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"OI!" he called out in instant reaction to the young boy showing up in the midst of the door saying 'kiss and make up'. The boy ran off, but in doing so ran straight through the gardener. He had time to think about it and he had gone almost five years without bring his name up. Maybe it would be nice to have someone know. "Not my horse, "He moved the horse in small circle. "You coming?" He kept near the stairs. "or do you not ride?"
Jon wondered why the man reacted so surprised as he didn't move. He shook his head quickly. "Riding is fun for those who know how. I never bothered to learn and the idea of trying to learn on a dark night would seem dangerous. Besides, I don't have permission." He chuckled and went back to walking.
"Are you trying to tell me the butler has more gumption than the gardener. You wanted to get to know the real me, I'm giving you an in and you all but refuse because you do not have permission. You get caught tell Colette the truth, it was my idea.." He extended his hand, even though it was not on the side where the staircase was.

"Or maybe you are worried about appearances... after all according to multiple novels horseback riding is suppose to be a romantic notion."
Jon rose a brow. "That wasn't what I meant.." Of course when he put it like that... Perhaps this man was funner than he thought. Or he was really angry that Jon knew his identity. The older man shrugged and took his hand before vaulting himself up onto the back of the horse and hugged his arms around Hudson.
"Good thing you picked a strong one." He grinned over his shoulder.
He really had no idea the words coming out his mouth if said with a different tone could have come across as flirtation. He may have hidden a chunk of his history for purposes of finding work where he might be treated like the rest, but he was not putting an act on when it came to his personality.

"Black beauty here is my favorite.. just don't let the others know.." He smirked as he guided the horse on a gentle walk. "Have you ever even gone bareback riding?" He let one hand off the reign to pet the horses neck. When they were further away from the castle he would pick up speed, but for now they continued on a stroll.
Jonathan nodded. "Once in my much younger days. I knew a girl who loved horses and riding. I think we rode in much a similar fashion." He spoke with such a dreamy fondness but he didn't get into it. "I won't tell. I don't like spreading rumors and especially secrets. We all deserve to keep some things to ourselves don't we?" He grinned huge. "I realy hope you don't think I was wanting to know your name to spread around town. I was indeed curious. And it was fun to see you so flustered.'
He very much wanted to respond with something witty about flirty with a coworker when he's trying to get back to work, but nothing could come to mind. "You have to understand" The horse started to pick up speed for a moment before slowing down again. "I have nothing against my last name...even if my Vader thinks me a pariah… "
"You have something. You picked a new last name and you were quite upset when I spoke about it. I don't need to know why any more. It is your reasoning. I won't push if it is such a problem, it isn't fun when someone is sad. Angry, maybe because you can make someone see they are unreasonable. But I'm not around to hurt people honestly." He shrugged while hugging the man closer when the horse picked up as he didn't want to fall off. "May I ask why you are thought of as a pariah?" That word isn't just thrown around after all.
"The one question I am not willing to answer as I doubt even you could hold your tongue on the matter" He went quiet for a moment so he could hear the crickets. The horse came to a stop as he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. The horse started to stroll again and his eyes opened, he was not leading the horse.

"But I have held too many secrets in for too long... " he paused as he braced himself to allow one detail of his past to slip through. "you are right though, I can easily afford this horse if I wanted to."
Jonathan laughed softly. "You underestimate me. But you do not feel comfortable talking about it, it is fair enough.." He realized the horse was just going where it wished and he hoped they wouldn't get lost. He knew though that usually horses had a good sense to find their ways home and it probably went a trail it knew well.

"Ah, so I was right. No need to treat it like some personal shame. I wouldn't go speaking of it though, some people would have their eye on you to solve their financial woes. I've personally never found happiness at the hands of money.'
"I have no shame in the money, I have no shame in my actual name." He placed a hand on his stomach as he could feel a muscle start to tense. He had forgotten about the gardener's arms around him and ended up touching his arm instead.

"Maybe I should make myself more I am told my conversation skills lack a certain something. I have no need to be ashamed of my name. I am actually proud of my heritage." He waited a moment as if deciding if he wanted to go on.
Jon spoke by his ear as he didn't want to risk slipping as he was sure it could make the ride awkward for all of them. "Then why did you get so upset when I said your name?" It was a very simple question and he rose his brow feeling the hand upon his and chuckled slightly .
" My last name can open doors and I'd rather open them on my own...and my full name is most definitely attached to discussion that could loose me my position and I love my position Mr. Eldridge" His hand moved away from Jon's to work the reigns.

" I don't have to be a buttler, old man.." He took a jab at the gardener. " I grew up on the opposite side, butler, servants the whole nine yards, much much bigger estates, spoiled to the bone, though I hope I was not as bratty as my siblings." He lowered his arms and in doing so they rested against Jonathan's arms.

" I didn't like how my family and extended family treated their employees...and I certainly didn't want to become that. I prefer to earn a restful sleep, and as I said before, I do love my position."
Jonathan rose his brow and chuckled. "You didn't answer my question. I can understand why you are here. I knew people who were rich and powerful and they hated it. But why get mad at me just knowing your name. You could have cast it off as a coincidence. But you seemed quite panicked." He moved to look around but it was dark and he wasn't quite sure where they were and his hands ended up on the man's hips while he turned to look around before sliding back around him.
"But I did answer your question " His groin reacted slightly to the sudden change in placements of Jonathan's hands, but what was expected, no hands had been on his hips since his parents made him take dance lessons. "My name is attached to discussion that could loose me my position and I love my position."

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