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She had not looked at the letter that Addie had left her until that morning. Most of the dead woman's worldly goods belonged to her now, as did the money the redhead had saved up during her time in the village. Karen had some things to give to a male friend of Addie's, and made sure to pack all of those things into a basket from the side of the room that Addie had slept on. She wrote a note to Sean, though they had not met yet, and explained.

Quote:To Mister Sean Callihan,

I know we are not acquainted, but I have something important that I must speak to you about regarding a friend of yours, Adelade "Addie" Montgomery. I will be in the Solarium around three o'clock PM, please do meet me there.

Sincere Regards,
Miss Karen McBride

She sat, waiting with the basket set in her lap. She was strangely nervous about talking to the stranger, but he was a friend of a dear friend. It had been a hard several days since she had found out that Addie had been buried without a marker, without someone who could speak for her.

And now she may or may not have to bestow such news upon someone else.
Sean was confused by receiving such a letter. He didn't know why Addie wouldn't come see him herself, but she had a lot going on in her life. He worried she was in the hospital or jail for her issues with the ghosts. He had no idea what to expect when he came into the room, he even wondered briefly if this Karen was able to see the spirits too.

He naturally fell into his usual footman roll, he was cold and stiff. He walked up to her and bowed slightly. "Miss McBride, I assume? May I ask what this is about? I hope that she's doing well?" He certainly assumed she was not, but he didn't want to say such a thing.
Karen stood up and settled the basket down in her place. The look on her face said it, but she cleared her throat and said, "Ye may wish ta sit down, sir." Her voice was soft. She looked away because her eyes were starting to burn. She took a deep and calming breath. Her hands began to wring, nevertheless. "I met Adelade when I came to town with my brother, she and I became friends because we had things in common. Poor thing was scared to leave her room most of the time. She talked about ye a few times. I suppose we're her only friends."
Sean looked confused but sat down and as she spoke it was very clear. He didn't let his emotion show, but there was a crack in his voice. "She.. was indeed afraid when I knew her... please.. miss.. sit down as well.. " He gestured to a seat for her and carefully folded his hands though it was partially to keep them from shaking. "W-what has happened to her?"
She sat as she was bade, and hesitated because it stuck in her throat. "She somehow ended up in the bog and was lost for a time. She was covered in filth by the time she made it out. She died, Mr. Callahan. She was too weak to fight. I don't know the whole story, none of us do. Something about a Dybbuk, a dark entity. She was possessed, and she was in a bad way. She died all alone and was buried by the time I learned of her death." She paused and took a steadying breath, then continued, "She wanted ye to have these things," she gestured to the basket, "Her tarot deck, salt, crystals, and a few other things. The letter she wrote to me told me she knew she was going to die, that she'd dreamed about it. She would have died sooner if ye hadn't helped her."
"W-what?" Sean lost his composure as he started to tremble. He stared at the ground and put his hands together firmly to try to calm himself. His eyes became teary as he tried to catch his breath. " was my fault. I had her go out to the bog with me.. she didn't truly want to go. But she was so happy someone believed her. She took me so I could get my proof that ghosts were real. "Oh.. dear God.." he covered his face as he started to cry.
"No, no... Ye didn't make it happen. She sleepwalked. Ye know she sleepwalked, yes?" She touched his shoulder, her own tears falling in ignored tracks down her cheeks. "Ye didn't make her sleepwalk. It's all in the last pages of her journal, but that wasn't in her room and I have no idea where it is. Harold... Ah, the doctor said she couldn't be saved even if he tried, she was already gone. If ye find her journal at all, she will tell ye what happened. She knew it was comin'." Karen wiped at her face even as she tried to comfort.

"I am sorreh I couldn't have come to ye sooner."
Sean shook his head. "Thank you for trying to comfort me, but I can't help but think I should have done something more. I was going to go with her to see a doctor for her head injury."

He looked confused and worried. "Can head injuries make one sleepwalk?"
"We all feel that, Mr. Callahan, all of us who know." She sighed softly, "Somethin' was happenin' before ye knew her and nobody seemed to care. Ye did care. Ye still do. Did ye know that she cared about ye too? She cared more than she wanted to, she said, because she could touch ye and a ghostie wouldn't hurt her. I think she was catchin' feelin's or somethin' with the way she talked about ye when she and I would chat a little. She wouldn't be wantin' ye to blame yerself." She paused and her eyebrows raised.

"Aye, it certainly could have. Tis common for sleep to be disturbed after a traumatic injury like that. Did ye notice anything else about her that was off?"
Sean looked surprised then down again. "She could have been head over heels and I wouldn't have noticed. I am not very good with people on a personal setting in that way." He shook his head, he didn't even know she considered him a friend.

He took a handkerchief to wipe his eyes and he remembered the last night he saw her. "She was upset. Scared of something. I had let her stay here in the castle where it was safe but it wasn't. She ..." the memory of the woman falling out the window came and his throat tightened, he couldn't continue as fear and worry gripped him. He didn't know what to think any more.
"Do ye know what a Dybbuk is?" she asked softly, "It may have been that. Ye couldn't have known that would happen," she said, her hand on his shoulder. "Ye have to stop blamin' yerself for what happened to her. The sleepwalkin' couldn't be helped. She told me that she nearly fell from the roof. Then she had such bad dream and she wouldn't go into detail about."
Sean looked confused. "It's a ghost. I read about it once. It clings to someone.. I think wanting help but could lead to their end.." He looked at her in worry and shook his head. "This is impossible. I wanted her to see a doctor and get help for her injury. I thought maybe staying in a place with people able to watch her could help until hopefully whatever.. had her.. passed or she could figure it out."
"She left the castle," she said softly, "There was a lawyer she talked about, a Mr. Meijer, she went to see him I think. She had just procured a job as a maid, everything appeared to be fine." She tapped at her chin, sniffled a little and said, "She died at the hospital, is seems she did try to go to the doctor. Mr. Calloway was the last person ta see her alive I think. It wasn't until a few days later that he told me after I expressed concern over my friend. Again, ye couldn't have known this would happen. She died for some reason and we're her voice now, we can't let it eat us, we have to help her."
Sean looked sadly at the things she left him. "I don't know how. I don't know what she wants from me. " He rubbed his face and sighed staring down at the floor. "Thank you for telling me though. I would never have known otherwise."
"I don't think it's something she wants from ye as opposed to for ye. Think about it, yer the only one who listened to her, ye want to know about the other side. What if she gave them to ye so ye can find proof? I think she would do whatever she could to help ye. If ye smell roses, it may be her." She let her hand drop from his shoulder.

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