Closed - Content Warning A Walk in the Clouds
Uriel had gone back to the inn as opposed to her house, wanting to make sure his curious brother hadn't followed him. It simply wouldn't do for anyone to find out what he was up to, chasing the skirts of a nun who actually started the whole affair to begin with.

It wasn't until the next morning that he took up the offer to stay in Kitty's house. He'd gone to the Inn directly after his talk with his brothers, packed his things for morning, paid the bill and left. He was rapping on the door in no time. Uriel had a whistle upon his lips by the time he was setting things on the floor. He stepped over his belongings and hauled her to him for a long, delightful kiss.

"Finally," he muttered, his fingers gripping her hips gently.
Kitty had barely started her day when he had arrived. She was delighted to see him, not wasting a moment before her arms around him to keep him close. She met the kiss eagerly and touched his cheek lightly.

She was in no rush to break the kiss, leaning into him until the kiss finally broke. "Finally is right. I been hopin' for days that'd ya'd take me up on my offer. I can't get you outta my head. Like you got a spell on me. " 

A small giggle escaped before she stroked her fingers down his chest then turned to get his luggage and show the way to his room though she knew he wouldn't be spending much time in there unless they wanted a little change. "How ya been?"
"Other than my brother bugging me to tell him who took my innocence?" He chuckled, but then he took his luggage from her before she could take it too far, "I've got this. You just show me to my room." He couldn't resist setting the stuff down and wrapping his arms around her from behind. He leaned in and began to kiss long, slow kisses along the side of her neck, "Better yet, I'll get them later."

He moved his head to kiss the other side of her neck, burning for her fiercely from the moment he saw her after a few days of deliberation as to taking her up on her hospitality or not. He had decided that it would be a lot easier to convince her to be his woman before too long. "Damn, but you smell good," he muttered against the curve of her ear.
"Well from what i hear brothers tend ta be that way..."

She nearly jumped in surprise when he grabbed her so suddenly and let out a little laugh. She tilted her head one way and another to let him at her neck as it made a pleasant tingle run up her spine. Her arms rest on his as she squirmed against him as a few spokes were rather ticklish.

Her head turned slightly to speak to him, "Must be the soap." She felt comfort in his embrace and his form against her. A little squirm was all that she needed against him to try to face him at least out of the corner of her eye. "You sound much happier than ya did last time we met. I hope ya feel this happy all the time now. " 

Of course if his being happy meant moments like this she could do her best to keep it going. His joy was infectious.
"You make me happy enough that people already notice. Of course, I have figured out everything since we last talked. I want to be a teacher, I want the dream. I know it sounds stupid but the thought of little kids running around with my face doesn't make me cringe, and having a wife who blesses me with them, well, even better. I doubt it'll happen yet for a time, but it will eventually I guess. It helps that I have a lady who likes me even though I am a schlub." He grinned, knowing his self depredation would get her goat and she would defend him to himself. He liked this feisty little thing and he was going to make it very hard for her to choose the church over him.

He helped her turn so that she was facing him and kissed her a few times between words, "Soap and you. Quite lovely." He cupped his big hands over her buttocks and murmured, "I've missed you too. Does that mean I don't have to fight too hard to prove you're not meant for the church?" He grinned and kissed her a few more times.
To say she was surprised would be an understatement. He was figuring out everything he wanted in life. She smiled then slapped his chest lightly. "Don't be ridiculous. Schlub? You're smart, handsome, funny and too sweet. If you're a schlub you're the best schlub ever and you'll be an amazing teacher." 

She smiled not wanting to comment on his marriage or children wished. A part of her told her he would find it eventually somewhere. Though another part said it could be her if she wanted to. "I'm so happy you got it all figured out. I just know it'll come true."

She blushed as he kept complimenting her. She rest her hands on his shoulders as he grabbed her and grinned. She pulled him down as she looked into his face. 

"I feel like it was supposed ta be for me. But yet making me question it all. If I don't do the church ... what will I do?"
"Whatever you want to do." he said, kissed her some more before pulling her from her feet in an embrace. "Now tell me where this bed of mine is. I have things to do and people to see," he quipped and started to walk in the direction she had already been taking him. "You have strange taste in men if you think I am handsome," he said cheerfully, only stopping at whatever door was indicated and going in. He sat on the edge of the bed and flopped back with her in his arms, taking her with him. "Ahhhh yes, this is a much more comfortable bed than at the inn. This shall do quite nicely," he was in great cheer as he looked up at her.
Kitty laughed as she loved when he held her up in his arms. She clung to him as he took her to his room. She sat on his lap looking down at him with a pleased grin. "You don't have enough confidence if ya don't see yourself as handsome."

"Indeed, my bed is just as comfy. Though a little extra breaking in never hurts. Maybe I can help you with that. " She winked and leaned in to give him a much longer more tender kiss. One she had been holding in for days.
He had a grin on his face as she gently chastised him about being blind to his looks. She kissed him and he kissed back, and he gave a hum of approval as he moved his hands from her butt to her hips, up her belly and chest, soon to cradle her face in his hands. "Breaking in, hmm? Sounds delightful. I have... unpacking to do," he said in mock horror as he dropped his hands and started moving them up under fabric to grip again at her butt, but this time it would be her skin against his palms. His mouth moved to collect sighs with some kisses as he squeezed a little at her butt. He found the ties to her drawers and had them down to her knees. "Such a lovely tidbit you are."
(CW sexual situations)

Kitty watched with extreme interest as he ran his hands under her dress and started to slip off her drawers. His large hands were more than  welcome on her skin and she began to unbutton his shirt. 

"Speaking of unpacking. How much of a burden are ya bearin?" She pressed a hand to the front of his trousers to feel him up just a little as she kissed from his lips to his jaw and down his throat. 

"You are too sweet. Like a big bundle of honey. Sweet and delicious." Kitty laughed and looked down into his eyes.
He was already at attention, but seemed to thicken a little when she put her hand on him. "Quite a bit the moment I looked at you." He grinned and pressed to her hand a little more. He moved out from under her then and shed his clothes so she could see her handiwork, and he took his sweet time "unpacking" her from her clothes. He hummed some more at her compliments of him being sweet. "Ahh, but so are you."
The situation was like a dream. Kitty could not take her eyes off of him as he got undressed just for her. When he freed her from the prison of her clothing, she laid on the bed as sexy as she could manage.

"I feel like I'm much kinder 'n sweeter with you around. Never had someone so great treat me like you do." She held up her hand and gestured for him to come closer. "My head is muddier than a river after a storm. T'aint no rush ta decide my future so I'll be enjoying a little break enjoying your vacation with you til ya disappear."
He moved over her, his mouth finding the tip of a breast and suckling gently upon it, then he caught her lower lip between his teeth and sucked on that too. "Good," he rumbled in reply to her being all muddled, "I like that you think of me... of this," he slid in and groaned at how she felt. He kissed her and began to take her slow and steady, his hands moving to hold hers over her head while his mouth ravaged hers.

He muttered, "I think about you too, and of this."
There was little wait, but Kitty had been thinking and wanting this so much she was more than ready for him. Her fingers had ran through his hair when he placed his lips upon her. Oh the pleasure he brought to her so easily.

His hands pinned hers down and he moved over her then into her. She was frozen for a moment, relishing the very familiar sensation of him and the pleasure that coursed through her body.  Her legs wrapped around him to keep his body pressed close. Her lips met with his and remained in contact as much as possible. The woman was so addicted to him and it was getting stronger every moment she spent with him.
He bit the inside of his cheek when her legs encircled him, and then gave a series of short but firm thrusts, immersing himself in the kisses they shared. He pressed needy kisses along her jaw and to her mouth again as he took what she gave and gave what she took. "So.... sweet...." he muttered in her ear, his hands moving to her butt to change angle, sitting up so he could watch her face better. He moved a hand and his thumb found sensitive flesh, circling and pressing as he pulled almost all the way out, the look on his face was ecstasy at this shift in sensations was when he thrust back into her only just an inch and back out again.

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