Content Warning At the End of the Day
She'd had a long day, a good portion because of the children. She'd ended up staying a bit longer than planned because the younger child wasn't doing as well as she could have. She'd told her mother to take the child to be seen at the hospital, and that had been hours earlier. After she finished there, she went to market, got the food and replaced medical supplies, and then went to the hospital to find Harold. He wasn't there yet in his office, so she put his hat, and a small basket of scotch eggs on the desk and then curled up in his chair to let herself doze for a minute since she knew he wouldn't be too long.

She had asked after the little girl already and was told she was comfortably sleeping in the children's ward, which pleased Karen. She would visit in the morning and check in, also inquire about any extra shifts that needed to be picked up. For the moment, however, she was content to wait for Harold to come wake her.
He ran a finger up and down against the space above his nose and between his brows. His eyes closed as he felt himself get a bit of a headache. A mother was insisting her child , age 17 had some sort of ailment and kept insisting, when in reality the girl was just pregnant. Based on how the mother was treating the girl now, he could get the impression it was going to go very well when he had to break that news. "your daughter does not have swamp bog disease... I don't think that is even a thing..." He walked out of the room and back to the nurses station to explain the situation and get them to handle it, because he had had enough.

He walked through the waiting area where someone tried to stop him. A guy with a nasty wound, so he bent down to look at it. Harold took the job here because it was a small place, not a big city where it would be constantly busy. "A nurse will be right out, just looks worse than it is, they'll get you taken care of." Harold went back to the nurses station and gave them an update about the guy in the waiting room. One of them then told him that they thought they saw Karen go into his office. He blinked as he gave a warm thank you nod and went to his office. It was definitely weird not having a hat to tip, not that he should be wearing it in this place.

He walked in and noticed her in his chair, so he went up to his chair and reached for his hat. He placed the hat on her head then kissed her cheek as he reached for an egg. "hello sunshine"
She woke up at feeling his kiss on her cheek, smiling up at him and stretching. "Hello. I didn't want to interrupt yer work, I know it's been busy with it being the time of year it is. Besides the influx of patients, how has yer day been?" She followed after only to grab another kiss before he was going to put food in his mouth. She then tipped the hat at a jaunty angle, gave a grin and said, "I got the recipe for those," she nodded to the eggs, looking pleased. She'd been busy!

Karen took one of them and bit into it... a healthy bite. Willingly. The look on her face was like he would have seen when they lay together. She swallowed eventually and said, "I ate two on the way here," her eyes were laughing.
"You made these?" He questioned to see if that is was what she was saying or did she get the recipe from the person that sold these in town. He smirked as he watched her play with the hat. One more kiss and he moved to sit in the chair that was for guests. He propped his cowboy boots up on the table and took a bite of the egg. "They are delicious." The way she looked at him made him wish he could bottle up that expression and keep it with him always. "Would you be up to having dinner one day this week with me and one of my old friends from the states?"
"Oh, nay... But I will make them in the future." She took another healthy bite, a smile on her face as she chewed. "They are divine," she said when she could, reaching for another, which was not usual for her. "One more. I shouldn't, but they make me happy." Besides, hadn't he asked her to promise that she would try to eat more for him? "You want me to meet a friend?" she asked in genuine surprise and delight. "I'd love to."

The second egg was already being worked upon.
His eyebrows raise in reaction to how she decided to confirm what he just asked. "She goes by Kitty now, she'll claim she's a better gun slinger than me.." He brought the rest of the first egg to his lips. His eyes went from Karen to his boots. When the egg was finished being devoured he pulled his feet off the desk. "I suggested we do some target practice one day." He reached for another egg.
She finished her egg and groaned at herself for her overeating. But it was so worth it, she thought. "Target practice? That sounds like fun. Maybe ye ought ta teach me to shoot," she said this with a satisfied nod, then sat back and rubbed her full tummy. "She, eh?" She then said, as if realizing he gendered the friend. "I see." She said, her eyes squinting just a little. She trusted him, that was that. She would have to trust that this Kitty lady wasn't trying to start a fire, so to speak. She would not, could not let him even think she was remotely jealous that another female was about. "What does she do?" she asked, calm.
"I'm not sure what she's doing these days." Was she really an actress, that thought didn't last though. He was going over in his mind her request of showing her how to shoot as he ate the second egg. "I don't know how I'd feel about you shootin a gun. " He probably would not teach her, but she could always end up asking Kitty to show her, so he had to consider showing her how.
"And why not?" she asked, her brows raised. "I think I am quite capable. This Kitty lass sounds like she is capable, knowin' how ta fend fer herself and not relying on a man to protect her at every second. Perish the thought," she muttered. "But I suppose I could go off to the corner and simper if ye wish," she gave a grin at that, teasing him. "Eatin' bon bons," she laughed. "I wouldn't worry too much if I did learn... It would only be for self defense, not so I can tote a gun like yer friend."
He took a heavy breath and a smile came to his lips as his head title to the side Done with the second egg he leaned forward over the desk and took his hat from her head and put it on his own head. "I'd like to see you simper" He kissed her lips lightly and then sat back down. "I don't think I'd be that great of a teacher and I don't know why, I just don't like it. Can you let me think on it for a few days?" His hand reached in the basket for another egg.
"My simpering would bore ye to tears," she said quite truthfully. "Ye are not a man to be simpered to." She leaned in and grinned, "Ye don't like normal ladies and I am proof of that." Karen leaned forward in his chair and looked at him in his eyes, "I do know what ye like. Ye like it when I look at ye with heat..." She pulled a cluster of grapes out of the basket and moved around to the front of the desk, moving the basket aside so she could sit on his desk, and began to tease him a little just by how she ate the fruit, then in the way she offered to feed him one or two.
"Didn't we have plans?" Were they not suppose to go out in town? He looked over at the door and then back to her. Harold leaned back forward. "not even going to offer a grape huh" He smirked taking in ever look and movement she made. His legs spread out to give his parts room to breath, not a second later he was leaning forward to try and take a grape.
"Oh? This? You want it? Alright." She put a grape in his mouth, "And we did have plans, but ye seem hungry. It wouldn't do to rush ye, now would it?" She laughed and leaned in to give a brief kiss. Her eyes were twinkling with merriment, "Ye finish eatin'." Her grin softened. "Ye got one more egg in there and a handful of grapes, quick supper before a walk."
His lips slid around her fingers as he took the frame in his mouth. A few chews and a swallow later Karen was still teasing him. He smiled at the kiss. " I see that .." he didn't even go for the eggs of the grapes. " As delicious as that looks , you have my in the mood for something else."
"And what is it that ye are in the mood for now, Doctor Calloway?" She pushed herself off the desk and acted as if she were about to go to the other side, "Do the grapes no longer please ye? Oh dearie me, I should rectify that."

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