Closed - Content Warning A Walk in the Clouds
He gave a tired grin and nuzzled the back of her neck when she moved in closer to cuddle. His fingers began stroking along the flesh of her belly and his chin rested in her hair. "I say we ride with a short nap since we're already here." As if there could be anything else but short naps with her. She was a bonafied spit fire, and she was very passionate. How could she even think that she could fit into the mold of a nun? He'd rather she thought she could skip all that religious formality and simply mold to his side.... under his arm... and nobody would be able to say a word at the time because he will have outted them both... proudly.
Kitty nodded slightly and hugged his arms to her body. She loved the feeling of being enveloped in his arm and her head turned to nuzzle into his arm. He smelled nicely of soap and just himself. He was so warm and comforting to her she could have spent every day in his arms, it made her feel like perhaps he was right but at the same time...

"I don't know how I'm gonna sleep next month when you're gone. You gonna write me every week?" She turned her head slightly towards his face behind her and reached back to caress his cheek lightly. "I'll be right upset if ya don't."
He was already half asleep as they cuddled with one another, not bothering to pull a blanket over the two of them since it would require him to move again, and at that very moment? He was not going to move. He rumbled a little in pleasure at their closeness. When asked if he would write to her, he murmured, "Of course I will. I've always wanted to write letters to a lady," he grinned. "Forming them into words is another thing," he quipped and casually cupped one of her breasts.
Kitty laughed a little as her eyes drifted closed and she relished just the moment. His hand upon her made her curl more into him so she was as close to him as possible and her fingers swirled lazily over his arm. "It can say anything, as long as it's from you. Don't worry about it, I ain't like your smart college friends. Just words from the heart will send me a floating high." She felt a fluttering in her chest at just the idea of him leaving and her excitement any time she would receive word from him. "Plus you'll need to be telling me all about your trip to Bath."
He sighed happily and curled a leg over hers. "I'll write as many short letters as you like and send the bundle of them each day." He would probably be a smart ass about it too just for good measure. Of course, he would have to make sure he wasn't wasting too much paper, so he would write it all out on one piece or so. He chuckled at himself, "I just imagined myself writing one word for each little letter I write you, heeheehee." And then he kissed at her shoulders. "Damn, but you are distracting me."
Kitty laughed softly and shook her head. "We are supposed ta be napping and I'm going to be all wide eyed since you keep making me laugh." She tilted her head slightly towards him. "I'll be disappointed if you don't send me a bundle every day now. It'll be a puzzle ta find out the right order of words if you do." She smirked and playfully slapped at his leg but very lightly. "I wasn't trying to."
"I'll take that as a compliment. I like the way you laugh, I could do without sleep to hear it a little longer." He nibbled at her neck and then at her ear, then mumbled, "Yes yes, I'll think of a word here and there, and if it makes me think of you, and surely it will, I will stop whatever I am doing just to write that word. I suppose a full letter shall be composed, for I have been thinking of words that remind me of you quite a bit over the last few days..." He kissed again, "Beautiful," kiss, "Generous..." kiss... "Funny..." kiss... "Sweet..." kiss... "Feisty..." kiss... "Fiery."
Being showered in compliments and kisses made Kitty squirm and giggle more though she didn't pull away. She didn't dare miss out on a moment of it. She looked up at him and grinned. "Generous? I don't think I've been generous a day with you.In fact, I might say down right greedy. " A grin came to her and she rolled over to face him and slipped her arms around his neck to draw him in close and kissed him. "I have been rather demanding to be close to you. I'm just lucky you agree."
He laughed when she rolled over and called herself selfish. "You, greedy? Nahh." He kissed her some more, not surprised to find himself coming to attention again. Because it was with her, he was unabashed about it, not commenting on it but not hiding it. He didn't need to hide it anymore with her, he could be himself and that included when he was hot to trot. He didn't rush to pull her onto him though, he was too thoughtful at the moment. "I happen to like you being greedy."
Kitty smiled more as she kissed him softly and took notice of the effect she had on him. She held him and did nothing towards his condition. The enjoyment of the moment was plenty though she would take action if she thought for even a moment it would cause him discomfort to make him linger too long. "Mm good thing as I can't help being the way I am. But I like you to be a bit greedy too..."
"Seems you already have an awareness of my greed for you, darling," he said, ignoring the throb and yawning. "You can probably surmise as much for yourself, but I need not tell you that, hmm? You know exactly what you are doing to me." With that, he wiggled playfully against her and then nipped at her some more. With a chuckle, he hummed a sigh out in content, not worried about his bits just yet. He was seeing how long it took for either of them to cave and get all over each other again. It was a curiosity of his at the moment. Besides, he wanted to laze a little bit more. Not to say he wouldn't spring into action if she started something.
The red haired woman with a fire in her soul seemed to reply to his motions with her own. She relaxed and allowed her face to bury itself into his shoulder as she held him tight . "You call it greedy and I call it being a fun man." She smirked and brought her lips down upon his skin light as a feather.

She did not try to stir him up, not on purpose any way. While falling face first into her desire whenever it sprang up was her normal behavior, she was enjoying the chance to relax. Besides , if they over did it as they did their first night together , it was certain they'd be too tired and sore to enjoy each other the next morning .
Uriel snuggled once again into his feisty lady. His mouth nibbled along her shoulder until he started to relax completely, including the part he most recently named Captain Nemo as a jest among his friends. Uriel actually did fall asleep, curled up intimately with the one he was trying to convince to not be something she isn't and shouldn't be.

When he woke some hours later, he smiled and lay there with his eyes half closed, once again at full attention as would happen when a man slept. He caressed at her back and gazed at thoughtfully while she slept.
Kitty had been happy and was soon asleep after he did. She was still fast asleep when he woke. While Uriel used the pillow, her head was tucked into his shoulder using it as her own. Her arms were lazily wrapped around him and she was snoozing peacefully and quiet in the dark chilly room using his warmth to make up for the lack of a blanket. When he stirred,she clung to him a bit more but did not rise.
Uriel whispered, "I'll be just a moment," and eased away from her, he somehow managed to get the blanket free from beneath her and climbed back in to cuddle with her some more. He moved his fingers through her sleep mussed hair, pulling it out of her face so he could simply admire her. He closed his eyes and with a deep baritone, he hummed a little, then mumbled, "Mine," before kissing her forehead and just laying there.

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