to settle into a new position." Gordon wondered if she had been in service in another great house, or in a much more modest home as he had been. It was enough of a change to be suddenly elevated above the majority of the staff, whereas it had only been he and the Cook with the Professor, and she had certainly been head of staff.

Hero wagged her tail and made a "boof!" of happiness, rolling over on her back to expose her belly expectantly.
"I know, it helps when the people who you are working alongside are so welcoming. The last household I worked in they were some complications along the way. I won't bore you in such details." Annabeth explained as she watched Hero rolled on her back showing her belly. Annabeth playfully rubbed her belly. "Who a good girl?" She laughed softly.
Gordon was glad that the young woman was so welcoming to the dog. He had grown used to Hero once the Professor had brought the dog home, but still was somewhat uncomfortable around dogs in general. It made things difficult at times.

"I am sorry to hear that, but I've found the majority of the staff at Madswitte to be decent. Some of them a bit too friendly..." he wondered if he should say anything about the doctor's son, but the boy was harmless enough.
Annabeth smiled softly. "You don't need to say sorry. None of it was your fault, but thanks anyway." She said. it was still nice to hear sorry towards her. She doesn't get to hear that word that often. "Well better too friendly then to mean in my opinion anyway." It was true Annabeth would rather be known as being too sweet and kind and being a push over. Then being horrible so she won't get pushed around.

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