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He heard others nearby express something about a quid . His head turned to see if he could see who it was, Harold untied the ring from the ribbon and placed it on her finger. Taking a moment he had that palm of her hand against his palm so he could stretch her arm to the side in order to better see if on her fingers.

A small laugh coming from his lips when he recognized the cook's voice. " I am glad ya did, just remember ya said yes , when my siblings come knocking in disbelief. " He kissed her on the lips and then helped angle her so she was sitting side ways across his lap. " Save that place in the book, I'd like to use it as a vow, if it be alright with ya"
"I have to believe it first," she said, another laugh bubbling from her lips. It seemed surreal that it had just happened the way that it did. He didn't get on bend and knee to ask her, he asked her while she was in his arms, sitting where everyone could peek out at and spy on, unabashed. "I didn't even know cook was a betting person," she said.

He wanted to use the passage as vows and she snuggled into him with a smile. "But of course."
He placed a kiss on the side of her head. It made him happy to see her happy. He could feel some of the emotion coming off her and that only added to his smile on his lips. "Wonder what she is going to do with such winnings." He tried not to look in their direction, but focused on Karen looking at the ring.
"Place another bet." She smiled. "Cook is very observant. The kitchen is the heart of a home, you know? They are probably all betting on a child now." She laughed and then she started to cry, "Aw, damn it. Now look at what ye made me do," she laughed and pressed her teary face against his neck. Her brother really was going to want to throttle her when he found out but she didn't even feel bad. Damn it, he didn't have to love it, but he had to accept it one way or another. She was looking at Harold soon enough, a watery smile given, "I love ye."
" I love you Karen McBride." He was taking the days as they came and today was a day going in the right direction. He held her head as he kissed her lips. He lowered her back and leaned forward to kiss her. Harold put her back to her original upright position. "My love, how about we take this inside, help their minds wander. "
She was about to agree with him, but then she said, "I have a thought. I know this is all happening so very fast, but what if we just... left for Gretna Green? Right now. I mean..." She paused and looked around, "I don't care what everybody else thinks, only ye and me... and our little rose root, if indeed it is so..." She couldn't believe she actually said it aloud but it made sense to her somehow. "What say ye to runnin' away with me, Harold? We may end up winning somebody's money for them." Her eyes were dancing.
" as temptin as that is sweetheart, I can not up an leave." He has a contract with the hospital here. " Not until my years up." He didn't want to travel with a newborn either, it just sounded risky. "But you'll have a bit of land and we can add a white picket fence if you want one. The house began construction yesterday." He paused as he ran a couple fingers through her hair. "And I need to take care of that thing in the bogg, and we need to face your brother ."
"We both know he is going to do his best to ruin things," she said with her brows up, "But oh, alright." She gave a smile and touched his cheek, "Ye can't blame me fer tryin. Come inside now," she curled her fingers around his hand and started toward the door. She held the book to her chest and the basket at her elbow, smiling up at him.
It didn't take that long for them to get to their feet. As they did she was talking about how her brother would try and ruin it. His smile went back to that normal look he tended to walk around with. "I think he cares about ya too much. He will come to his senses." He placed a kiss on her lips, light and gentle. His hand reached for hers. The feeling of the ring on her fingers against his placed a smirk on his hand. "Well i'll be." he paused their walking "just sort of hit me, it fit ya the first go around, no alterations necessary. Well if that ain't a sign I don't know what is." He pulled her back to him to give their 'company' a brief show. His lips going for hers with one passionate kiss. "After you..."
She walked with him to her room, a room she would abandon as soon as they had the house. "That is a sign, yer right," she said, "Good omen." Karen eventually had them safely in her room, which was much cozier now that she had made it hers. The bed had Addie's quilt and an afghan with a mended hole, there were bursts of color everywhere; in the rag rug, in the curtains, in the pretty scarves she draped here and there. Her room was neat and tidy, clean as a whistle, and every ounce Karen.
He followed her silently to the room, a nod to the cook as they passed by. When they got to the room, he couldn't help but notice it was a different room than the last one he has been in. His eyes moved around to all the colors before closing the door behind them. " This beats my current living situation."
"Ye'll have better than this soon enough with the house bein' built. I'll give this and more when the time comes," she grinned and sat upon the bed. "I have another quilt if ye want to lay it on your bed at the hospital." She set things down, the basket on the floor by the door, and the book set on her night stand at an angle and quite easily within reach of the bed. Then she turned to look at him, moving to and wrapping her arms around. Her mouth soon sought his.

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