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He had secured a room at the Castle Madswitt.  Apparently someone in the manor was a fan and it was the nicest option in Moorland Manor. He had hoped to schedule a few shows at the local theatre, but spend most of his time here perfecting the act that he was so afraid of performing in public. It was a long time coming this act. He had given it space, creeated otehr acts, but always came back to it.

He arrived in costume, something he had given himself after he took the show on the road. A girl he had liked had gotten married and her husband paid him to leave, with some of that money he was able to afford the outfit. With the outfit he gained the name Malachi the Magnificent. Since he was able to book the room by giving that name,he decided to appear in that form. He hadn't known if the owner's of the castle may have seen his show or not.

Once he was settled into his room, he could  take off the disguise. As long as the house staff swore to keep secret his real name and looks then he'd walked around the Castle without the getup. He just needed to make sure the owner could talk to the staff about it first.  Jack's eyes wandered the outer bricks of the castle before stepping out of his ride, walking around back of the carriage he grabbed his bags and then walked inside.

"clearly understaffed" He looked around and noticed there wasn't a butler, before walking into the castle. Little did he know, the butler had an important matter to handle out of town the day he arrived. It was lunch time when he arrived, so he walked the hall, his dark black wig had a natural bounce to it as he walked. The facial hair stayed in place to where you might actually think it was real. He was about to say hello, when he heard a laugh coming from behind two doors.  He placed his luggage on the ground and pushed both doors open at the same time, the first thing he saw was a long dinning table, the second thing he noticed was the food, and then his eyes looked around at the faces.

[Image: b9yx21.jpg]
Sean had been in the dining room for the servants, listening to them laugh and tell stories. Suddenly a strange looking man walked in. He immediately rose to meet with him.

"Ah, may I help you?" Strange, he had heard no knock or bell. Did this man really just let himself in? "Who are you?"
Clearly this man hadn't heard of him. None the less he put up both arms in a sort of theatrical manner. "Malachi the Magnificent. I did knock..." His arms went down and his hands folded in front of him. The sound of a knock seemingly far away then sounded. "Sometimes it just takes a bit of time to catch up, I am staying in the Green Gaelic room, I believe that was what it was called." Internally he told himself to stop with theatrics, but he needed to speak with whoever is in charge first. He was talented, no matter what his appearance looked like, but the look he wore now tended to draw a crowd rather than his natural short haired self.
Sean rose a brow as the knock 'caught up' and he mentioned the green room. It seemed like he was truly a guest. Very slowly, he stood and asked the others to put away his dishes as he led the man out. That was no place for the guests to go.

"Must have been invited by the lady. Come and meet with her." Now as he walked he recalled the room had been made ready for a visitor. "I am sure she has been awaiting your rival. Let us go to the sitting room. " He was sure she would be waiting to see him.
Tough crowd this room was, but it did at least get a raise of a brow. He placed a polite smile on his face and nodded as he stepped to the side and let the footman walk by. He picked up his bags, the bigger things would arrive tomorrow, but there were a few things like his notebook of tricks and smaller props mixed in with his clothes. "I'll keep a hold of my luggage if you don't mind"

He followed the footman through the house. His eyes looking over the patterns on the walls and furniture. He was just barely middle class, no where near on this spectrum of wealth. Then again, he would have been if he hadn't gone against his parent's wishes and went into magic. "Tell me, what is the Lady like?" He had no idea the Lady was the same lady from a long time ago, a few months after he went into magic.
Sean shrugged and allowed the man to do what he liked with his luggage as he lead the way. The question about Colette though had his head turn. "You haven't met her?" His eyes ran over him once more curiously and he hid his true thoughts.

He was thinking perhaps he was hired for the theatre, he looked like the type to be on stage. It would be fitting and she seemed to want to do something to draw people in.

"She is a lady. She is polite and to the point, usually. Perhaps when you meet her, things will become clearer." He hoped so anyway.

He opened the door to the sitting room and Colette was sitting by the window drinking a glass of wine as she stared outside at the horizon. She was wearing the newest dress she had purchased and was careful to make sure her hair was very nice that day. She was a little excited to see someone she hadn't seen in a long time but it wasn't hard to find out it was him when she heard of a magician not far away. She was certain anyway but seeing him would remove all doubt.
He didn't know who his host was. The last name was not a familiar one and he hadn't gotten a first name. He didn't reply back to the footman as he has nothing else to say. When the doors open and he was introduced, he took a step inside. When Colette turned to look in his direction, she would have noticed someone with very similiar features the long dark hair and facial hair may or may not have thrown her off.

" Well then, I should have known I'd cross paths with you. Maybe it's best I leave and stay elsewhere ."
Colette rose her brow as she let Sean leave and she stood. "Really? And why? You haven't even heard me out about why I invited you here. Do not tell me your old sense of curiosity is gone?"

She offered a small smile and waved a hand for him to sit. "You traveled all of this way, you can be my guest for a little while at least. I put effort into getting you here and making sure you had one of the best guest rooms. Has your heart turned so much you hate me now?"
" I didn't realize it was you that had invited me l, seeing the last name is not the same. Where is that old husband of yours I reeallg should thank him for sending me away with all that money." He was only slightly bitter when he spoke.

The doors closing behind him, he thought about taking the wig off. He decided it was best not to, atleast not until he was settled. "Well I am here and I do need to rest. " He held onto his bags , but didn't budge from the spot her stood at.

His eyes wandered the study to get a feel of the room Colette seemed to spend a lot of time in. " Why is it you invited me?"
Colette pretended to fiddle with an imagined piece of dust as she sipped her wine again and kept her eyes away. "Yes I remarried again. My old husband is dead now, and good riddance." She briefly looked in his direction then away again. "I can only imagine what pittance that poor man could have offered you. Our friendship was so cheap? Or was it simply that, because I couldn't marry someone with no money that you became angry and would have left anyway? His pocket change was merely the icing on top?"

She folded one leg neatly over the other and brushed out the material to smooth it. "You sure you want to stand? You look more awkward than ever like that. And your hair is silly." She returned to looking at the window.

"I had to see if it were you. I was going to make you an offer. Work in my theatre. It's not going so well and I would enjoy seeing your show. I won't make a contract for a year or anything to delay your misery. But I thought another friendly face would do well. I couldn't have known how angry the years made you."
His chest rose and then fell, well this was awkward. When she mentioned his hair his head snapped back to look in her direction. " I will stay and take you up on your offer. Once the contract is up I will leave .I am after all a businessman." He looked at his luggage then back at her.

" I am not angry, don't let the costume fool you. I will sit once ai have my things settled in the room. Also, I need to know if your staff can be trusted , if I walked around out of costume. " The costume allowed him to have a normal life when he took it off. His fans only knew him as Malachi, so crazy fans couldn't find him if he was out of costume going by his real name.
Colette gave him a pointed look and sipped her wine. "You have not asked to get anyone to take them to your room. You are quite paranoid. Few people might know who you are but I imagine even fewer would dare risk their jobs to spread stories. You are safe here.."

That last bit wasn't true, there was danger, but she was confident it had nothing to do with him. She held out a hand. "Want me to call someone to show you to your room or do you want to stay and talk more? We can press out the wrinkles in the contract. But it can wait until you have made yourself at home. I am not here to make things awkward after all."
" I am very particular with my things. The bigger things should arrive tomorrow." He looked around the room more, taking in the smaller details this time. He adjusted himself to get a better hold of his things.

" I would like to be shown to my room, once I get settled , then we can resume this conversation, maybe over a snack, if possible." Jack wanted to take off the get up and change into some more relaxing clothes.
Colette rose and walked towards him. "Fair enough. I don't mind taking you to your room but if you prefer me to send Mister Callahan to take you so you can relax for a bit. Afterwrds, we can meet up again when you are ready and have brunch."

She held opened the door and watched him wondering which he would choose. "If you decide to rest it can be postponed. You seem weary."
"I wouldn't want the Lady of the house do something that is not in her job description." The truth was he didn't care who showed him to the room as long as he ended up in the room. He was tired of holding the bags and he didn't trust anyone else with them. "Mr. Callahan, I am assuming was the young man that helped me earlier."

He adjusted his posture as his back was starting to feel a bit stiff. "It's been a long trip" He walked through the door that Collette held open. Through the years since they last saw each other, he had not dreamed of seeing her again. he hadn't even thought about how he'd act around her if he had. Jack was not sure how to act around her, but he'd need to figure it out eventually.

"And I've just learned I'm laying my head down in snakes den, what kind of greeting would you expect." He walked out into the hallway with his things. The snakes den expression may have been a tad bit on the harsher side, but it got his thoughts across without explaining what she already knew. He loved her, she was greedy and chose money over love, his heart was broken, but life carried on. "But money does speak, so I'll go unpack, unwind, and meet you back here in say an hour to go over details. Will your husband be joining us?"

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