Returning the missing horse
He dropped his cousin off with some people he thought might be better help than he could be. They might help her learn to be herself and not afraid of her gift. Hudson had his reasons for keeping his gifts silent, but that didn't mean his cousin needed to do the same thing.  As he walked the horse up the incline toward the Cast his chest rose and fell with a deep breath. He would probably need to talk to Colette about the kiss, but his mind wasn't on Colette in that morning.  The truth was, yes he would have regretted dying without kissing the woman, but he knew he'd miss the gardener more.

As he rounded the corner he saw an extra carriage that wasn't there before. He was not aware that a magician had arrived early that day. The sky was dark as Hudson led the black horse back into the stables.  Moving the Black Beauty into  her stable; the butler took his shirt off  and hung it over the gate.  He then moved to grab an apple from a basket and brought it back to the horse. "Thank you" He  spoke to the horse as he fed it the apply.

The boy ghost had popped up next to him wondering where had been. "Taking care of a family matter, not that it is any of your business. Wish you'd tell me your name, maybe I can get a message to your family?" He hadn't seen anyone up and about when he strolled in, so looking directly and talking to the young boy wasn't going to be an issue. He walk around the boy and went for a brush.
Jonathan had been bringing in hay and was in better cheer after seeing a very nice back end of someone at a window. As he hummed to himself he noticed the stable wasn't as quiet before. A grin appeared on his face as he walked over to Hudson before dropping his bundle.

"Well back from a ride? " His blue eyes looked over the man and he could tell he'd been out. "Had business?" He hmmed and walked closer to him.
A much needed familiar voice entered his ears, which caused a slight smile to come to his lips. He then felt the boy ghost disappear as the gardener grew closer. He smelt like horse and a long journey, which he wished was washed off of him before he ran into anyone. There had been a brief feeling in his head moments before hearing Jonathan's voice that had him wanting to hunt out the gardener's quarters.

Hudson brought the brush up the side of the horse as his head turned to look over his shoulder. "Family matter that needed to be taken care of." He stopped brushing the horse and turned to look at him. "Miss me?" He had been gone since yesterday after his work shift, so his disappearance should have been noticed or he had hoped it had.
Jonathan smiled more and stepped up closer to him so he was easily within arm's reach and nodded. "Of course." He honestly didn't know he had left, since Jon didn't always see the people who worked in the castle and they hadn't had any common schedule of meeting up. He refrained from walking closer and grabbing him by the hips and kissing him, instead he stood close to look at him.

'You look tired. Perhaps you need a bath and some rest. Colette isn't going to run you ragged when you just got back, is she?" He hmed showing concern for Hudson.
He looked back at the horse for a moment before patting her on the neck. He probably would wake up sick tomorrow. He had given his coat to his cousin to stay warm on the horse during the trip back. "She might..." He looked down toward the ground and then turned to look at Jonathan to give him this look of slight shame.

"I may have kissed her before running out and not telling her where I was going." He hesitated to get the words out in placed, but after they were out they were out and he couldn't get himself to look in the gardener's direction. "I've been corresponding with a cousin for a while now her letters started to show concern and yesterday I received a letter that made me act." He shifted his weight from his left leg to his right as he held the brush for the horse in both of his hands. "There was a chance I wasn't going to come back, so.. I just.."

"I actually wasn't sure if I'd make it back here.. and you weren't around... so" His eyes lowered. "I may have kissed her before running out without telling her where I was going."
Jonathan would have laughed about his predicament but he sympathized with him worrying over family and he must have been truly upset as he repeated himself. He put a hand on his shoulder before pulling him in for a hug. No one was around to see them anyway. "Hey it is alright. If Colette fired someone for kissing her I wouldn't be here." He grinned, remembering she could slap very hard.

"Is everything alright with your cousin?"
"For now she is safe. I got her somewhere safe." It was just whether or not her father would put any man hours in finding her to keep to the arrangement he had with someone else. He tossed the brush to the side as he leaned forehead against the man's shoulder. "I didn't realize how tired I was." He took in a breath and with it the scent of the man. "how would you feel about me sleeping with you tonight" Since Colette didn't know he was back yet, he could disappear for a bit if he wanted to.
Jon looked surprised but smiled and ran his fingers along the man's smoothed back hair. "Wouldn't mind at all. I always find it easier to sleep beside someone. But I don't think you can wait until tonight. Why don't I take you there and you get some well needed rest? " He hmmed as he looked down at him and rubbed his back slowly to soothe the stressed man.
He wasn't sure how he had made it five years here without having someone in his corner. Being able to be vulnerable and open with someone was scary and yet rewarding. If he hadn't opened up to Jonathan, he would have just came back brushed the hors then carry on as if he hadn't just gone on a mission that could have ended his life. Hudson wouldn't even have realized how mentally exhausted he actually was if it wasn't for this moment. "I need to finish brushing the horse" He also need to get himself something to eat, but he didn't really feel like it. "You are welcome to stick around until I am done."
"Of course, don't want you falling asleep mid brush." Jonathan smiled and slowly released him so he could return to brushing. He leaned against the side to watch him. "Do you need help with anything? I can always pop into the kitchen to get you a snack. You must be famished." He didn't show much more of what he was thinking though he did seem concerned on his well being.
He bent down to pick up the brush in his right hand. He hit the edge of the brush against his left hand as he stood up straight. Hudson walked over to Jonathan and placed his left hand against his face before leaning closer into him. His placed a simple, sweet. and soft kissed against Jonathan's lips. "I wouldn't mind something to eat, but you don't have to do that."
Jonathan shook his head and smiled touching his cheek in return and brushed his lips over his before speaking quietly. "I want to. If I have it my way you won't be leaving my room the rest of the day, so you should get something to eat while you can. "He winked and turned to go to the castle to get some food for Hudson, making sure to hurry back.
"I may hold you to that." He called after the man, his head turned slightly as he watched the man's hips and ass. The horse then made a noise and nudged him like it was telling him to stop or to pay attention her. He turned around with a smirk on his face before going back to brushing the horse. The little boy popped up again at least he could feel him there, but he couldn't see him so he just kept brushing. The feelings of not being alone soon went away. It was like he didn't have enough energy to appear.
It wasn't long before Jonathan returned with a bread roll, strip of meat, and cheese. He kissed his cheek before holding up the food he managed to get. He put down the food, carefully wrapped in paper, and pulled out a bottle of wine from under his shirt. "I didn't have enough hands for it all."
His eyes lit up slightly as he saw the man with the impeccable beard walking toward him. It was actually rather perfect timing. Hudson had just gotten done brushing the horse, so he tossed the brushed to the side right before Jonathan pressed a kiss into his cheek. "Hiding anything else in there?" His hand moved as if to go for his shirt, but then grabbed the bottle of wine. "I am done, if you want to get out of here..."

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