Returning the missing horse
Jonathan gave a bit cheeky grin and winked. "Only what you've had before." He nodded and walked with him back towards the building they called home. He didn't head up to where Hudson lived but down past the kitchens and where he lived in a room with a few others though they were all out so it was empty for the moment. He sat at the end of his own bed and patted the spot beside him.

"It's a bit tight but it's home."
"It's cozy" He looked around the room, suddenly feeling a bit bad in comparison to his personal room. Yet, as he moved to sit down next to him. If he spent the night with him then there would definitely be talk in the morning. They couldn't exactly keep the others from sleeping in their beds. It was after realizing this he decided to take his shoes off before sitting Indian style on the bed. He was actually living life instead of living through books and he wasn't ashamed of being seen with the gardener, though Colette probably would have a cow if more rumors about her staff circulated. He placed the bottle on the floor and reached for the bread. "I happened to notice a new carriage on the way in, who is our guest?"
Jonathan shrugged slightly as he let him sit beside him and he ran a hand through his hair. "Don't know. I wasn't there when they came in. Has a nice backside though." He said playfully and gave the man a little laugh. "If that was who I saw in the window. But I didn't see his face." Of course they had any number of guests at any time, and he didn't spend much time inside, certainly not on the upper floors so he couldn't be certain. "I'm sure you'll find out soon enough though."
" maybe he saw you and wanted your attention?" He tore a piece of bread off the loaf and placed it in his mouth. A smile coming to his lips as he chewed. He leaned over and picked up the wine bottle;. Since he was chewing, he didn't want to talk. Yet, he held the bottle up and moved it a little as if to bring attention to it. He was trying to get the man to pour them some wine without actually saying anything.
Jonathan let out a soft laugh before opening the wine. He poured them both a healthy amount before carefully placing the bottle aside. "Quite a way to get someone's attention! Very bold of him, if it was." He winked and held the cup to him. "What shall we drink to?"

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