Give Em The Old Razzle Dazzle
He had gotten an invitation to a place he had never heard of t stay in a castle where he didn't recognize the owner's name.He hadn't expected it to be Colette, the one that got away. Sometimes he thought he gave up too soon, that something would change. Over time since she decided to go for the richer fella, the magician told himself it was her loss and that he shouldn't continue to want something he couldn't have.  He never did find love though. His act got very popular, he became a bit of star, and he focused on upping the game. 

The long dark haired wig and facial hair he wore today was part of the act. It was a way for him to keep his personal life and magic life separate, even though the majority of his life was magic. He never did settle down, but the thought of adoption came to his mind every now and again. He was getting up in age and eventually he would have to stop the theatrics. Maybe do a random small trick now and again for entertainment, but  stunts that could lead to being paralyzed or death well those would need to stop.  

He had one last trick he was working on the kinks for that involved his feet hanging from a gallows while tied in a jacket that he had to  get out before the rope was finally cut through, maybe even burned, he was still trying to figure out that part.  He walked out of Colette's theatre and down into the market, rings on his fingers, a dark green shirt on and tight pants. 

He grabbed a piece of fruit and tossed it to a kid that was standing near by, then picked up an apply and took a bite.  His index fingers that was helping hold the apple pointed out as he shook his hand. "This is rather good" the scottsman spoke to the merchant. " I am Malachi the Magnificent" He gave a little bow, using it as a distraction to grab a none bitten apple and hiding it. "I am a guest at the manner, Mrs. Madswitte said to add whatever I like to her credit." He then made the bitten apple disappear and reappear whole as if he hadn't eaten from it.  "I'll be doing a show at the Theatre soon, just doing rehearsals now." He  looked at the merchant and then to the little kid. "You should come and you" He walked off, messing the kids hair up as he passed him by.
If loitering were a profession, Noah would be a rather wealthy youngster.  It was his go to activity when he'd completed any work he was able to wrestle up and hadn't yet decided on what mischief to occupy himself with. 

With hands crammed into the pockets of his much too large trousers, he leaned against the tree near a fruit merchant's stall.  He had an uneasy understanding with the man who ran it that if he didn't try to nick anything, he'd be allowed to help pack up at the end of the day and make away with whatever fruit was close to spoiling.  Though, if he did anything that wasn't to the merchant's liking, he would depart empty handed.  The man had a short temper.

When the magician appeared, Noah stood up straighter with interest.  The waif was ever curious of new faces, especially one who kindly tossed fruit in his direction.  Surprised, he fumbled about a moment until he had the apple held securely in his hands.  Out of habit, he quickly looked to the merchant, afraid he'd be accused of stealing, even though the wig wearing man had clearly given it to him.  Receiving a nod, the boy hissed out a sigh of relief.

"Ta!" He squeaked out in thanks, though the child was now transfixed by the apple trick.  Didn't it just have a bite taken out of it?  How was it new again?  Mouth agape, he stared on with wonder, the news of a show piquing his interest.  He'd sneaked into the last one; he was sure he could do so again.  Maybe.  He bobbed his head in eager agreement about attending the show.

A brief look of anxiety crossed the boy's face when his hair was mussed, and he quickly shied away.  As always, Noah tried to play it off and pretend as if he had to adjust his boot laces, even though they were still messily tied in knots. 

The man started to walk off, and the ragamuffin soon found himself scurrying after him.  Sometimes, his curiosity had a mind of its own, and it was only after he had chased down what fascinated him and blurted out a dozen questions that he stopped to think.

"'Ey! W-wait! Ah did ya do tha'?  Wi' t' apple.  Be tha' real magic?"

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