Closed Dig In! (Sean)
The matter had been settled between them, and ultimately, though slowly, both men had concluded their business with the in loco post master. Lawrence had then lead the way to his house on the High Street - a very short distance, and upon entering had made Akal, and thus Mrs. Settles, aware that there would be a guest for lunch. Lawrence had no idea, really, of how disconcerting such a last minute pronouncement could be to a cook. But he did know that his cook was up to any challenge, culinary or otherwise.

He had also made it clear to Akal, with a semi-private word in his ear, that he would in no way allow his lover to avoid joining him and his new acquaintance. This man Sean was no nob that had to be courted as a potential client. There was no reason to stand on pretense - well, at least not when it came to the revelation that Lawrence and Akal were more friends than master and servant. In truth, many servants and the middle class were much more rigid about such things than those of the upper crust. They had to be, for if things went south it would be the person of the lower class that caught all the blame and harm.

In any case, whatever protests Akal might have made, Lawrence insisted that he join them, and in due course they were seated about the dining table - Lawrence, Akal, little Giovanni - whose presence had been briefly explained - and Sean. Mrs. Settles was busy setting full plates before each of them - humble but hearty steak and ale pie, baked apple and cream, and roasted potatoes - the type of fare to keep a man warm on a cold day.

"So, you are not from these parts?" Lawrence asked, as he tucked his napkin onto his lap, and shot Giovanni a look to follow his lead. "Your accent..." he appended, in explanation of the statement.
"Ah.." Sean said as he had been quiet for the most part since arriving. The household was unusual. A confirmed bachelor who had a close friendship with his servant and they had adopted a child, it seemed? At least, he fostered one. "I am from England.. but southern.. in Sussex." He said and smiled weakly.

"What about you, if I might ask? You have a very articulate way of speaking. And I do not know if it is merely from your profession?" He took note of the way the man's eastern servant helped the boy with his plate while keeping quiet and his head down since they had sat.

"Very beautiful home, if I may add. And the food looks and smells incredible, it is very hard for me to resist digging in as soon as it was placed."

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