Helping Lady Violetta
It was time for Annabeth to go and help Lady Violetta this morning she carried this morning breakfast up with her morning beverage. She gave a small knock on the door before entering. "Morning Ma'am, I hope you had a good night sleep?" She asked as she placed the breakfast tray beside her. She then went to open the certain to let some light into the room, they was currently in.
Violetta was shielded within the curtains of her four-poster bed. She heard a new voice, sat upright and wrenched them open, her hair a tangled mess like a bush struck by lightning. "That's Your Ladyship or M'Lady to you. Who are you, the new maid?" Scoffing, flopping back down on the bed and rolling her eyes. "Just don't pinch me with my stays when you dress me. I have been positively bruised before."
Annabeth had a calm face, "sorry M'lady, it will not happen again." She said. "I am the new maid Miss Kane M'lady." She said as went the wardrobe and got out Lady Violetta. When she said she been bruise before well getting dressed. It not the first time she heard that happen especially if the lady in waiting never dress someone before. "I promise I try my best to not pitch you." She said as she got everything ready.
Violetta refused to emerge. “Close the damned curtains. My eyes, they weep from stings. The sun does hurt me so.”
"Right away M'lady." She said as Annabeth quickly closed the curtains just as Lady Violetta asked her to. She doesn't want to upset the person who has hired her. She wants to try and keep this job as long as possible so pleasing her. She has heard what people have said about her, but she is just a person at the end of the day.

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