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"Well you know they say you get more flies with sugar. For future reference, getting angry only makes people wonder more and someone could use it to get back at you. I am not a vengeful man and I have no reason to dislike you. I think violence or even nonviolence to get back at someone is petty. But I am glad we have had this discussion. Where are we going anyway?" He hmmed though when the horse moved and his arm bumped, he noticed something and his brow rose again.
"I have no idea." He was starting to think that young boy was attached to him and not this place. He looked down to his right side where the young boy was. The horse did not like it and started to whine and shake its head. Hudson began to speak to the horse in dutch and it calmed down before anything could happen.. The last thing he needed was one of them getting injured and the horse running off.

"and I know that saying, but I shouldn't have to explain my situation to try and keep the situation under wraps. I would have thought you'd have more respect for me and not try to get a rise out of me. " Once more he chose words that he didn't realize were poor at the time.
That didn't bode well with Jon but he wasn't about to argue. As they walked and he listened he frowned. "Well I suppose you might be right, but you are so.. stiff all the time. And you didn't even brush it off with something vague such as you were separating yourself from your family.. But it was mostly in fun. But I suppose that wasn't very fair of me, and I usually don't. I do apologize from the bottom of my heart. I can't expect everyone to find a little teasing fun. It won't happen again, I promise."
"I over reacted, I am human after all, it happens. I just thought you knew and you were calling me on it.." he paused "blackmail.." He wasn't sure why he had to summarize what he just said, but he did anyway.

With the man's hands no longer on Hudson's hips his groin settled back down, apparently it was his sensitive area. Even he was learning new things about himself. Though it did make him question whether it was Jonathan's hands or if any hands would have done it. He'd rather bring attention to the ghost than what his groin just did.
"We both acted unlike ourselves. I am willing to put it past us if you are, Mister Marklet." He spoke softer and warmer, not about to bring up negativity when he could. "We can be on good terms. The way it should be since we work for the same people." He smiled but then became nervous as the horse moved again and he shook his head. "Something seems to be spooking the horse."
He looked out the corner of his eye toward the little boy and gave a wink and then focused ahead of them.

"I don't know.... I think I like you better with a bit of heat behind your words. Though I'll deny it if anyone else were to ask."

"they do that at night, horses spook easily. Do you spook easily Mr. Eldridge..?"
Jon was curious again at the words the man said. He snorted and shook his head. "I don't spook at all. And you don't have to be angry to be heated." His last words were certainly far more suggestive, which he wouldn't have done normally. This was obviously different though, right? They were taking a horseback ride together at night, as private as one could have hoped for . And he had suggested Jon having an interest in men without the slightest sound of disgust or anger. He felt it was safe to flirt, just a little. And that didn't even mention the strange thing his arm felt when they were riding.
"Not of witches, gouls and ghosts?" Oh he could be very clever in his wording and he had thought that placement of ghosts was very clever, very safe. Too bad he didn't always talk in sentences that were fit for a novel. When Hudson did use words he took from novels, most of those novel were romance novels. He was completely and totally oblivious to the man's flirting.

Jon had spoke earlier about people who do not live, living in books or something on that matter. He definitely lived more in his head, it was safer, things could be changed and rearranged, and after a long hard day of work it felt like a reward to dream.
"You mean like the people who live on the moors? They seem nice enough. And I've never met the other two. Maybe it would change, but i don't have a reason to be scared of fairy tales. And that's all they've been so far." He shrugged and laughed softly.

"What spooks you then, Hudson?" He hmmed curiously against his ear as it was closest to his lips. He wished he knew where they were but was grateful when the moon came from behind some clouds and the area lit up as it hit the snow.
What spooked him, an image of a sudden encounter of a really ugly ghost came to mind. His muscle twitched again, something Jonathan most definitely felt in his arms. "I don't know, I guess loosing my position..." He was sure that was not what Jonathan meant, so he thought a second. "If I am going to be actually real, something I haven't confessed to another living soul, I guess living outside my imagination." He had shared too much about himself already tonight, he'd spread it out, keep a bit of himself a mystery, like the romance novels did.
Jonathan felt the twitch and wondered what was wrong with the man that he was bothered so. "You can't be that scared of losing your job. You are far too capable it seems like. At most, maybe a demotion but I don't even see that happening. " His other comment had him curious more so.

"Oh? Then confess. I swear no one will hear. You normally have imaginary friends?" he chuckled though he didn't mean to sound mocking. "Well you do seem to work too much to make a lot of friends."
He smiled at his ghost comment. "Tons" he joked. "Another question I can not answer.." It all tied back to him being a medium, another thing he wasn't ashamed of, but it would hinder him from having a job. He could only imagine if his secret got out people would be coming up to him asking if he saw their aunt or uncle that just died. He didn't want a job speaking to the dead, but he wasn't ignoring his gift either. "You should know as soon as that monkey suit goes on this pleasant demeanor goes away..."
Jonathan nodded and chuckled. "I can't blame you for being professional when you are on the job, I have to do the same for the most part. " He grinned and patted his side playfully. "I will just have to keep you out of those clothes as long as possible, won't I?"
The last words that came out of Jon's head sent up flags, that was definitely a flirt. This made him have to think back about their entire conversation. Had he led the man on in anyway or was he flirting this entire time? His groin did the thing again and then his eye brow raise, knowing that Jonathan wouldn't be able to see it.

" I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Being a butler, I am comfortable, everything has rules and structure..." He played it off like he hadn't heard the flirt, not that he did or did not want flirt back, but there is a reason no one ever saw him talking to anyone. It was hard to have any sort of relations with ghosts about. He looked at the young boy that was walking along the side of the horse snickering. Hudson really needed to get that boy to tell him his name so he could try to help move him along.
"AH but you don't always care about rules. Otherwise we wouldn't be out here now if you cared about structure would it? You should relax more. I did offer to take you out to have fun with nature, and it still stands. I mean, we are among nature right now aren't we? Now you just need to know how to get the most out of it besides riding through." Jon smiled though he couldn't tell what was going on with the man in his arms.

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