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Sean honestly didn't know what to do with himself. He didn't have time to himself like this, so he wore his casual wear which was really just his oldest suit without the jacket. He thought maybe he would just wander the town but before he could leave he ran into Hudson again. He had hoped to walk by with merely a polite greeting.

"Hello, again. Thank you for the weekend again, sir..."
Hudson was sitting on the stairs outside the estate. A partially eaten apple in one hand and a book in the other. His arm with the apple moved to the right an then to the left as the boy ghost from earlier was trying to get it out of his hand. He smirked, though it may as well been because of a line in the book he was reading.

He looked up when Sean's voice met his ears and his arm became still for a moment. He simply gave a smile. Should he speak or just let the man walk on by. The smile he had given was the same he gave when on the job. The look was meant to reassure one they were doing well, it held authority instead of happiness.

"No welcome necessary Callahan. Might I suggest, there is a cottage not far out, makes a good get away. " His hand moving against the books pages as it tried to close on itself.
Sean stepped by him before turning to speak. He put his hands in his pockets and shrugged.

"No offense, sir, but... I am alone too much as it is. My days are spent with other people just doing their jobs. I don't need a cottage to feel alone. I think I'll just spend some time in town. Maybe try to make a friend." He shrugged and smiled as he was being quite sincere.

"Have a good evening, sir..."
He did not mean to step on any toes with his statement.

"I just mean, I would try to avoid the castle or someone might try and put you to work." He brought the apple to his mouth. Hudson had all intention of taking a bite, but instead he lowered the apple,

"Oh Callahan, before you jet off.. I heard you do ghost tours now or is that just a rumor." His hand instantly moved to bring the apple to his lips. A hollow crunch, that could only be made from an apple, hit the air.
Sean smiled slightly. "I suppose you're right . And I'm honestly surprised you didn't know. I mean, the tours are a rumor, but lately people keep joining me on my investigations. "

It was true, people just popped up and expected he'd take them or they followed him. He was too polite to say no and he enjoyed the company.

"Does Colette know about this?" Maybe he should be addressing his employer by her last name, but for whatever reason he decided to say her first name. " You could monetize" The little boy giggled 'monetize silly word..' The kid was making it hard to ignore him, but his slight facial twitches could be explained as feeling awkward in this conversation.
Sean looked insulted but held his tongue. "She knows. It's just my hobby, I pay for all my supplies, clean up, and don't try to talk about it to not give her or the house a bad name. If any night she doesn't want me to, I don't. I would never ask for a coin from anyone for such a thing."
"It was just a thought." He paused and his eyes lowered to look at his book. He closed the book and put it on the step. Then looked up at the ghost and raised an eyebrow keeping the eyebrow up as his head turned to look at Callahan. " Tell me, Why would you think ghosts would give her or the house a bad name?"
Sean didn't like the direction of this conversation and wanted to go on his weekend now more than ever.

"Isn't it obvious? People are superstitious. And some wouldn't like to imagine the dead lurking about a home. And for some it might remind them of bad history in the house that's attached to the stories. But for others it's all in good fun."
Callahan may have thought it was just a conversation of a superior trying to get an understanding of his mind set. Hudson, the man who never spoke his last name, had other reasons behind it. It was more of a way for him to confirm his own thoughts about the subject without admitting to ever having any thoughts on the matter.

"ah, I see. No, you'll have to forgive me. I may know the ins and out of being a butler, but nothing on the supernatural front and how it might effect Collette" There was no tell of a lie in the way he spoke or his appearance. The butler's right hand moved to keep his book from moving when a sudden breeze picked up. It was a nice breeze, one that he secretly wished would stay around, but his break was over.

"Enjoy your weekend Callahan. I will see you Monday. Now get out of here." His fingers curled over the spine of his book as he picked it up and got to his feet slowly.
Sean still felt the man was keeping something a secret, but he always did. He just gave a small nod before he turned and hurried off to town. For the first time , he was grateful to be away from the castle for a while.
He stood there a moment. The apple on the ground just barely moving by his feet. The butler bent down to pick it up and when he was sure the footman wasn't going to look back he looked down at the young boy. To outsiders it just looked like he was in thought, staring at a spot on the ground, when in actuality he was just listening to this boy go on about his observations.

His fingers tightened slightly around the book in his hand. He didn't hide the fact he read romance novels, because he knew no one would dare bring it up in conversation or pick on him. Well there may have been one staff member that might give him a bit of grief on the matter.

His eyes squinted slightly before he blinked a few times then adjusted his posture and started to walk to the door. Hudson took in deep breath as if to prepare for whatever was waiting on the other side of the door.
"Going in so quickly? I don't think all that time indoors is good for you. You should step out more." A voice spoke from behind. He didn't find himself under Hudson's control not that it mattered. He was never one to want to argue without a good reason and he usually was just someone who enjoyed talking when he wasn't working.

Jon gave him a huge smile with hands in his pockets. "Too busy to enjoy more than an apple?"
Hudson turned to face the older man. "Work to be done I'm afraid." He titled his head to the left and then the right in order to get in a quick stretch. He lifted up the green book with the word Priscilla written on the spine. "An apple and a book.. to keep the mind sharp and the heart healthy."

Hudson never did think of Jonathan as under him, maybe it was because the man was older than him, but it was mostly because Hudson ran the men inside the house, not the ones that worked outside. It didn't keep him from checking in, usually when their employer wanted to throw a party of sorts.

"You should try it some time, old man" The first jab to come out of his lips that didn't sound like an insult. For a moment that stern, ' I'm working' look came off his face. The quick change of his expression from serious to relaxed, back to serious came as result of being proud of his own remark. The little ghost making a jab about the gardener's facial hair also helped provoke it. "I get out plenty enough, but I thank you for your concern."
Jonathan smiled and shrugged. "I've tried books, I feel they are fine for those who aren't living their own stories. " It was a playful man back.

"Are you sure? I feel the furniture gets out more than some of you. But if you feel you are satisfied I won't argue. I can't say for certain what pleases other men." He grinned happily and walked over to politely open the door for him.

"You ever need an excuse to get out more. Let me know. I'm happy to expose people to nature."

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