Tryfate's Plots
Hi all, I am returning but in efforts not to be overwhelmed, starting out with a small amount of characters and will hopefully add back in some old favorites (or maybe new ones) once I get back into the swing of things.

Gordon Brandt -30 - Gordon is Kelvin's Valet, and is still relatively new the the Manor so still putting names to faces or vice versa. Though he aspires to always be the perfect "Gentleman's Gentleman" while attending to his duties, he is still working on smoothing out some rough edges from his youth.

Felix Dietrich - 25, He is really full of himself in the way that only deeply insecure people can be. Moody, broodingly melancholic at times, bright and exuberant at others. Felix  fancies himself the new . . . well, he's still working on that. Has the potential to be quite a brilliant or at least talented new artist, or composer, or poet - if he would ever finish anything. Coming to Madsmoor to forget about his most recent love affair which has left him utterly heart-broken and distraught. Has taken up the post of Footman, though he does spend much of his time at the newly built theatre.

Brandy Nichols - 32. Father Nichols is the recently arrived young Catholic Priest.

Julienne Chastain - 12 year old daughter of Colette Madswitte.

Claudia Gillingham - 18 year old visitor to the Manor.

NPCs Animal and Human Hero, Gordon's Bull Terrier inherited from his former employer.

Wilf Plumley - Retired barber/bloodletter, local teller of tall tales.

Barnabas Baxter - Former American cowboy and entertainer, trying to settle down here while keeping an eye on Kitty Calamity.

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