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He made the hike up to the Manor in a nice pair of pants, button down shirt and vest. His hair slicked back as if he had just taken a bath clearly visible, as he had left it behind this time. A basket in hand, with lilac and lily's sitting between the handles, he decided to show up unannounced with a packed lunch. 

Two glass bottles of water, a couple of those eggs his dearest so enjoyed, and a bowl with a dish on top of it sat inside the baset.The bowl contained a pasta dish with a creamy sauce.  There was also an apple and for something sweet a three small pastries filled with chocolate. Of course, there was four, but he ate one on his way up.

He was escorted into the outdoor space that sat in the middle of the Manor and was told to wait. Someone would go get Karen for him. Unfamiliar t o customs of being a guest at such a manor, he did as he was told and turned to look at some fauna.
It didn't take long for her to come out. Her eyes lit up when they found his face and she moved to him, then found herself wrapping her arms around him and her cheek nuzzled his chest. "Harold... Hello." She pulled back so she could smile up at him, her eyes filled with tired, which seemed to be her norm as of late as she started to grow another life within her, something not confirmed yet of course but signs were already pointed that way.

"I've missed you," she said softly, lifting a hand to his face tenderly.
He placed the basket down on a stone bench and then walked around a little. His posture changing as he saw Karen walk through the hallway. He turned as he watched her walk by and then stayed still as she entered the bailey. Harold waited until she approached him to open his arms and with the movement a smile came to his face. The feeling of her cheek against his, her body next to him, and the sound of her voice made him feel safe. A feeling he never knew he needed. "well hello dear" His lips pressed against her cheek. "I thought you could use some lunch."
"I'm actually famished," she said brightly. "I daresay I ate a rather large breakfast but I don't know where it all went." She chuckled and then sniffed the air, "Scotch eggs," she said with a grin, "From the man at the very middle of the market." She knew that smell, had suddenly craved that smell and that very food. "Chocolate?" She guessed with the sweet smell that mingled with the other food. She had never seemed so eager to eat.
"your nose is very accurate' he smirked and then kissed her lips for a soft brief kiss, making sure his mustache tickled her under her nose. "I also brought pasta with a cream sauce" His hands ran up and down against her back and then moved to her side, so she could see the basket with the flowers set on top. "No blanket, but I thought flowers could make up for it."
"Mmm, your turn to spoil me, huh?" She asked with a chuckle. "It sounds delicious, this pasta. I am famished," she repeated, looping her arm through his. "The flowers are beautiful," Karen murmured before taking them up and giving a sniff. Indeed, it cheered her up greatly. She had not been in a bad mood, just tired and a little emotional, which wasn't like her. Harold always had a way of making her feel better when something was wrong at all.
"You have done more for me in the short time period I've been here that anyone has done for me in a lifetime. the least I can do for ya is some flowers and food." He watched her walk over toward the basket and pick up the flowers. He was glad she liked them and he was glad they allowed her time to come see him. "It's all for you, though I might help myself to one of those chocolate deserts."
"Then we should have a walk for a place to sit and eat." She said very softly, her eyes twinkling with delight at everything. What a lovely surprise he brought to her, she thought and grabbed the basket and flowers, "I have been thinking about you all morning," she said softly, and started to walk with him. "Well... us. Is it normal to feel out of breath at things like what we share? A little overwhelmed, perhaps? Or is it just me?" She sounded slightly nervous, but it was just normal things.
" I think right here, in the center of the castle is a perfect location." He grabbed a hold of her hand to get her to stop walking. "You are the first to take my breath away." He didn't mean it to sound as cheesy as it may have, but it was true. Karen McBride was the first person to make him feel the way he did, both in and out of bed. His lips pressed together and his mustache moved to the right a little as his facial expression changed.
She turned to look at him when he pulled her to a stop and told her she took his breath away. "I think the feeling is mutual," she said and then saw his expression change. She sobered a bit and tilted her head, "I really like it when ye smile," she murmured softly and set the basket down so she could touch his cheek. "But maybe I am biased because I've fallen in love with you. Or maybe its just that yer a handsome devil and I am putty in yer hands."
"Well I mean, I am a handsome devil" He smirked, his mustache straightening out as he smiled. He placed his hand over her hand that was against his cheek. "I love you Karen McBride to the point it hurts and I can't explain why. All I know if I want you healthy, happy, and to help you get whatever your heart desires." He leaned his head toward his hand, so her hand might press a bit harder into his cheek. "I think right here, on the stone ground is perfect." He wasn't going to be eating, but he wanted his arms around her waste as she did.
He wanted to sit right there, so she obliged without asking why the ground with no blanket. She waited until he was seated and then sit in his lap to protect her butt from the cold. She then grabbed one of the eggs out of the basket and had it gone in less than a minute with such content on her face. "I love you too," she said while she reached the next one, more dignified than with the last. "I've wanted one of these for a time." She had already had some cravings, the scotch eggs being at the top of the list for that. She ate with the gusto of a woman starved, even more like she ate for two, and she didn't even seem to notice that. She just... ate.
The space they were was beautiful and in the center of the castle, just like Karen was the center of his world now. It was a really odd feeling, knowing he'd jump in front of a bullet for this woman. If his siblings were ever to meet her, he wondered how they'd react to her. He could see one of his brothers trying to steal her and another try to tell her to run.

Harold sat down and put his arms out to help her steady herself down. Once she was on his lap his arms wrapped around her. His lips pressed against her shoulder before he placed his chin on her shoulder. "Glad you like it." He just wanted to be near her, whether or if they spent an hour in silence it didn't matter to him.
She smiled and continued to eat in contented silence until she was halfway tucked into the pasta; it was probably the most food she’d eaten in his presence, though every now and then she would offer a bite to him. “How are ya doing today, Harold?” she asked at some point, “You are looking mighty fine today,” she said with a smile. She pulled out the pastry and picked a piece off, offering a bite to him. “I really am glad ye came to see me.”

She put a small piece in her mouth and felt her toes curl in her shoes, her head falling back against his shoulder. “Mmmmm… That is wonderful.”
" I am good." It had been a great day,but he didn't want to jinx it. " Thank you, you look ravishing as always." He opened his lips to take in the piece she was offering. His lips gently moving across her finger tips as he took it from her. When her head moved back to rest on his shoulder, he leaned his head against her.

"How are you doing? " He wanted to know if she had show any signs like a missed cycle, but he was being what his father might call a southern gentlemen about it.

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