Pine Hollow || [JCink] Supernatural Corruption | 18+
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Welcome to Pine Hollow, home and sanctuary of the supernatural.

Werewolves run the police department; ghouls run the local
mortuary. Life in the town is quaint, peaceful. Supernatural
folk of all kind come here to find a home.

Scratch that.

Welcome to Pine Hollow.

You can erase the human, but you can’t erase the human traits.
Greed, lust, envy, pride - they are all very much alive in the
hearts of the residents.

If territorial lines were so clear, Pine Hollow would be a map. isn’t.

Blood spills, conflicts arise. Corruption, desire, subterfuge.
Werewolves run the police department but they’re funded
by an empire that sits on the skeletons of the nation. The
dead don’t stay dead in Pine Hollow. Nothing stays dead
in Pine Hollow. Secrets scatter like ashes in the wind.

Pine Hollow may be home to the supernatural, but make
no mistake:

Peace is an illusion.

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