Closed - Content Warning A Walk in the Clouds
Kitty moved as he guided her , always ready to follow his lead. She settled upon his lap as he slid in her so wonderfully letting her truly appreciate the unique feel of his appendage that filled her perfectly. His hand explored her in a different way. She rose her brow and grinned huge as he was an unusual sort. So full of surprises. She ran her fingers along his chest and her lips met with his again and again. "You and such a strange sort. I can't believe how you keep managing to keep me guessing."
He only grinned at her words. "Are we the only two people in the world who can... carry on a full conversation while making love?" He chuckled and took her fully again, crashing into her over and over in almost frenzied motions. His mouth sought hers and kissed hungrily while he moved, harder an faster, lost in the rhythm set between them. "I think we are," he said with a laugh that turned into a long drawn out groan suggesting he was close, just as the thickening of his member was. He held on for as long as he could, wanting to let go as she let go.
Kitty would have replied but his mouth captured hers. She was at his whim as his large frame held her and he enjoying her at his desired pace. That wasn't to say she disliked it, she loved it and welcomed each motion and each change with complete eagerness. He was so very passionate and he cared deeply for her enjoyment as well.

When he spoke she barely managed a nod as the moans came forth when her mouth was allowed to utter a sound and she squirmed against him. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she rolled her hips to him, beckoning him towards his ending as she sailed on towards it fully the only subtle signs were the way she shivered and tensed muffling her sounds as her lips sought his once more with complete abandonment.
He buried his head into her neck and began kissing around her neck and up to her lips. Uriel then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, moving his hips a few more times until he forced himself to try and pull out before spending himself, a feat for certain by that point in time. He barely made it before he came, assuming she let him pull out. Either way, he wheezed some as he worked to catch his breath. His kisses were soft along her shoulder.
Kitty had hit her end and would have been more forceful to remain where she was but she didn't do things with thought but feeling. She felt him slide away and the mess made. She leaned back to eye him and smiled kissing him. He was being careful and she appreciated it. Her arms loosened around him.

"Now look what ya did." She slowly let her breathing return to normal as she still felt among the clouds. Her hands touched his cheeks and pulled him down to kiss deeply. "I need to clean up sooner than later. Are ya going ta give me a hand, it is your fault after all." She chuckled playfully and licked at his lips. She was ready to pull away but wanted to enjoy the warmth of his embrace a bit longer.
He grinned. "It can wait," he said and lay back with her snuggled up against him. He kissed her back, nibbling upon her lips. "I would like to just enjoy you as you are now. Of course I will help you clean when the time comes, but I only just got here and I've missed talking to you. Besides, you're too pretty for me to let go of right now." He flopped an arm back and stuck his hand under his head before giving a contented sigh. He kissed the top of her head before moving so his chin was snuggled against it.
"Mmm good point.. I been missin you something fierce. I don't want to move from ya." Kitty relaxed on him and kissed him before using his chest for a pillow as she hugged him. She smiled feeling his chin on her head and felt so calm and at ease.

"We can certainly talk.. if you have anything on your mind. I am quite happy to just lay here and listen to your heart beatin. But I certainly have been wantin ta hear your voice again too."
He knew that even if she didn't know it yet, she had made her choice. She was as much nun as he was a lawyer. He smiled up at the ceiling and let his hands skim up and down her back as they lay quietly together for a time. He replied after a time, "I've missed you, wench." His smile was sleepy in a good way, his fingers still working at the column of her spine, all the way down to a spot just above her butt. He kissed the top of her head again, then slowly kissed at whatever he could reach in such a position. "You have me wrapped around your little finger, you know?"
Like her name sake she was just a quiet, relaxed form draped over him wavering between being awake and asleep as she felt just so relaxed and content. When he spoke she turned her head to look at him, a lopsided smile appearing on her face.

"Missed you too you lovable bastard." She leaned up as much as she could to give him a kiss on the lips after he began kissing where he could reach. "Mmm lucky you I ain't tha controlin type. I like ta walk beside ya and not in front or behind." She took his hands and entwined their fingers leaving the hands at their sides and rest her head on his chest again but looking up at him. "Though you are certainly havin an effect on me and leadin me somewhere. I just don't know where."
"Yeah, you're going to marry me." He said with a shit eating grin. "You might not think so right now, but just wait." He snickered. "Of course, I am not mad enough to ask right now if you would, but I will ask one day and you're gonna look at me like I am full of shit. I am full of shit, but not that shit." He laughed and flipped her over, scooting down so he could rest his chin on her belly. He was grinning up at her.

"But what do I know? I could be full of myself. My brothers and sisters sure seem to think so. At least that is what they tell me. You have me so happy, Kitty Cat, that my father is going to be furious with me and I will be as fine as wine with it all because even he can't piss on my rainbow."
The woman stared as he started to speak crazy talk. First it was marriage and then it dissolved into she didn't know what. Her body easily moved as he wished and her fingers brushed through his hair. It was her and this mad man over her speaking about their future and sounding between how great it would be and how crazy it would be.

She laughed. Her fingers swept up his hair from his face before sliding down a rounded cheek. "You know how accurate I believe your family's opinion is of ya. As accurate as a man's ability to shoot after a bathtub of moonshine." She laughed again and slipped her own arm under her head like a pillow as he had done. She stared down at him with heavy lidded eyes. She looked at him with a satisfaction and a certainty that might have been love. It was too soon to tell. She just knew every moment with this guy was unpredictable and an adventure in its own way.

"You are a strange man. And I've met some very strange men. I wonder what future we will have. I am curious if you'll be able to get me to marry you. I do like a good story and I have a feeling together we will make one really good story."  She winked and brushed her fingertips through his hair again.
"You will see it soon enough. I aim to woo you so much that you will not know what to do with it all." He knew his feelings. He was already head over feet because of her. He kissed at her belly as she ran her fingers through his hair. "You seem to like strange men like me... Otherwise you would not have asked to see my pudd. Admit it." He grinned up at her.
"I already don't know what to do with you, you're just too much and I still can't get enough." She didn't truly know what she could have done to get him to be so smitten but she was happy and she knew it would only make it harder when he left, maybe even painful.

It made moments like this all the more important. She had a warm smile on her face still stroking his hair and staring down at him. "I do. Maybe cause I'm a bit odd myself."
"Then why not just ride with it?" he asked simply, kissed her skin that was closest to his mouth and he moved to scoot up the bed so he could curl up a little behind her. He kissed along her shoulder and gathered her into his arms with a yawn. "I could use a nap, and you, my dear, would be a welcome addition to it. Then we can attempt to clean up." He chuckled because he knew very well they would probably end up on the floor or bed again, rolling around like a couple of teenagers.
Kitty had to admit it was a bit late, so a small nap would be welcome. Though there was a good chance that they would end up not truly napping and just resting their eyes until one was ready to go again.

She pressed towards him as he was like a big comfortable pillow. Her arms rest over his own and she found her legs a bit entangled with his so she draped her top one over his. "I ride with whatever happens all the time. I guess I can give this a go too..."

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