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"I didn't say you were in love with me, silly." He yawned a little bit and muttered, "I have pants on, does that count?" He was such a brat, "You're the one in charge of this whole thing. You choose whether I win or lose. I will pursue you until you tell me to go away. I won't pretend to be happy about that part but I'm not here to tell you what you feel or what you want. I am here to give you a month of such joy that you will want me in your life as much as I want you in mine." He moved out from behind her then and held his hand to her to help her to her feet. Afterwards, he cleaned up and then he was moving to get his bags. Uriel took them to his room and began to unpack.
"It does..." Kitty grinned and used his help to get to her feet quickly. She assisted him in cleaning up and was quiet for the moment. She watched him as he unpacked and put her hands on her hips. "Ya know I'm down right fond of ya. No matter what I want ya in my life, and I am pleased that you aren't gonna push. But ya don't need ta be so submissive with me. I like ya cause you seem ta be a guy who knows what he likes and you can make me laugh. Not including how sweet ya are too. "

She sat on the edge of the bed to not be in the way of his unpacking. "Don't worry about me. If I think yer coming on too strong I'll let you know. " She winked at him then swung her legs a bit. "Tell me more about yerself. I know so little outside of the bedroom."
"Not much to tell. I am the black sheep of my big, fat, Jewish family. I have several brothers and sisters, my parents are still alive. I've been in university for almost a year and three months of that is my history education, the other nine were law and it was boring as hell. I like to joke but you know that, and up until you came along, my life has been boring. I like to eat but you know that too. I am twenty four but who's counting? I love children. What else do you want to know? Now you'll have to be specific." He grinned as he neatly folded clothing and stuck them in the appropriate places.

The man was pretty OCD it looked like with how crisply he folded his things. "Oh, and I never did get around to go to the tailor."
Kitty watched him as he put away the clothing and remembering the mess of the hotel room from their first night. She smiled thinking he must have been very stressed and is more relaxed now, at least that was her theory.

"That sounds rough. Like you're not being appreciated despite having such a big family. Guess I shouldn't talk though." She smiled and leaned back on her palms. "You're walking your own path now, that's good. And you're happy. Don't see a hint of the sad man from the bar and I can't take all that credit." She tilted her head and shrugged slightly.

"Ah, I don't know what to ask. Perhaps we should just go and see what happens, yeah? I'll ask if anything comes up." She wanted to walk over and give him a big hug but didn't want to distract him from unpacking.

"You don't need a tailor. You look great. I mean, you're clothing might be a bit tight around the middle, but your buttons ain't popping. 'Sides, we keep up what we been doing and you might lose enough weight it fits better." She winked and giggled. "If not I don't mind. I like you just as you are, clothed or not." That caused her to laugh softly.
He finished unpacking since there wasn't much, and then sat down next to her. He pulled her onto his lap and he sighed in content. "Listen, let's stop worrying about how my family treats me. It is what it is. I am a big boy, just as you said. You can't choose your family, I love em anyways." He set his chin on her shoulder and then moving to lay with her again.
Kitty waved him off but giggled as he pulled her onto his lap. "I don't like ya being mistreated, that's all. Glad you love em though." She slipped her arms around his neck and smiled looking into his eyes. When they laid back she pressed her lips to him. "Mmm but forget about all that right now. I want to focus on you and me. " A small wink proceeded her moving to sit back on his lap to loom over him and pull off her slip again. "Ahh, I don't know what it is about you but I always feel over dressed." She laughed and rest her hands on his chest.
"And here I am, still in pants," he chuckled and raked his gaze over her, down and then up. Her kisses were making him restless, that was for sure. He reached up to her face and lay his big palm around her cheek, lifting and gently finding her lips to give such sweet kisses in hopes of taking her breath away. His fingers curled and he brushed a bright lock from her face, "If we make sandwiches together every night, I suppose I can maintain my girlish figure for you, dear." He grinned as he lay back again.
"Well you can remove them any time. I won't fuss!" She beamed at him before returning the kisses with enthusiasm and held him in her arms. "Oh, that sounds good to me. I would enjoy making a late night snack with you regularly..."
He wriggled under her until he managed to get the pants off. His hands moved under her butt and lifted her up so he could roll her to her back, his kisses moving to her neck. "I swear, you will be the death of me." He chuckled. He sat on his knees and ran his fingers over her sides with eyes hooded whilst they watched on.
A soft laugh escaped as she helped him with his pants. Her head rolled back to accept his multiple kisses. "What a death it would be. But nope. I want to keep you hanging around a long time. You're much too fun to lose." She leaned in and kissed him deeply before laying back to let him look at her and touch her. "Come lie down!" She said more suggesting than an order as she held out her arms towards him.
He smiled and moved to lay next to her again, mostly so he could get to nibbling at her neck and letting his fingers move where they would. "I am right here," he said into her ear, "Now what?" He gave a chuckle and kissed her shoulder.

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