Power Rangers Shattered Grid
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Lord Zedd has returned...

Appearing after the darkest forces summoned the evil emperor from the human shell that he lived in for many years. In his first act, Lord Zedd would strike out at the humans who have defied him for many years and turned several of Earth's defenders evil. While some escaped his grasp, many would fall under his control. With them at his side, the evil emperor would began to concur several other areas, all the while, reuniting with the evil sorceress, Rita Repulsa.

Unknown to the unholy union, however, an ancient spell was casted in a last ditch effort, summoning the great wizard Zordon back to this world. Seeing the destruction, Zordon has started to call those of whom of his children that remain.

Both sides have converged on Angel Grove, picking it as the field of their final battle.

The true Legend War has begun...

We Are Power Rangers Shattered Grid

Many iconic teams are available | Veteran Rangers and OCs | More Rangers and Villains to come | New and fun plots

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