Present Day San Francisco, USA
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Things were peaceful until the church, Our Light of Hope, arrived in San Francisco. Most of humanity remains in the dark, but the Church has begun exposing the things that go bump in the night.  And they don’t seem to be alone in exposing the things in the shadows.
Now, young vampires are dying from an unknown cause. Werewolves and faerie have started to go missing. The supernatural world may be exposed and are now vulnerable which has caused fighting and chaos among the races. Is it the church or has a new adversary stepped onto the stage?
The world is changing. What will be your Resolution?
What We Offer:
•••18+ setting
•••1 yr active
•••Friendly and helpful staff and members
•••Freedom in creativity
•••LBGT Friendly
•••Relaxed rules and atmosphere
•••Active Discord Server
Current Events:
We have a forum wide event with mini-events to extend through to December. They are open to new and existing members.
We have one last were race to be revealed in November.
There are plenty of member driven plots that are easy to jump into.
Several want ads that are looking for a good home.
Current Updates:

We have an event in full swing that anyone is welcome to join into.

At the end of the month we will be releasing the last of the were races.

Plenty of wanteds for anyone to adopt and jump right on in with.

Upcoming holiday threads open to all.

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