Head In A Book
Last night was a bit embarrassing and yet probably the best night of his life that he could remember. He woke up to his set alarm, got dressed and went to work. He did his usual rounds checking on the staff, making sure breakfast was being prepared, then went to go check on the staff outside. Though not actually in his job description, he did it anyway, only because he liked to say good morning to the horses.  Like clockwork the ghost boy showed up and he ignored him, only give words or motions indirectly when he could. Everything he did, he did where it could be explained in a different route.  

Breakfast, then some chickens got free in the house somehow, and then keeping his last from taking too long of breaks. Of course, he knew it was one of the kids that let the chicken in the house, probably trying to give their mother a heart attack from stress. Colette really needed to relax and after last night, he wasn't sure she would. It would be shocking to anyone to know the man that stood prim and proper didn't always act that way, none the less your boss.   

First part of the day over, he normally took a book and sat outside. This time he closed himself in the library. The jacket to his monkey suit hanging on the back of a chair as he climbed up a ladder to look at the books that were a bit out of reach. Hudson could hear the door open and close, but he didn't check to see who it was. He stretched his right arm out to grab a book just out of reach and in doing so his left leg lifted out as if to balance himself out, which probably didn't help Colette forget what she saw as the motion definitely brought attention to Hudson's curves.
Colette eyed the man who seemed more like he was doing some sort of balancing act than getting a book. She would have been more welcoming to speak but she was still frosty towards him thanks to what had happened the night before.

"I don't normally see you in the library at this hour."
"I thought I'd pick something new, something not romance for a change..." He commented as his fingers grabbed the book and he regained his balance before putting his black shoes on the legs of the ladder and sliding down. He turned around as he opened the book to make sure it was what he was wanting. He closed the book with one hand and then looked up. "M'am, is there anything I can help you with?" He was on break, but it didn't mean he wouldn't do something if Colette asked.
Colette seemed to become relieved and gave him a curt nod. "I am glad to see you are yourself. I was worried from last night that he was becoming a bad influence on you." She didn't need to say who he was as there could only be one. "I do not need anything in particular. I was looking for a quiet place to get away from the turmoil."
He tilted his head to one side and a pop could be heard. The sound made him want to close his eyes in reaction, but he kept himself from doing so and straightened his head back up. The book in his hand moved so it was held in front of him. His other moving so his other hand could hold onto the book. It was as if he was trying to cover his appendage.

He gave a slight smile, the smile he gave as a butler. It wasn't a proper smile. It was one that somehow kept that stone wall grin, but the corners of his lips moved up slightly and then went back down. "Doth protest to much..." he had said those words last night and they still stood true today. "If I might be allowed to be bold once again..." He checked his posture before walking to the chair that held his black tux jacket. He was always bold when it came to Colette, but after last night he felt like he might be walking on egg shells.

"Turmoil, a state of extreme confusion, uncertainly, or lack of order... I assure you it is not a lack of order, and I can not see my lady being in a state of confusion... so what pry tell, is the beautiful Colette, uncertain of? " He took a seat and then placed the book on the table in front of him. Another break he had wanted to spend reading interrupted by talk, but at east his time the person he spoke to was alive.
Colette gave him that warning look once more. He was becoming somewhat full of himself because he knew she needed him. "There are things you are not aware of, Marklet. I have a storm heading my way, and there are whispers in the hallway. I am trying to hold the fort alone while that useless husband of mine is wandering around alone trying to speak to the dead. Ridiculous."She sighed and rubbed at her temple closing her eyes. "It is confusion and there is a growing promise of this place becoming bedlam if it continues down this path."
He tapped the book with his knuckles and looked at the book then back to Colette. His posture still impeccable as he got back to his feet and moved over to her. "Haven't you picked up a book lately, the butler tends to know everything." He took her hands and moved them away from her head. "You keep doing that you'll get wrinkles." He cleared his throat and then put his hands down to his side. " You hired me to help, I've been here long enough to know the ins and out and gained both your trusts. Let me help, just tell me what to do." He'd have to go have a word with her husband, figure out what he was up to, then gain he could just ask a ghost, even though he tried his hardest not to talk to them.
"I do not want to distract myself, I fear I'll miss something things seem to happen so quick and suddenly. " Colette relaxed only slightly and delicately patted his shoulder. "I know, you have been a good butler. Some things I am afraid you can not help with. It is not so simple and I do not wish to even speak of it. Just keep doing your job as you have, that is all I ask. And you do it so well." She tried to offer a small smile to him and then moved to sit down so that she could relax while her eyes looked out the window.
Hudson stood there and reflected back on her words. His head lowered as his eyes moved left then right as he was thinking out everything. He raised his head and then walked over and stood next to her looking out the window with her. "Again, that's what I'm here for M'am.. to be your eyes and ears for the area's you can't keep track of." He noticed the little boy outside probably looking for Hudson, since he wasn't in his usual break space. "I only say this, because it is noticeable and" He placed his hand on her shoulder. "I worry"
Colette continued to stare out, not seeing the boy then she felt his hand and looked over. She sighed and took a deep breath. "You do your job well so do not worry. I can not ask you to handle my burdens. I can not ask anyone to. Some of it requires you to know my history before this house and that is for me alone to deal with.I am grateful for your concern though." She reached up and lightly patted his hand but was careful to quickly withdraw.
"We all have a past, Ma'am" His hand ran across her back from her right shoulder to her left as he walked around to block the view of the garden. He wasn't doing it for purposes of flirtation or to piss his employer off, but to make sure the boy didn't see him. "You need not ask if you decide otherwise. "
Colette watched him curiously but with a still firm frown. "Some of our pasts have greater consequences. " She sighed and closed her eyes leaning back. "I just need things to stop. To blow over. It is all much too much."
He realized he wasn't going to get her to open up to him, which meant he was actually going to have to open up and speak to ghosts. The only one he every chose to acknowledge was the boy. It was because he had soft spot for lost children. He turned around and closed the curtains some. "Well looking out a window isn't going to help."
Colette stood and frowned a bit. "It was calming. Why did you close the curtain?" She reached past him to open it again. "The house is too dark as it is. I do not think we need to lounge about in the dark,do you?"
He was facing her when she stood to reach behind him. Oh, there were a few different paths he could come up with. "The dark" He said as his hand reached to the curtain instead of her arm to stop it from moving any further "can be more calming than the daylight, but you are the lady of the house, so if you insist on light." he walked away from the window, grabbing his book and moved to the couch.

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