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Harold was somewhat romantic, at least he had the potential to be. He saw it in himself when he went to find the ring and the book. Heearing her read out the passage that night at the gazebo was what made him realize he wanted her. The words residnated  and though the passage was from perspective of a female speaking of a man, the majority described how she captured his attention. 

“Most true is it that 'beauty is in the eye of the gazer.' My master’s colourless, olive face, square, massive brow, broad and jetty eyebrows, deep eyes, strong features, firm, grim mouth, — all energy, decision, will, — were not beautiful, according to rule; but they were more than beautiful to me; they were full of an interest, an influence that quite mastered me, — that took my feelings from my own power and fettered them in his. I had not intended to love him; the reader knows I had wrought hard to extirpate from my soul the germs of love there detected; and now, at the first renewed view of him, they spontaneously arrived, green and strong! He made me love him without looking at me.” 

He smiled and brought his lips to hers as his hands moved for her hands. He position them where her hands would hover palms facing him. Harold brought his hands close to hers, mirroring the position, but not allowing their hands to touch, not until that tingling passion filled in the gap between their hands. Harold wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up. "My future wife is too good for me." His arms around her thighs to holding her against him so her feet didn't touch the ground as he walked her to her bed.
Karen's mind was going miles a minute with the way things were happening that day. He'd proposed to her, they suspected she was pregnant, and people were making bets behind the scenes. He was carrying her to her bed and telling her she was too good for him when she felt it was the other way around. Her arms looped around the back of his neck until settled on the floor again. Her eyes met his and she said breathlessly, "I think it is the other way around, my love. You are too good for me."

Her fingers were at his chest undoing buttons, pausing here and there so she could lean in and kiss him softly and hungrily. He had such a way of making her melt for him in the way he looked at her and touched her.
It was a strange and amazing feeling that came with being with her. He felt they were on the same page and they seemed to have an open communication that only helped their bond. He let her feet touch the ground and his arms moved to his side as she unbuttoned his shirt.

" We are both lucky.." he leaded his forehead against hers, his hands waiting for the chance to help her slip out of her clothes. Itching to get his lips against her neck, down his we side and stomach.
She got his torso bare and then, having figured out how to do so from previous experience, she deftly got him freed from his trousers before letting him help her out of her clothing. "Very lucky," she said with a few pants, eventually ridding herself of layers of clothing. Because it was still light, he might see the other signs of new pregnancy such as how her breasts looked somewhat thicker and the tips darker and slightly thicker as her body was beginning to get ready for baby.

Her mouth met his and she pressed to him, her fingers circling his member as she hungrily kissed and touched. "I want to ride ye," she growled softly.
Their bodies rid of their protective coverings, he felt her lips against his. The progression from the first night to today was very noticeable. Her confidence in the way she moved, spoke, it just turned him on more. He became hard as he felt her hand against him. Her growl helped him thicken fast.

Harold moved to the bed and laid down. He hadn't brought oil or anything to help. So a bit of play before she could ride was the first thing that would need to happen before she could ride him. The thought of her on top of him brought him this sensation of nails going down a chalk board, but in a pleasurable sense if that made any sense at all.

The changes in her body were not unnoticed, but they cause no need to bring attention to them.
She moved to him, kissing his lips as she sat low on his belly. She was already there, he would feel it easily enough with the amount of heat and moisture that had already gathered. Her body needed little prompting when it came to him and she marveled over the way heat already coiled so tightly into her belly, it fascinated her that all he had to do was speak just so and she was his in all the best ways.

Karen didn't wait for the prompting of his fingers on her clitoris but she poised above him and sank to his hilt, her head falling back as a whimper of joy and pleasure bleated from her lips. She sat there letting him stretch her, her fingers moving up and down his belly and chest. She looked at him with heated eyes, her mouth partly open as she lifted and sank.

Moisture flooded, though not from release. She was truly already so very ready for him. She had been since before they made it to her room. She began to move with abandon, catching a rhythm, hands lifted behind her head and causing her back to arch so her breasts jutted forward some.

That was another thing... she had been wanting him a lot lately when they weren't together. She was always.... wanting.
The wetness plus her eagerness made him cum a bit early.His hand moved to her face. A groan coming from his lips as he did and a look filled with a little shame followed. "My dear.." He moved his hand up to her face. His thumb rubbing against her cheek. "I do not know if that's the pregnancy or the excitement from being betrothed, but I quite like this side of you." He probably would not be able to keep up with her if she was always like this, but it was a nice change of pace. Harold moved his hand down her side as he stopped her from moving. He needed a little time to regain his hardness.
He didn't have to worry that it happened too soon on his end. The feeling of him thickening, added to the feeling of his seed hitting her inside in hot spurts caused her to release as well. It wasn't her normal, intense climax but it was a steady throb. She couldn't speak until a long silence after he spoke, nuzzling her face against his palm, panting softly. "I don't know... I've wanted ye quite a lot when we aren't together. Sometimes I want ye so bad it hurts and sometimes I can't sleep until I do somethin' about it." She would have been blushing a month earlier at the admission.
He wondered if that was sign of being pregnant as well, the constant urges. It wasn't like they were not sexually active, but a constant need, at least that is what she made it sound like to him. Feeling her release made his eyes close and his lips to curl under as they pressed against themselves. He lifted her off her to allow his manhood some breathing room. "We can go another round in a minute if you have the time." he wasn't sure what her schedule was like, but he was sure the hospital could deal without him for a little longer.
"I think I can take the rest of the evenin' off. I have a feelin' when ye go back to the hospital, I'll have fallen asleep." She smiled and curled up next to him for the time being, catching her breath. Her kisses were soft along his shoulder to his cheek. "Ye can have as many rounds as ye like before ye leave," she chuckled.
He smiled as his eyes closed. He listened to her breathing and focused on the feeling of her lips kissing his shoulder. There was a place on his neck, a sensitive place that made him member start to be alert again. "My dear if you keep that up you'll have me spilling my seed before you can take me for another ride." The southern accent slipping from his lips. His eyes opening as a heavy breath escaped his lips. His hand moved to her shoulder and then across her breast. "I think you have the all clear" He could see through the corner of his eye how straight his member had become. He took in a breath as he tried to relax. just enough so that maybe he'd last a little bit longer this round.
Karen arched when he touched her overly sensitive breast, a breath hissing inward as she nearly climaxed at the over-stimulation as such. She moved then, murmuring, "Sit up, my love." She moved onto him so when he sat up, her back would be against his chest. Her lower lip caught between her teeth as she had him within her again. Assuming he sat up against he sat up against her, she leaned against the wall of his chest until she had her feet flat on the bed and her knees drawn up, causing her to sink even more. She turned her head so she could kiss at his mouth. She was leaving herself vulnerable to him, open like the book he'd brought along.
"yes m'am" he smiled as he sat himself up waiting and watching to see what she would do. She was full of surprises today. He was ready to catch her incase she lost her balance, but soon enough she had engulfed him sending shivers up his body. When she leaned back a heavy breath came from his lips as the head pressed into the side wall. Adjusting his body as she turned to kiss him, he cursed under his breath. If she had not already been pregnant she surely would have been today.

Everything seemed more intense, maybe it was because of how wet she was. He moved his hips a little up and down, but he couldn't keep it up for long and rested his butt against the bed. Harold held himself up with one hand as his other cupped her left breast. He cursed again as his fingers on the bed grabbed ahold of the sheets. He lowered his back to the bed, but moved his hands to her back to help support her. The wetter she got the more chances he'd finish before her, but if she were to cum then he'd definitely release in that moment as the warmth would be too much to handle.

Harold adjusted himself to sit back up at a slight angle. He brought his hand around her stomach and gentle moved her so she could lean back against his chest again. His fingers cupped her breasts as his lips pressed against her neck.
She moved as soon as she felt the need. Her hips began to roll as she lifted and fell. It turned from gentle rolling to crashing into him over and over soon enough. The sound of their flesh meeting seemed to drive her wild, she moved firm but not faster. Then she lay back, sweat dewed upon her skin as she crashed again and again, and then she tensed, crying out. Her hips were jerking as she released so hard that her knees buckled until they fell open and she was splayed atop him.
The sound of their flesh hitting each other only seemed to speed things up. Not that he was complaining in the manner. With ever move he moaned, sometimes louder, sometimes soft, but he had to release the feeling he got from being her in some manner. He was trying his best not to cures, but he let one slip as they both finished at the same time. She instantly collapsed on top of him as he took in deep breaths to get in control of his heartbeat. His heart pounding as his arms wrapped around her. It was hot, very hot, but he wanted to bask in the moment that just happened and Karen could rest on him as long as she needed.

"my betrothed "He tried to get out words, but he couldn't. He was still trying to catch his heartbeat, so he ran his hand against her hair.

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