Closed - Content Warning Shocking, but the Butler can have a life
CW -  sexual content, maybe some kinky stuff. Possibility of ghosts watching, possible awkwardness  it'll be interesting.  Let us see if he's learned much from those romance novels.

Hudson had been the Butler for 5 years, actually it was five years today for another two hours. It was his 35th birthday, something he hadn't shared with anyone, though Colette knew. Surprisingly he shared everything else about himself to the gardener, besides the fact that it was his birthday, which was not his original plan. 

He had his eye on the butler now for three years. He also had his eye on a few others, never taking action due to his work being his life. There were multiple reasons really, work, ghosts, not wanting to push past his comfort zone, too afraid if he let others here see him in a different light that he might not hold their respect, and the list goes on.

He was surprised the gardener hadn't settled down with someone by now though, a question he was not about to ask because those types of questions never went right in a romance novel. He did as he said he would, put the horse in the stable, brushed it, then headed back inside to his quarters. The door closed behind him, he was in the middle of throwing his shoes to the side when he could feel Jonathan behind him. All the older man had to do was put his hands on Hudson's hips to bring back life to his dick,
Jonathan slipped in behind him but he didn't place his hands upon his hips. Instead, he ran a single finger lightly up the man's spine from the top of his pants.

"Hey." It wasn't a seductive or overly ambitious greeting but very to the point. He grinned more as he carefully lugged the spare phonograph onto a nearby table. "This thing was heavier than I thought." He carefully assembled it and found the gramophone.It was simply orchestral music but it was some he was sure they would both enjoy.

"I hope you're not too nervous. Are there any ghosts present?" He looked side to side but knew he'd see nothing.
The feeling of his finger tracing along Hudson's back put a smile on his face. Two hours to midnight, he wondered if anyone in the castle's sleep would be disturbed by the music. Someone could come to request it be turned off or those that did wake from it could think 'good for him and then more rumors would spread. Most likely the rumor about him and Colette.

The worry of rumors and how this night might effect his job. A few images flashed through his head, before he could respond to the man. A romantic start, a rough start, them picking up after a break, all of which were nice options. The daydreams went away as quick as they appeared.

"Too nervous, me, no" He shook his head slightly watching him put the turn table down. "They tend to be heavy" Hudson was hoping the look in his face right now showed amusement and interest, but knew it most likely was not. The butler even,when off the clock, was still the butler when inside this castle. Allowing himself to relax again and have this moment with Jonathan was not only Hudson's way of rewarding himself for five years of service, but his birthday gift to himself. "Thought you didn't want to know about them being around?"
"Oh it is heavy but all that outdoor work." Jonathan laughed flexing an arm playfully. He looked at the man and shook his head. "Oh no. I just don't want to know if they are here for me. Besides we need ghosts to see if it works. "

He wound it up to get the music started and waved his fingers to the melody. "Perfect condition. This should cover up the ghosts. " He tossed the blindfold into the man's hand then grinned and moved closer to him. "If you're changing your mind, tell me any time. There's no shame in being shy."
"Give it time, maybe they'll hear the music and think its a party they can make an appearance at." He smirked as his head followed the man, but his body stayed perfectly still. He didn't even move to try and get his civilian clothes off.

Suddenly Hudson found his hand catching the blind fold. His eyes moved down, even though his perfect posture hadn't changed. A smirk came to his lips as he ran the fabric between his thumb and forefinger. Instead of answering the man with words, he simply owered his head to put the cloth over his eyes and tied it behind his head. It felt odd, not being able to his room, luckily he spent a long time in here, so he was pretty confident he could walk around without bumping into anything.
Jonathan watched and laughed. "You didn't have to put it on yet!" He offered a hand to help keep the guy from running into anything. He trusted that he could feel his way around but the older man would feel terrible if he slipped and fell.

"Take it slow. Want to sit down?"
"Part of my job is to have an eye for detail...we have company" the air in the room seemed bit thicker. Hudson moved his fingers to the blind fold and pulled it down so his eyes to look into Jonathan's eyes. Without moving his eyes he changed focus to behind the gardener and then refocused on Jonathan as the woman figure disappeared. She was a Madswitte, there was no doubt in his mind. "She's gone." He grabbed Jonathan's hands and put them on the blindfold. It was Hudson's way of telling the man to do this honors of pulling the cloth over his eyes.
Jonathan looked surprised one visited but then chuckled and very slowly slid the fabric back over his eyes.

"Maybe this is going to scare the ghosts off..." He leaned forward knowing it was better to do it now than later so he kissed the man's throat to gage his reaction. "You will have to let me know if it is too fast for you."

His hands moved to the butler's sides and down his hips as his lips made their way to his shoulder, his fingers slowly worked open the buttons to expose more skin.
"or get an audience..." He was pretty sure the ghost that just appeared and disappeared fancied him, but that was not something he thought should be brought up. Hudson closed his eyes, even though there was blindfold over them already. His posture did not change, but his breathing deepened. His adams apple moved in reaction to the man's lips on his throat.

Hudson was trying to not to do what his head was imagining, not yet anyway. The butler reached in front of him to grab a hold of Jonathan's shirt. His fingers dancing across the man's chest until they found the circular objects one might call buttons. "I don't think you know the definition of fast." He smirked as his head tilted to the side so his cheek might partially rest against the other' man's head. The reaction to the feeling of the man's callused fingers on his bare skin was stronger than that of Jonathan touching his hips with a layer of cloth between them.
Jonathan chuckled low. "It is amazing how slow can be deemed fast in such a situation." He flicked his tongue out to tease at a sensitive corner of his neck where it dipped before meeting the collarbone and he finally had the man's shirt open, sliding it off of his body. He slid his fingers over the uncovered skin and made a low rumble of delight.

"You don't look bad without a shirt on." He would have winked but the man couldn't see it.

He guided him to sit on the bed before his mouth moved towards his chest. He was more than happy to sample the man's skin in a slow and steady pace, his rough hands delicately tracing up his sides.
He could feel the air in the room pass against his skin as his shirt was removed from his body. The low rumble from his company made his adams apple move again. "Thanks, I'd say the same thing, but you know" his hands moved to motion to the blind fold. A flirtatious soft laugh came from his lips and ended with his teeth pressed into his own bottom lip.

Hudson felt his legs gently tap against the edge of his bed and the gardener's hands press against his chest in a manner that made him lower his ass to the bed. The ever so light movement of Jonathan's rough hands was enough to make him prematurely come, after all it had been awhile since he allowed himself to enjoy such exchanges.

"Let me guess, you have experience with blindfolded men.." Every other word coming out of his lips seemed to be accompanied with a shaky breath.
Jonathan's brow rose and he let put a warm chuckle. "Maybe. Maybe you have a thing for being blindfolded that you didn't know about until now."

He couldn't help but notice the reaction his company already had on him. He tsked playfully and started to remove Hudson's trousers. "This won't do. I just can't imagine you being even slightly dirty." It was playful and light in tone as he worked off his clothing, unable to resist looking at him. "Much better I'd say.." He leaned in close so that the other could feel Jon's body pressed to him as his lips locked and his hands very softly ran up and down his arms. "Enjoying so far?"
He hadn't time it, but it was sort of perfect, his shaft went into attention right after the question escaped the man with the impeccable beard. He was actually rather jealous, as he never could allow his to grow out. He could picture the bearded man in his mind, but not what expression was on his company's face in this very moment.

He raised his eyebrow which moved made the cloth over his eye move just a little. "No, not even in the slightest." A teasing smile on his lips, not knowing if Jonathan's facial expressions matched the way he was speaking was eating him up a little inside. He tugged at the back of Jonathan's shirt, not realizing earlier he had missed the very last button. His back fell to the bed and for a moment their bodies were apart.

The butler was well built, toned in the right places, definitely not the stereotypical pictures some associated with the title. As for his member, it was of decent girth and length, something his pants hid well. Since it had room to breath and he had touch of a man who in his mind had the look of a god, it decided to stand at attention like a male peacock trying to impress its mate. His hands reached up in hopes it might find some part of Jonathan, preferably his beard or shoulders.
Jonthan eyed the man and his grin was huge. His large hands ran along his thighs as he started to kiss his way down the center of Hudson's chest and down his abdomen. "Someone disagrees with you then.." He dragged his tongue down as he based over the navel and nibbled at the skin light and playfully. The blindman's hands found his hair and he looked up at him curiously.. "Got a request?" He said and if Hudson were aware enough he could probably almost hear the twinkle in his eye by his voice.
He motioned with a finger for the man to bring his face closer to his, so he might press his lips against his face once more so he might hold onto the feeling of this man's beard against his face. It would also give him advantage of allow his own hand to slip under Jonathan's shirt down and trace slowly down under the rim of his pants. The only thing that might stop him from doing so was if Jonathan held his wrists down to the bed, which was an exciting thought in itself. "Anything... everything..." he managed to get out before he let out a noise that was almost like a his, an unexpected feeling that was brought on by an unexpected cold feeling tracing down his side.

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