All Guns and No Bullets
Kitty didn't like doctors or hospitals. It was nothing personal, just that eerie coldness and feeling of dread always in the air.

Today, she had made an appointment, it was something she had been putting off but since there were other things on her mind as well, it was a good time to go. She was not wearing her nun outfit today. She had a lot of doubt and some anger towards the church, or more specifically a certain Father. So it was her old get up. Boots, a long skirt , striped blouse and vest barely containing her pistols were today's attire. The guns were probably much but she liked to think they made men more honest and kept the bad news on the lighter side.

When she saw the doctor, her brow rose and she grumbled. He looked like someone back home, and not a doctor. She sighed and slowly got to her feet, grabbing her cane to ease her pain as she walked to shake his hand. She and Uriel had really over did it the day before and she was still feeling it.
It was a slow day compared to yesterday. Such a strange town this was, the randomness behind the visits ranged from injuries caused by animals, self harm, or just carelessness. He didn't know the details behind the next patient's injury, but the name on the chart was a very familiar one. So when he looked up and saw her he didn't say anything. They just sort of exchanged glances, he with his gun at his side and her with well her guns.

"Am I back in the states or are you a hallucination ?" He placed the paper down on the counter next to him after scratching her name off the list. The name on the list may have said Kitty, but he knew first hand that was not her name. " Miss Catherine Haverdash or is it a Mrs. now? Still trying to figure out a way how to shoot faster than me.." He eyed down at the guns. "Harold Calloway.. sheriffs boy.." He tried to rejog her memory, not knowing if it needed it.
Kitty walked up to him and noticed the gun he had and rose her brow. She became actually shocked when he knew her real name and became immediately suspicious until he revealed himself. "Oh.. darn my blasted luck. " She covered her face with her hand looking embarrassed and laughed weakly. "What in sam hell are ya doing out here in this gloomy place?"

She shook her head and looked at him resting both hands on her cane, now her doctor's appointment had become a thousand times more awkward. "It's still Miss. I never gave in to a boy even though I had a ton of em tryin. And I go by Kitty Calamity now, it was my stage name but I like distancing myself from my past..." She had seen the Doc Calloway and never in a million years would think it would be someone she knew. Not in this tiny place. "I shoot much better, but I always rode a million times better than ya. But that's... sort of why I'm here." She winced and put a hand on her back.

"I don't know what ya know. But I injured my back almost a year ago, they told me it'd never heal properly so sometimes it gets right agitated. Had been ignorin it since it pops up now and again only, but .. well.. I recently got into some activity that's been flarin it up a bit."
"Work... brings me here" He extended his hands out. The fact was this was meant to be a stepping stone for him. It allowed him to get out of the states for a while, experience other cultures, but he had always thought of returning or moving back to a big city. Things of course changed and he wasn't about to leave this place, most certainly not with out his new flame.

"That you did..." He commented on the fact that he could out ride her. " and activities huh..." he smirked. "don't tell me you've been hanging near that bog.." Trouble always came when someone was near that place. He may have not been in town more than a couple months now but he had learned quickly the bog was dangerous.

"Well, let's see if we can't get the pain alleviated.." He came over to her side and placed her arm around him then picked her up. "up -a -daizy" it was a habit, something he usually only said when helping kids. "Any better yet?" He joked and then brought her back to the exam room.
"Ahh.. " Kitty nodded then frowned at the bog comment. "I been to tha bog for huntin' but no.. This is a more.. personal activity.." She was blushing at the idea and was embarrassed by her own reaction. Before she could recover she was lifted which had her raise her cane but she wouldn't hit him though she did yell a bit. "What do ya think yer doing, ya rascal. I can walk just fine!" She didn't struggle though. "It helps, but this is down right humiliatin!" She let him take her to the exam room but was quick to sit on her own, giving him an annoyed look. "I would like it alleviated. They gave me drugs in the states, but I don't like takin' em if I can help it.'
"Maybe you should correct the problem by doing the exact thing you did to cause it in the first place." He smirked as he put her down on the table. It gave him a sort of rise, felt like old times, of course back then when he tried to do the exact same thing they were about the same height, so it didn't work out as well. "Or maybe do a stretch with your head on the floor and your back and legs straight up a wall..." He stood back from her.

"Sorry that came from a place of friendship, not professionalism, I'll behave from this moment on.. So show me where you think the pain is originating from.."
Kitty arched a brow looking confused. "Ya mean what caused it this time or the injury? Cause I don't exactly feel like having a horse fall upon me if it's all the same ta you." She chuckled weakly. She looked at him like he'd grown two extra heads. "I don't know what yer saying, but it sounds like you want ta twist me up like a knot."
At his apology, she waved him off. "You're fine, but its been a long time and I like a little warnin before I get picked up." Course Uriel hadn't but that was certainly a very different context and matter.

"Yeah I'd reckon it's right here where I got my back damaged. "She turned from him and lifted her shirt and vest to show his back that showed some minor swelling and scarring but nothing very noticeable if someone didn't know what they were looking for. "Like I said, it'll never properly heal according to the docs in States and they were supposed ta be some of tha best."
"Let me guess they handed you some meds told you to take them anytime you got pain. Did any of them suggest exploratory surgery... I know .. I know surgery is meant to be done when one's bleeding out … but I say if this issue has been going on for so long and If I can't offer anything new then it couldn't hurt..." Surgery was risky and unnecessary if she was capable of living with the pain. "think about it, in the mean time I'm just going to feel around." Where he stood was a rather dangerous spot, if she reacted badly the cowgirl could kick him in the bits. When he realized this he moved over to the side a bit more before pushing on spots on her back near her tail bone. "Sometimes the actual problem is not attached to the visible problem, if that makes sense."
" I think they're worried about.. my back. Don't want ta break what wasn't fully broken before after all. I sorta like walkin." She laughed weakly and winced as he messed around near her tail bone. "I can live with the pain, Harry- I mean Doc. I just would like some way ta lessen it. At the time it was better.. The cold and rain maybe agitated it, hard work, that sorta thing. I wasn't allowed ta ride anymore which was the hardest part. But.. well.. since I met this guy.." She cursed her red face again and looked up at the wall. "I'd like ta not have ta come back here any time we had a rough night." She had that other question but wasn't ready to bring it up just yet.
"ooo.. the great kitty calamity has taken a suitor..." a friendly tease as he massaged a kink out of her back. His hands moved to the opposite ribs. With the knowledge he had of what the other doctors had said, his first thought was to check everywhere else. A bone pressing into the wrong area because another bone was pressing into it due to being slightly out of alignment with its socket seemed like a plausible idea.
"Don't sound so damned cocky. We just met and.. had some fun. I like him and he definitely likes me. So I might want to do it some more. Doesn't mean we're gonna -Ah!! Ya varmint! Yer lucky I don't beat ya with my cane. What are ya doing!? " She called back as he pressed on a spot next to her spine near the injury that hurt something fierce. Her breath caught in her throat and she shook. "S-stop whatever yer doing!"
"Yea, those doctors of yours think by the books and not outside them.. they of course didn't have a witch doctor for a governance" Oh how the priestess would have not liked know he just called her a witch doctor. He meant the words out of love though. He walked away and grabbed a belt off the wall that seemed to already have teeth marks in it and then brought it back over.

"Bite down like your life depends on it." What he was about to do would either make things really worse or really good. Medicine was all theory until someone had proof of something actually working.
Kitty rose her brow at his comments. She wondered what he was up to but glared at him warningly as she grabbed the belt and bit down. He held the cane tightly in both hands, a less than subtle warning that he had better be careful what happened next. THey were friends once, but she wasn't about to be easy on him if he screwed up.
Harold wouldn't like growing up he liked her. It was the reason he picked on her like he had. They were good memories, memories from when he was innocent and semi pure of heart. The thought of innocence made him think about Karen. He would had to have to do what he was about to Karen. "Count of three." He started to count, but when he got to two he popped her back.

A second later he was on the table behind her, putting pressure on his knees as one hand was on her shoulderand the other wrapped around her torso. He pulled up on her torso stretching her spine up while pressing down on the shoulder. Quickly his hand on his her shoulder went down her back to check the spot, 'not quite right'. The thought came and went as quickly as he moving her into an upward position.

"Think about really good coitus" as he tilted her head to the side to have her neck exposed. "1..2..3" He could feel the pop, he tilted her body forward a little then put his hand under jaw and pushed her head to look at the ceiling. He then felt the click. "I still say surgery.. " he was of course joiking as his hand traced back down to her back. There was a definite difference in the feeling, whether or not it was correct was something only a little time would tell. He was a surgeon after all, hardly ever got to use those skills, much would have rather opened her up. Then again, he'd never forgive himself if he accidently cut something he shouldn't have.

He moved to grab the belt out of her mouth, ignoring the saliva build up as he got off the table and went to put the belt on a tray. He'd make sure it was properly cleaned after his friend left.

"Ice for the swelling, Alcohol to drown out the pain, and lots of rest. If it hurts after a week come back.. and if you don't i'll sick a nurse on ya"
He moved quick, Kitty didn't expect it. She felt the way he pulled her and thought he had lost his damned mind and was trying to break her back the rest of the way. She gave a bloodcurdling shriek like he was torturing her as her free arm swung the cane repeatedly against the table to hit the metal legs making a loud constant banging sound. When it popped and she was released, she slumped. Her body lay there as she was panting from the adrenaline and being made breathless from the screaming. She gave him a glare for a moment before she slowly sat and rubbed her back. "It's... better. "

She shook her head and stuck out her tongue. "I don't see any of your nurses being able ta take me." The ex-cowgirl smirked. "And yer crazy if ya think I'm gonna let ya cut me, unless ya can convince me it'd get a lot worse. I am not about ta risk myself if I don't haveta."

She sighed heavily and sat up. "Alright.. now.. I came for a second reason. Seein' its you, it's gonna make it a lot more awkward. Hope ya can take it like a professional?" She arched her brow and poked him slowly. "It's about .. sort of about.. the guy I'm seeing.. ya see.."

Kitty sighed heavily and leaned back on her palm. "We ain't been careful. An' he's worried I'll get pregnant. I lived this long with no kids, so I ain't worried but I think he's gonna jinx me. Now I know ya can't tell yet and it's stupid to think one night could do it but.. if I keep seeing him.. I might. And I don't know a lot about this stuff. I learned mostly from the people in the show." She laughed lightly. "Ya can imagine the stuff they taught. " She sighed and folded her arms over her lap. "The thing is I want ta know how to avoid gettin' pregnant. The way a doctor might."

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